After leaving Big Brother season 24, Paloma Aguilar said, “Taylor and I are really good friends.

Before the first eviction, Big Brother’s Paloma Aguilar made headlines when she abruptly quit the popular reality TV series. Paloma spoke openly about her decision to leave the show a few days after she left.

Paloma left Big Brother after discussing her health issues and fears in the diary room. The Head of Household (HoH), Daniel, then called the other cast members to let them know that Paloma would no longer be in the competition for personal reasons.

Many viewers suspected that another houseguest, Taylor Hale, may have been involved in the incident, but Paloma refuted such claims.

Here’s what Big Brother contestant Paloma had to say about her run-in with Taylor Hale.
Paloma revealed in an exclusive interview with US Weekly that she prioritized her mental health when making her decision to leave. She explained to the media,

The cost of maintaining my sanity wasn’t worth $750,000.

She also addressed the reports that she was leaving. The Big Brother contestant said:

It’s funny how quickly people speculate about the whole racist incident – Taylor and I are actually close friends so keep praising her! She is the QUEEN.
The 22-year-old said she and Taylor became closer towards the end of their dating. She noted that after the first few clips were cut, the performance continued.

Paloma added that because she was exhausted, she told Taylor that she didn’t want to hear about it in the previous episode. She noted that it didn’t bother her that much since she was familiar with Taylow.

The Big Brother contestant continued, “I didn’t care,” because I knew Taylor was just trying to play the game. Paloma also observed that not all of their interactions were caught on camera. She warned viewers to remember that reality TV isn’t always accurate.

The home renovator continued:

“I’m always a boss girl fan and will never try to break a strong woman, and I was really honest with her the first few days we didn’t get along.”
She went on to say that Taylor made no attempts to form alliances with other girls and her conversation about it was not broadcast. Paloma continued by saying that she is only in love with her former rival. She said she eagerly awaits Taylor’s disclosure so they can talk about it as independent women.

What transpired between Taylor and Paloma during Big Brother season 24 is detailed here.
Before leaving, Paloma and Alyssa Snider insulted Taylor by calling her “pageant girl” rather than her first name. Taylor’s admirers were not pleased. Also, Paloma and Alyssa planned to forge an alliance with the male residents of the residence. They repeatedly referred to their rival as “the seductress of the boys”.

Taylor hadn’t mentioned the game to the other girls in the house, so Paloma even told her co-stars that Taylor could be a snake in the garden.

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