10 Unknown Facts About The House Of Dragon Actor Haqi Ali


In the Game of Thrones prequel film House of the Dragon, the character Maester Kelvyn is portrayed by British actor, producer and screenwriter Haqi Ali.

Haqi Ali has recently caused a stir for his presence in the first two episodes of House of the Dragon. Haqi Ali was born and raised in the city of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Hai Ali

Information in brief:

Surname Hai Ali
birth 1969 (now 53)
nationality British
ethnicity Asian
profession Actor, producer, screenwriter and director
source of income acting
Height 5 feet and 11 inches
Running buddy Rachel Gillies
Stand-up comedy debut BBC Network East 1993
Television, film and theater debut 2004

Alongside the other actors and actresses in the House of the Dragons cast, Haqi Ali starred in the show. Learn ten interesting things about Haqi Ali, the actor, director and comedian who plays Maester Kelvyn on the show.

Who is Haqi Ali from House of the Dragon and what is his role?

Haqi Ali was a member of St. Paul’s Youth Theater in his youth. It was then that he discovered his interest in both writing and acting. Haqi Ali is originally from Birmingham.


In addition to working in the entertainment industry, Ali began his career as a stand-up comedian. He is best known for his performance in the So Your Think Your Funny Comedy Competition at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1993.

Kelvyn, better known by his alias Haqi Ali, the Maester of the House of Dragon House of Dragon Maester Kelvyn, also known as Haqi Ali, here relaxes with a drink in his hometown of Birmingham while wearing his hat. While wearing his hat, he was having a good time drinking in his hometown of Birmingham. (Photos and videos courtesy of Instagram)
In 2003 he took part in the BBC program Malai Monologues while pursuing a career as a comedian. Additionally, in 2016, Ali participated as a comic in The Corporate Comedy Series produced by Twist and Shout Productions.


His passion for the stage and comic acting helped him to achieve tremendous success, and he has made a name for himself in both stand-up comedy and acting roles. As his profile began to develop, he was given the opportunity to perform stand-up comedy on BBC Network East.

Television, film and live stage performances are all areas where Haqi Ali has excelled

After appearing on Network East, Ali has starred in a number of other television shows including BBC Citizen Khan, Doctors and Man Like Mobeen, among others.


After appearing in several TV shows, he has been featured in films such as Goldwyn Films’ Waiting for the Barbarians, Paramount Pictures’ Jungleland (with Uncle Z), Jawbone: An Original Production of Netflix and Chall Mera Putt, a Bollywood film. cast. Not to mention the fact that Ali was part of the cast for the 2004 film Get The Picture, which went on to win multiple awards.

In addition, the comedian has made guest appearances in numerous different theaters. Some of the most prominent theater roles he has played include King Lear at RSC Open Stages, Every Thing Must Go at Friction Arts, The Decent at Midlands Actors Theatre, Salty Waters at Pubanat, Fifth Cup at Castaway Arts and so on.


Haqi Ali was on hand during the filming of Waiting for the Barbarians in Morocco for the 2019 release.

Haqi Ali received the official nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as Sargent Ghasemin in the short film Go With God, which was submitted to the BATSFF competition in 2015. At the Cardiff International Film Festival 2017, the film “Go With God” won the award for best short film.


Ali is a very successful writer and director in addition to being an actor, performer and comedian. Return is the first film Ali has directed since beginning his career in the industry. In addition, the 53-year-old has already gained experience in the film editing industry. His work as an editor can be seen on the short films Mr. Creep and Tainted Love and the feature film Return.

In addition, the 53-year-old has already gained experience in the film editing industry. His work as an editor can be seen in the short films Mr. Creep and Tainted Love in addition to the feature film Return. Ali had previously played the role of Malak in the 2021 television series Adam, which aired before House of the Dragon.


There are ten things you probably didn’t know about Haqi Ali

Besides being a stand-up comedian, Haqi Ali is also involved in theatrical arts as an actor, playwright, producer and theater artist.
Ali was recognized as an official nominee for the BATSFF Best Supporting Actor award in 2015 for his performance in the short film titled Go With God.
He plays the role of Maester Kelvyn in the prequel series to Game of Thrones called House of Dragons.
Ali is a local product having lived in the city of Birmingham all his life. He was born in 1969 and is now 53 years old.
Haqi Ali is an impressively tall male, standing at 5 feet 11 inches.
Haqi Ali is an accomplished boxer, badminton player, airgun shooter and martial artist. Haqi Ali also has a lot of airgun shooting experience.
In addition, Ali is known to be fluent in the Punjabi language.
He started his career in Bollywood film industry with film Chall Mera Putt which was also his debut film in this sector.
Ali has edited a variety of short films including Mr. Creep (2014), Tainted Love (2014) and Return, among others.
Although Ali was born in the UK, his Indian ancestry can be traced back several generations.

Hai Ali
Hai Ali

short bio

Ali began his career as a veteran comedian, in addition to working in media outlets. He is best known for his performance in the 1993 edition of So Your Assume Your Humorous Comedy Competitors at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the UK.


In the same capacity he took part in the BBC program Malai Monologues in 2003. Additionally, Ali appeared in comic form in The Company Comedy Sequence produced by Twist and Shout Productions in 2016.

His love of both performance and humorous acting propelled him to great success as he established himself as a notable figure in the world of stand-up parody and acting. As his reputation began to improve, he was invited to appear as a knowing comedian on the BBC’s Community East programme.


Haqi Ali has TV, Films Ali has appeared in several different TV shows including BBC Citizen Khan, Docs and Man Like Mobeen after participating in Community East, and has also performed in theater after his time there.

After appearing on a number of television shows, he was offered roles in films such as Ready for the Barbarians (produced by Goldwyn Movies), Jungleland (produced by Paramount Footage and starring Uncle Z), Jawbone (produced by Netflix), and Chall Mera Putt (a Bollywood film). Ali also starred in the critically acclaimed and commercially successful film Get the Image, which was released in 2004.