A look at Breana McDow and Matt Helder’s dating life after divorcing his new girlfriend

English drummer, singer and songwriter Matt Helders tied the knot with longtime girlfriend and future wife Breana McDow in 2016.

Helders began a romantic relationship with model Breana McDow in 2011. Their engagement took place in 2013 and the wedding took place in 2016. 2015 marked the arrival of the couple’s daughter, Amelia Darling Helders. Helders lives in Los Angeles. 2019 started with him filing for divorce.

Matt Helder

After his divorce from Breana McDow, Matt Helder continues his dating life and has a new girlfriend

The year 2019 was the beginning of the end for Matt and his marriage to Breana McDow, his then-wife. After two years of marriage, Matt Helders started the divorce process with his now ex-wife. What led to the breakup of the relationship between the model and the Arctic Monkeys drummer is currently unknown.

They welcomed a daughter in June 2016 and named her Amelia Darling. She is now three years old. Their wedding took place in Italy. English rock band Arctic Monkeys, of which Matt is a founding member and born in Sheffield, England, have used Breana in three of their music videos. Breana is a star in the band’s music videos.

In 2019, Matt Helders filed for divorce against Breana McDow.

Helders loves playing the drums while wearing a comfortable pair of running shoes instead of jeans because he moves and sweats when he plays the instrument. According to Helders, most people don’t want to sweat in their pants and then put them on the next day. It’s possible some people would call what you do rock and roll, but he describes it as impure.

Helders introduced his own line of clothing, which included a zip-up hoodie, a jacket and three t-shirts. The clothing went on sale in May 2007, along with a CD containing an Arctic Monkeys remix made by Helders and Supremebeing designer Skuff. Each sale should provide the Arthur Rank Hospice with one pound.

Is Matt Helders Remarried?

Matt may not have found love by the year 2022, according to a number of sources. He has not been seen in public with any other woman since he finalized his divorce from his ex-wife in 2019. However, there is a common misconception among netizens about his relationship with Breana McDow.

The fact that Matt is still married to the woman he has been dating since 2012, named Bree Helders, has been reported by a variety of news sites across the internet. Matt is not only an extraordinary musician, but among his other talents he is also a successful businessman.

Helders presented its new clothing line, which consisted of a zip-front hoodie, a jacket and three different t-shirts. In May 2007, the outfit went on sale along with a CD containing a remix of Arctic Monkeys’ music, which had been produced by Supremebeing designers Skuff and Helders. A pound should be donated to Arthur Rank Hospice with every purchase.

How much money will musician Helders have in 2022?

Matt Helders is a singer, composer and musician from England who has amassed a net worth of $16 million over his career. Matt Helders was born in May 1986 in Sheffield, England. He gained media attention as a founding member, drummer and backing vocalist of the rock band Arctic Monkeys.

The band first performed together in 2002 and released the album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not in 2006 which debuted at number one in the UK, Australia and Ireland. Helders has maintained a strong connection to his roots and explains that traveling has heightened his appreciation for Sheffield, the city that continues to act as a source of creativity for the band’s music.

In addition to his work in the music industry, Matt Helders also owns a clothing line.

There is still a lot to tell in his environment around him. When people travel, they see many places they may not want to live in, and when people go home, it is easy for them to fall back into their old habits and visit the same places as before. He made this observation in one of his songs. Helders adds that despite the band’s reputation, he still avoids being hassled by fans walking down the street.

Helders claimed that the drums were the only instrument that could be played at the time. When they got together to form a band, none of the band members had any songs to play. You just assembled it.

They all had guitars, and eventually he bought a set of drums to go with them. Helders has acknowledged the influence that rap music had on the band, stating that in high school the band’s members were more fans of the genre than they are now, and that it continues to have an influence on them in some areas. Helders, for example, claims that seeing Queens of the Stone Age perform live has had a huge impact on his development as a drummer.

Matt Helder
Matt Helder

Matt Helder Career

According to what Helders has said, he finally decided to play drums: “That was the last thing available. When we formed the band, neither of us had any musical experience. We just assembled everything. They all had guitars and after a while I decided to get drums.” Helders did note the influence rap music had on the band, however, noting that the band’s sound had become more aggressive towards us in some aspects; for me it’s the drums. The groove element, similar to that of Foon Keh music.” Additionally, Helders attributes the most significant change in his development as a drummer to the performance of Queens of the Stone Age: “The one thing that changed me the most was To see Queens of the Stone Age live at a festival… as soon as they broke up I was like, ‘Fuck, I gotta start hitting harder.’” Helders went on to explain why the band was so adamant about starting with their native singing Sheffield accent, saying, “When you’re at a gig and you’re speaking English with our normal accent, it seems a little weird when you suddenly burst into a song like you’re from California or somewhere else.” come. It seems a bit ridiculous.”

Helders has remained true to his native roots in a similar way as the other members of the band. He suggests that travel to various locations around the world increased his appreciation for Sheffield, which continues to serve as the basis for the band’s lyrics. “There is an infinite supply of material to draw inspiration from anywhere. When you go on tour you see a lot of places that you later realize you don’t want to live in… but when you come back home it’s pretty easy to fall back into your old routines and travel to the same places you’ve always been Helders also mentions that despite the band’s popularity, he’s been able to avoid being hassled by fans walking down the street by saying things like, “When we all go out partying at night, it’s difficult, but alone there is not much to be recognized.”

His voice has been featured on a significant number of the band’s tracks, and he is the member of the group who provides the most extensive backing vocals. He frequently sings in response or harmony with lead singer Alex Turner. He sings lead vocals on the songs “D Is for Dangerous”, “Brick by Brick” and “IDST”. “Who the Hell Are Arctic Monkeys?” and “Teddy Picker”. He also sang a version of Wham’s “Last!’s Christmas” during an encore of “Fluorescent Adolescent” during the North American leg of the band’s Humbug Tour. These performances took place during two of the band’s gigs. In the moments before a live performance by Turner, Helders introduced himself during the song “Brick by Brick” by saying, “That young fellow over there on the drums, Mr. Matthew J. Helders, the third of them all! He’s going to sing that next tune like he hasn’t helped you all enough already.”

“Because of the movement and the sweat,” Helders finds that playing the drums is more comfortable if he wears comfortable “jogging pants” instead of pants. Adds Helders: “You don’t want to get your jeans wet because you won’t be able to wear them the next day. This genre of music is sometimes referred to as rock and roll. I just call it unsanitary.”