Age, occupation and mother of Xea Myers, daughter of chef Antonia Lofaso

Xea Myers, the daughter of Chef Antonia Lofaso, is now a 22-year-old young woman who is finally starting to advance in her professional life.

Her father, Heavy D, was a well-known figure in rap culture growing up. She is the child of a famous person and the world watched her development throughout her childhood. The fact that Xea is the daughter of a famous rapper and a chef has piqued the interest of many people.

She’s matured considerably considering the last time we saw her was at Heavy D’s funeral. She now pursues her own profession and has quickly amassed a significant number of followers and fans of her own. Despite this, she continues to speak out about the significant influence her father had on her life. Many people are curious as to what Heavy’s daughter Xea is up to right now.

Xea Myers with mother

A few quick points on Xea Myers

Surname Xea Myers
Age 22 years old
Born 2000s
mother Antonia Lofaso
Father Rapper Heavy D
profession Producer and social media personality
nationality American
ethnicity Mixed
siblings none

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What age does Xea Myers belong to?

Xea, an American producer, actor, media personality and child socialite was born on February 29, 200 in Beverly Hill which is located in the city of Los Angeles, California. In 2022, the famous person will be 22 years old.

The actress is of mixed race and American nationality. Her mother’s name is Antonia Lofaso and her father’s name was Heavy D who died before she was born. Her Italian ancestry comes from her mother’s side, and her African-Jamaican ancestry comes from her father’s side.

Unfortunately, the well-known young lady is an only child as her parents, Heavy D and Antonia Lofaso, had no more children. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where she also received her education. After completing her elementary education, the famous student decided to continue her education at Marymount High School in Marymount, California. After completing her high school education, she enrolled at Emerson College.

Xea Myers is a well known fitness trainer and influencer so she makes sure to have a constant presence on a number of different social media sites. “The Life of Heavy D” and “Unsung” are two of her most famous works, and “Be Inspired” is one of them. She has also worked on a variety of other documentaries.

Xea Myers has decided to pursue a different profession than her parents

Xea Myers is both a film producer and director in the film industry. She began her work as a producer in 2012 with a contribution to the film Be Inspired: The Life of Heavy D. Shortly thereafter, she directed the documentary used for the Unsung series.

In addition to her role as an influencer on social media, she is active in the fitness community. She keeps fit by sticking to a fixed exercise schedule and eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Who exactly is mother Antonia, Xea Myers?

Antonia, her mother, served as the restaurant consultant for Seasons 2 and 3 of Restaurant Startup, which aired in 2015 and 2016, respectively. In addition to being a co-owner, she is Executive Chef at Market Liquor Bar, DAMA, and Scopa Italian Roots, all of which are restaurants in the city of Los Angeles. Her mother is a successful businesswoman in the community.

Additionally, Antonia was a member of the judging panel for the Cutthroat Kitchen competition series, which aired on the Food Network between 2013 and 2017. She has appeared as a special guest on a variety of different cooking shows including Top Chef, Hacked, Restaurant Startup and Top Chef.

Lofaso has a lifelong passion for cooking, and she has pursued her ambitions despite the challenges that come with being a single mom and working busy jobs. Her book The Busy Mom’s Cookbook is now available in a revised paperback edition, offering both her advice and inside information.

After graduating from the prestigious French Culinary Institute, Lofaso found work at Spago, owned and operated by Wolfgang Puck and the most popular restaurant in the Beverly Hills area. During her time at the renowned Los Angeles hotspot, Lofaso worked for a total of six years, during which time she was mentored by Executive Chef Lee Stapler, who helped her hone her skills and techniques.

After achieving his goal of developing Spago’s menu, Lofaso made the decision to leave the restaurant to embark on a new adventure. After just a few weeks, SBE hired her to oversee the kitchen at Foxtail, the upscale new dinner club they opened in Los Angeles.

After starting a new job at Foxtail, Lofaso’s professional life took a dramatic turn for the better when she received a call from Bravo asking her to be a part of the fourth season of the acclaimed cooking competition series Top Chef. In addition to her extensive restaurant and television experience, Lofaso has also served as the private chef for a number of the entertainment industry’s most prominent figures.

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Who is Xea Myers’ father?

Heavy D, known as one of the most successful rappers of all time, has sadly passed away. Xea Myers’ father. 1967 was the year Heavy D was born. He was also a rapper and did hip-hop. His family was uprooted and moved to Mount Vernon, New York in the early 1970s. In 1987, the band he fronted, Heavy D & The Boyz, became the first-ever Uptown Records artist to be signed to the label.

The record label was founded by Andre Harrell. In the early 1990s, the group gained worldwide recognition, making major cameos with popular songs alongside Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. Heavy D eventually became head of the Uptown record label, where he had spent most of his career.

But just as the band was beginning to find commercial success, tragedy struck and he made cameos on themes from the popular sketch comedy series In Living Color and MadTV. After the performance, Trouble T member Roy Troy Dixon was leaving a ramp when he was involved in an accident and fell to his death.

They remember you in Pete Rock and CL Cool J’s song “They Reminisce Over You.” Dixon’s death served as a source of motivation for Smooth. Heavy D was mentioned in the first song Notorious BIG ever released called “Juicy”. Biggie Smalls explained that when he was younger he craved the kind of fame that rap pioneers like Heavy D and Salt ‘N Pepa achieved. In particular, Biggie longed to be as famous as Heavy D and Salt ‘N Pepa.

A youthful version of Biggie Smalls appeared on the album Blue Funk released by Heavy D in 1992. Heavy D, real name Dwight Arrington Myers, passed away suddenly at the young age of 44. He was best known by his stage name Heavy D. He was known for his dancing, hard-to-say rhymes, and build physique.

Xea Myers
Xea Myers

body measurements

She has black hair and injured eyes. She continues to stand at a height of 5 feet, 5 inches and weighs about 55 kilograms. Her estimated measurements are 34-26-39 inches.

Relationships and Extramarital Activities

Xea Myers may or may not be looking for a partner. She hasn’t introduced anyone as her sweetheart until this point. Similarly, she hasn’t revealed any details about the intricacies of their relationships or her dating past. On the other hand, it appears from her Instagram photos that she has strong ties with a number of notable people from the body building club. Her friends include people with names like Heem Green, Noah and D’rock Da Artist to name a few.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Xea Myers?

Xea Myers is 22 years old and was born in the 2000s.

Who are Xea Myers’ parents?

Xea Myers was born to famous chef Antonia and famous late rapper Heavy D.

What is Xea Myers job?

Xea Myers is a producer and social media personality.