A heist only Cassian could pull off in Episode 5 of Andor

The fifth episode of Star Wars: Andor is now available. Tony Gilroy, his brother Dan Gilroy, Stephen Schiff and Beau Willimon are the show’s writers. Tony Gilroy is also the creator of the prequel series to the 2016 Star Wars spin-off Rogue One.

The show features an ensemble cast that includes Diego Luna, who reprises his role as Cassian Andor, aka Kassa; Adria Arjona plays Bix Caleen; Joplin Sibtain plays brasso; James McArdle as Timm Karlo; Rupert Vansittart plays Chief Hyne; Stellan Skarsgard plays Luthen Rael; Fiona Shaw plays Maarva Andor; Alex Ferns plays Sergeant Linus Mosk; Gary The fifth episode lasts for a total of 43 minutes when played.

The following Andor Episode 5 review and synopsis contains some slight spoilers:

Still from Andor Episode 5

The Ax Forgets is the fifth installment of Andor

For Andor’s final installment, Aldhani, the writing and directing team of Dan Gilroy and Susanna White are preparing to bring us another installment that will pique our curiosity. Following the events of the previous episode, Cassian encounters a group of rebels in Aldhani who are meticulously planning an attack on the Empire’s troops. On the other hand, Cassian’s unexpected appearance in the previous episode caused some excitement, and that excitement is brought to light in this particular episode.

Cassian learns that his belongings were ransacked by everyone, and is later questioned by Skeen. After overcoming his nervousness during the interrogation and not divulging much information, Cassian shares a segment with Nemik that makes him feel welcome to the mission, if not the group. Cassian sees how ineffective the conspiracy and rebellion in general are as execution day approaches. And this despite the fact that he is now involved in a series of interpersonal disputes. Despite the fact that they lack direction, coordination, and a spirit that would unite the group, the group’s enthusiasm and determination to fight the Empire is strong.

Our other characters are a bit in the shadows this episode because we spend most of our time focusing on Cassian. Out of control with his duties, Karn now complains, sobs, and plots his revenge on Cassian. The fact that Mon Mothma’s family is so strict and judgmental about her means that she often feels like an outsider in the family, despite being a badass herself. Meero persistently searches for the big break that would propel her career forward, but she knows that success doesn’t come without effort.

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Andor Episode 5 ends

At the end of Andor’s fifth episode, the group learns that Cassian is involved in the heist to steal money. On the other hand, the procedure doesn’t change much, or more specifically, Vel doesn’t let it change much as they continue with their heist plan. On the other hand, Luthen is very interested in hearing new information, but unfortunately he has no chance of receiving any kind of communication. With Vel and her crew now in Andor’s possession, it is apparent that he is concerned about the possible outcomes of future events involving them.

However, his assistant reprimands him, telling him not to worry and not to be afraid as there is no way of knowing the outcome of the theft until it actually takes place. The comment Luthen makes at the end of the episode is the absolute highlight because he believes this raid will be the start of something much bigger, the greater uprising that would one day bring down the Empire.

Still from Andor Episode 5
Still from Andor Episode 5

Andor Episode 5: Some final thoughts

Andor Episode 5 doesn’t have the same catchy song as the episode before it, especially compared to the other episodes of the Andor series. It focuses more on Cassian and offers a deeper look at the members of the Rebellion, which we will meet more with in the coming episodes. That Alex Lawthers Nemik is a character everyone loves on screen and would like to see more of is made abundantly clear in both this episode and the previous one. The most recent installment focused less on the Empire and its plans and more on Andor and his companions, but failed to develop Andor and his companions in a meaningful way.

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