A timeline of Alan Walker’s relationships with his partner Viivi Niemi


Alan Walker is a Norwegian DJ, YouTuber and record producer who was born in Great Britain. He is best known for his track “Faded” (2015), which received widespread critical acclaim and went platinum in 14 different countries.

Viivi Niemi is the woman Walker now considers his girlfriend. As well as being a songwriter, he is also responsible for the production of a number of songs that have become popular on YouTube including “Sing Me to Sleep”, “Alone”, “Darkside” and “On My Way”.


His channel has overtaken another in Norway and is the most subscribed channel on YouTube. As of May 2022, it has 41.9 million followers, making it the most popular channel in Norway.

The Norwegian artist had approximately 11.1 billion views as of February 21, 2022, making him the most popular Norwegian artist of all time. On August 17, 2014 he released “Fade” which has become his most famous song.


Music company NoCopyrightSounds re-released the song on November 19, 2014, which contributed to the subsequent surge in the song’s popularity. Walker claims that K-391 and Ahrix were the creative forces behind the song’s composition.

Alan Walker
Surname Alan Walker
Age 25
profession DJ, Youtuber, record producer
Girlfriend Viivi Niemi
net worth About $15 million

Meet Alan Walker’s girlfriend, Viivi Niemi

Viivi Niemi is a well-known model and social media personality. She is best known for her relationship with famed musician Alan Walker. Her sparkling and sophisticated Instagram profile showcasing her many achievements has around 49,000 followers, proving her huge popularity.


Niemi was born on June 30, 1999 in Helsinki, Finland. Identification of her parents as Finnish is limited, although she is of Finnish origin. Verge Wiki says she spent most of her childhood with her two brothers.

The model has garnered a sizable following since launching her career on the social media platform in June 2014 due to the stunning fashion poses she posts on Instagram Alan Walker is a well-known DJ and music producer.


The Young European Model is currently one of the highest paid models in the world. It makes money from a variety of sources including commercials, sponsorships, and sponsored content, among others.

The two are frequently spotted together at public events such as film premieres and award ceremonies. On December 24, 2019, Viivi uploaded the first photo of them to her Instagram account for the first time.


The fact that Alan and his girlfriend haven’t spoken out about how or when they met or when they started dating doesn’t change the fact that they make a cute couple at the moment.

A look back at some of Alan Walker’s past relationships

Alan Walker has yet to reveal any details about his past relationships or dating experiences. It has been established that he has been in at least one meaningful relationship before the woman he is currently dating.


Walker gives the impression of a reserved person who attaches great importance to maintaining his privacy in private life. It’s possible that this is one of the reasons why he hasn’t mentioned any of his past love engagements on any of his social media profiles or in the press.

Also, Alan’s fiancee Viivi is always there to accompany him on his travels. The couple seem to have a really devoted relationship with each other and take every opportunity to keep things interesting in their partnership. Being in the same company brings out the best in each of them.


In addition, the DJ’s second studio album entitled World of Walker was released on November 26, 2021. The album consists mainly of electropop and electronic dance music (EDM) and contains 15 tracks in total.

Alan Walker Parents and Siblings

On August 24, 1997, Alan Walker was born in the city of Northampton, England to his parents, Philip Alan Walker and Hilde Omdal Walker. Hilde, his mother, was originally from Norway, while Philip, his father, was of Anglo-Scottish and British descent.


Alan grew up in the same environment as his siblings. According to his Wikipedia profile, he had a younger brother named Andreas who was born in Norway and a sister named Camilla who was born in England.

Due to the global fortune bequeathed to him by his parents, he holds dual citizenship of the UK and Norway. When the well-known DJ was just two years old, he moved to the city of Bergen with his family.


Walker quickly developed an interest in computers, and this hobby eventually led to his proficiency in code related to music and graphics. He started out with no formal musical training, but was able to teach himself how to make music by watching instructional videos on YouTube.

Latest Alan Walker Net Worth Figures 2022

During his recording career, Alan Walker has amassed a net worth of more than $15 million. Initially, he used FL Studio on his laptop to start composing his music.


In July 2012, he began exploring the possibility of making a living as a musician and gradually began releasing his songs on platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud as his online admirers encouraged and guided him in this endeavour.

After signing a deal with MER Musikk, a subsidiary of Sony Music Sweden, Walker released Faded, a remastered vocal version of Fade, as his third single. Iselin Solheim, a pop singer from Naustdal who is not credited for her performances, was included when it was released on December 8, 2015.


The future Walkerverse album, which will be released in 2022 and split in half, as well as his new global tour were both revealed by him. The first part went on sale on June 17, 2022.

Early life

Alan Olav Walker was born on August 24, 1997 in Northampton, England. His parents, Philip Alan Walker, a British citizen of Anglo-Scottish descent, and Hilde Omdal Walker, a Norwegian citizen, were married at the time. As a direct result of this, he was able to inherit dual citizenship of both the UK and Norway due to his parents’ international background.


He grew up with his two siblings, an older sister named Camilla who was also born in England and a younger brother named Andreas who was born in Norway. Both parents were born in England. When he was just two years old, he moved to Bergen with the rest of his family. [2][7] Walker later developed an interest in computers, and this pastime has led him to delve deeper into areas such as graphic design in computing and music programming. He started out with no musical training but was able to teach himself by watching instructional videos on YouTube focused on producing music.

Artistic image

Early in his career, Walker was once known as “DJ Walkzz” or simply “Walkzz”. After signing a record deal with a record company, he chose his birth name, Alan Walker, as the name of his artistic practice. In 2013, he created the concept for his company logo, a symbol composed of the intertwined initials “A” and “W”. These letters stand for his name. When he performs on stage, he hides his face by donning a face mask and sweatshirt. During an interview with Norwegian public broadcaster NRK, the interviewer asked him why he was wearing a mask. He responded that the reason he was doing this was to “keep a low profile while preserving the mental image they gave me.” It seems really interesting to me. A subtle turn of events that leads individuals to internally speculate as to the true identity of the person hiding under Alan Walker. “The mask is more of a sign and a symbol of unity and sameness than that I’m different,” he said in an episode of his series titled Unmasked.

Alan Walker
Alan Walker


Despite positive reviews for his most commercially successful tracks, Walker was criticized in a “walkthrough” video of the development of his song “Alone” that was released on music magazine Future Music Magazine’s YouTube channel. The video was met with hostility from many of Walker’s fans, who considered Mood Melodies his “ghost producer” due to the significant involvement of his co-producer Mood Melodies in the development of the song. Walker’s co-producer Mood Melodies’ involvement in the production of the song was extensive.


Walker received many nominations for many different awards. Most of these have been awarded to him, including Gullsnutten’s rets Musikk Music of the Year; Best Norwegian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards; European Border Breakers Award and Audience Award from the EBBA Awards ’17; Best New Talent at the WDM Radio Awards and the Swiss Music Awards; Eksportprisen ’16 and The Export Prize ’16 at Spellemannprisen and Music Norway; Best Norwegian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards; Best Breakthrough Artist at the International Dance Music Awards His song “Faded” won the Cannes Lions Award at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Best International Hit at the Eska Music Awards and Spellemannprisen ’16’s rets Lt Song of the Year, as well as the award as the best western artist of the year. All of these awards come from the same competition. The song “Sing Me to Sleep” won the title of “rets Norske Lt” (Norwegian Song of the Year) at the NRJ Music Awards in Norway.