23-year-old Valorant YouTuber SeLFlo has committed suicide

A brave YouTuber named SeLFlo died after local police found out who he was. At the time of his death he was only 23 years old.

At around 5:30 am on Thursday, July 21, someone called the police in Saidabad, India, to tell them something that had happened in the city. According to The Hindu, a man jumped from a four-story building and killed himself.

Also, since 2018, C. Dheena, a student at the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management (IIITM) in Gwalior, has been posting random gameplay videos on SeLFlo’s YouTube channel.

The channel has 31,100 subscribers and 709 videos.

Did Valorant’s YouTuber SeLFlo, 23, kill himself?

In Telangana, India, YouTube star SeLFlo, 23, killed himself at home after losing a battle with depression.

A few hours before he killed himself, SeLFLo sent a long letter on Twitlonger and a video on YouTube. As he discussed why he was moving toward suicide, he quickly went through what had been going on in his life.

Immediately after the post was published, some followers left angry and sad comments.

Even most of the people in the room tried to talk him out of it, but it was too late.

What went wrong with SeLFlo?

Dexerto says that SeLFlo left a suicide note in which he spoke about his horrific life, such as how he had violent parents and was assaulted as a child.

He said that apart from a few times on the internet, he “can’t remember any really pleasant times in his own life.”

The note read: “This is my only answer. People will say no and say there’s always a way, but in my case you’re wrong.” All the variables took me down a tunnel that never ends, with a wall pushing me from behind and a light one Light moving in front of me.

“I see my life as a one-lane tunnel of spikes, blood, poison, etc. that never ends.”

He also included a list of YouTubers and streamers whose work he enjoyed and whose work helped him find solace as he got older.

How did YouTuber SelFlo die? cause of death found

According to Indian Express, a Valorant YouTuber killed himself in Hyderabad. It appears that he did so because, among other things, his subscriber count was declining.

According to police, the body was taken to Osmania General Hospital. They also said that a case had been opened and that an investigation was ongoing.

In a long, sad statement on his official Twitter account on July 20th, SeLFlo said goodbye to the community one last time.

The Valorant player told authorities he was upset that nobody was watching his gameplay videos and that nobody in his family was giving him the right professional advice.

As you might have guessed, news of the tragedy shocked the Indian gaming world. Many fans, famous players and people who liked him sent him letters showing how much they cared and how sad they were.