A road works based film that lacks direction

Netflix has released a movie called Togo, which stars Diego Alonso in the title character. Other leading roles are played by Catalina Arrilaga, Nestor Prieto, Luis Alberto Acosta, Sabrina Valiente, Federico Morosino and Jose Pagano. The script was written by Israel Adrián Caetano, who also directed. There is a total of 120 minutes of screen time. The original dialogue is in Spanish but has been dubbed into English and also includes English subtitles.

The plot synopsis states: “A man tending cars parked on his territory must make a living while traffickers try to trick him and his friends into selling drugs on the street.” [C]Bandits try to force him and his friends to sell drugs on the street.


There are no spoilers in this Togo movie review

We meet Togo, a middle-aged man who works on the street as a car attendant, helping customers park their vehicles and pointing them in the right direction. The film was directed by Israel Adrián Caetano and is available on Netflix. One day a young woman of the same age insists on working with him on the street. The young lady comes from a wealthy household, but despite taking medication for depression, she and her parents have an ambivalent relationship. Togo has no idea of ​​her family history.

Togo also has a daughter, but she is currently living in a treatment facility. He usually sees her every week. One day, some people who are distributing drugs approach him with the intention of selling something. They want him to allow them to run their drug business on his street. They make him a lucrative offer, which he refuses. The target of the men’s threats are Togo and one of his buddies who works on the next block.

We’ve seen a lot of movies that deal with drug trafficking. There are a number of TV shows that focus on notorious drug cartels, drug lords, or people who make and sell meth. Director Caetano shows the audience the other side of the illegal business in the film he made.

He has shown how people who earn their living on the streets are harassed or forced to participate in activities that break the law. The story, on the other hand, doesn’t really have anything that makes it entertaining to watch. According to the synopsis, he intends to watch over his neighborhood. However, drug dealers come and go and are sometimes overlooked because of their transient nature. Their inclusion is arbitrary and they do not pose much of a challenge to the protagonist.

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Togo still 1

The plot contains a series of unrelated events, none of which can be explained in hindsight. We are shown how Togo survives on the streets while waiting for his daughter to finish her treatment. Though he doesn’t want his daughter to live with him, he offers the job to an unnamed teenager to help her out.

Neither the father-daughter dynamic nor the girl add anything meaningful to the overall progression of the story. Even the drug dealers appear out of nowhere, and their confrontation at the end takes place with very little foreboding.

The film would have been more effective as a short film that focuses on the difficulties faced by car attendants. It would have been desirable if the Director had focused solely on those involved in human trafficking.

Togo still 2


Review of Togo: Final Thoughts

The film doesn’t even come close to living up to Netflix’s self-description as a dark drama. Despite the fact that Diego Alonso did a good job, this does not help to make the plot more exciting. Dealing with shady deals and the challenges of human traffickers, the film is going nowhere and fails to capture your attention.

The film is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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