5 Untold Stories About FlightReacts Parents, Real Names, And Girlfriends


FlightReacts is a popular YouTube gamer and basketball fanatic. His exciting and entertaining videos about real NBA games and the video game NBA 2K have attracted a lot of public attention.

Also, people liked his videos on NBA Live and his NotYourAverageFlight channel has over 4 million subscribers. Fans have also liked his own music and videos of him playing basketball on his YouTube channel FlightReacts.


In particular, he began his journey on YouTube to deal with his depression and anger. He also collaborated with EA Sports’ Game Changer program on YouTube. He also cheers for Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, who are all NBA stars.

Real name of FlightReacts on Twitch

Kimani Tariq Kamiru White is FlightReacts’ real name, but fans like to call him FlighReacts because that’s how he first introduced himself. He is active on Twitch, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, among others.


At the moment he has created more than 790 videos about sports, reactions, music, entertainment and video games. He usually puts up new stuff once a week. Because of the great things he posts on social media, he has a lot of fans.

He has also made music and received impressive reactions from fans, with one of the most admired songs being Disingenuous as it has garnered over 8.1 million views on his channel.


Parents on FlightReacts: Where does he live?

FlightReacts was born on August 7th, 1995 in Washington, DC to two loving American parents. He lives with his family in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States.

His parents are most likely of African American descent. But he hasn’t told the public much about his family history. He doesn’t spend much time with his parents and hasn’t said much about them on social media.


FlightReacts girlfriend asks: “Is he married?”

FlightReacts gets a lot of publicity because of his girlfriend. In the past he dated the famous blogger Ariel Diaz and ran a YouTube channel for a short time. They used to go out together, but they don’t anymore.

On the other hand, many people wonder if he and his girlfriend just got married. In the years following his marriage, there was no news about it. Despite this, he dated famous rapper Ti Taylor for a year from 2017 to 2018.


FlightReacts’ first child, Jae June, was born on March 2, 2021. She is a sweet little girl. He hasn’t told the public much about his baby mom.

What FlightReacts is worth in 2022

FlightReacts may have added a good amount to his net worth over the years thanks to his career. Many people wonder if he is now rich enough that he has a net worth of $1 million.


His net worth is currently around $4 million. But the estimated figure has not yet been checked because there are no real sources on the internet.

Also, FlightReacts has never told the public how much he’s earned in his career or what his personal net worth is.


You can meet FlightReacts on Instagram

FlightReacts is active on Instagram as @flight23white_ and has more than 2.4 million followers. To date, he has posted 99 times on his Instagram account.

He hasn’t posted any pictures of his girlfriend on Instagram, and he hasn’t said anything about his girlfriend or his relationship with her. He usually posts pictures of himself on his Instagram account.


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