According to a lawyer, Yue Yu’s husband fabricated a poisoning incident to gain custody of the children.

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA: The attorney for dermatologist Yue “Emily” Yu, who was spotted putting Drano drain cleaner in her husband’s soda, said it was just a ploy by her husband Jack Chen to “lose custody of the children.” to get.

“The notion that my client, a 45-year-old distinguished dermatologist in Orange County, would ruin her life, destroy the lives of her children and attempt to kill her husband is just utterly preposterous and untrue, and defamatory by the way,” she said Attorney David Wohl in a statement to CBS Los Angeles.

On August 4, Yu was arrested after her husband accused her of adding the substance to his drink. She was not charged and was released on bail on Friday 12 August.

Wohl claims that Chen, a radiologist, secretly recorded his wife three times at their home pouring the liquid into his lemonade, but Chen argued that his client actually used the detergent to clear a drain.

Every time she put Drano in a cup, he remarked, “It was empty. Its purpose was to facilitate the use of the sink or other areas of the house where the drain was clogged.

Wohl claimed Chen dreamed up the poisoned story to secure Yu’s divorce and custody of the couple’s two children because he was “desperate.” He noted: “We truly believe that these comments he has made are vital to this effort.

Meanwhile, Chen testified in a court statement that his wife allegedly poisoned his drink at least three times in July. He claimed that after becoming quite ill and noticing a chemical taste in his soda, he began to have doubts. Eventually he made the decision to put a nanny cam in her kitchen. He has also applied to the court for a ten-year injunction against his wife. He also accused Yu of abusing their seven- and eight-year-old children by physically and verbally abusing them.

In a court filing acquired by the New York Post, Jack claimed, “Emily will often use a Chinese phrase that means ‘go die!’ when she gets angry and yells at the kids. She also calls the kids “f***ing idiots,” “dumb a****les,” “f***ing moron,” “your head has a problem,” and “get the f**k out mine.” way.”

Yu is said to have prevented the children from going to bed before Chen wanted to.