After the “eyes sunken” visitor said “I know you” and left the area, Eric Roberts felt uncomfortable

After the “eyes sunken” visitor said “I know you” and left the area, Eric Roberts felt uncomfortable

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: On Friday, August 12, an intruder broke into the home of Eric and Eliza Roberts in Los Angeles, causing them a horrific encounter. Eliza spoke to Radar about how they had adjusted after the unsettling encounter. The fact that her home address was private made the scenario pretty scary.

After the burglar told Eric, “I know you,” the couple stepped up security and took precautions. Eliza, a casting director, lives with her actor husband Eric, brother of Notting Hill actress Julia Roberts and father of actress Emma Roberts.

Actor Eric Roberts (L) and actress Eliza Roberts attend the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 4, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.

They were all a little disturbed, Eliza admitted, and they were tightening their security now. For example, they had no lights in their driveway. However, since the interaction happened along their driveway, that will now change. Recalling the incident, she said her gate code became public during the epidemic in order to receive a package delivery.

Also, her purse had disappeared from her car once before the break-in. As she explained, “Our driveway is quite long, so they had to come up the whole driveway and be like, ‘What can I see in the car,'” that was enough to scare them. Putting the inconvenience and shock aside, she continues, “It’s just a bizarre feeling that someone just felt comfortable enough just to be there.”

Eric Roberts is present at the Netflix original films

Undoubtedly, a disturbing situation is the intrusion of a stranger into your personal space and privacy. To top it off, the most recent event happened when Eliza’s sister was celebrating her niece’s birthday. Eliza, who accompanied her daughter by car to the celebrations, recalled that her husband couldn’t come with her due to an early flight the next morning.

She sat by the gate as her daughter drove away as the mother-daughter couple arrived. As she entered, she was startled to see Eric entering in his robe. He immediately asked her if a man had followed her into the house. Talking about meeting the person, he described his appearance. The burglar “didn’t look well, he looked weird,” according to the witness, who also noted that he had long, unkempt hair and “very sunken eyes.” He even said to Eric, “I know you,” perhaps as a reference to Eric as a follower of his writings or on some other level. She said that while her husband was kind to the man, he made it clear that he had to go.

The pushy person was last seen walking alone into the shade. The famous couple promptly reported the incident to police after realizing they were still in danger. About seven police cars show up to search and patrol the area. Authorities claimed it was difficult to ascertain his targets. “He might just be looking for an opportunity, or he might have observed and decided to move, or he might have planned a return trip,” they speculated. Since then, the couple has made sure their gate is always properly locked and that their law enforcement pal, actor Bourke Floyd, is on hand to protect them.

It is understandable that the events have left her and her loved ones traumatized and frightened. She also said she was grateful “that it wasn’t worse” and that she was more aware of her surroundings now. She continued, saying that they “console each other” and that everyone is very compassionate and kind.