Age of Cher Warren, first wife of Ray Warren and net worth

Cher Warren is the beloved wife of Ray Warren, who was a former Australian sports commentator. They grow older together.

Raymond Aka Ray is well known among sports fans for his work on the nine networks covering rugby league matches. Everyone liked what he said so people called him ‘The Voice of Rugby League’.

He has also called out the Australian swimming team events. He also had the chance to swim at the FINA World Championships while working for nine.

According to the athlete’s biography, he started his career in 1967 and stopped being a professional athlete after the announcement on June 1, 2022. He was last seen at the 2021 NRL Grand Finals.

The former media star was recognized for his actions by having a bronze statue made of him in his hometown.

Ray Warren

In the late 1970s, Cher Warren’s husband was born

Ray Warren is just 79 years old and his wife Cher looks like she should be in her 70’s. The Australian sports reporter’s first wife has been with him for a long time.

The retired sports commentator was born on June 11, 1943 in Junee, New South Wales, according to his wiki bio. His wife, on the other hand, is not talked about much on the internet and not much is known about her.

Also, the two have been seen together at various events. Cher’s fans loved her very much and always wanted to know more about her. But unlike her husband, Wikipedia said nothing about her.

People have been seeing the couple together for a long time, which has made them curious about the happy couple. But everyone would have had a better idea of ​​what was going on if they’d been on social media.

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Australian commentator Ray Warren’s first wife is Cher Warren

Ray is married to Cher, who is also his first and only wife. We all know that most famous people date at least once in their lives.

But the Warrens showed that true love is real and that you can spend your whole life with someone if you want.

After more than 50 years of success, Ray’s net worth is

Ray has a net worth of millions of dollars, which is a lot of money. But the Australian sports commentator, now retired, started his journey with something that wasn’t his cup of tea.

Warren joined the police force because his older brother was already there. He then joined the NSW Police Cadets on 5 December 1960. Four years later he was posted to the ACT Police Department in Canberra.

Warren worked as a police officer for three years. In the meantime, various radio stations kept knocking on his door with new possibilities.

Nonetheless, he worked for 2LF Young as a sales representative and tradactator. During this time he also called rugby league games.

In 1974 he had a television appearance as a commentator on Channel Ten. Also, in 1980, the network gave him another chance to bet on the Melbourne Cup. After three years he already had one of the best jobs in the network channel. Warren was tasked with calling Rughy League games.

He was asked to handle Ten’s coverage of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, but he turned the job down. In 1986 the network sacked Warren to allow Rex Mossop, a former international player, to take over as the network’s key rugby league expert.

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Insights into Ray Warren’s family

After marriage, the Warrens started a family. They are said to have a daughter and two sons. The family of five must already have grown as Ryan and Cher’s children may have already married.

The old couple was found out to be living with their only child, Holy. You are in the area around the Castle Hills suburb of Sydney.

Some information about Chris, his son and his job was shown. Apparently he also works for the news channel. He is currently covering the NRL for 2GB Sydney. He also works for Fox Sports.

Mark, Warren’s other child, is also in the media but is best known for being in the entertainment business. He is also a professional voice actor, MC, host, actor and more.

It looks like both of Cher’s sons have followed in their father’s footsteps, but they have chosen to work in different fields that are easily combined.

Who is Ray Warren’s wife? He used to commentate on NRL games

Ray Warren has been married to Cher Warren for a long time, whom he loves. The two turn gray at the same time.

Ray Warren
Ray Warren

What is Ray Warren’s family size?

Ray Warren and his wife Cher have a daughter named Holly and two sons named Chris and Mark.

Where do Mr. and Mrs. Warren live?

Ray and Cher are said to be living in Castle Hill, a suburb of Sydney, with their only child, Holly.


Ray Warren, who is 76 and has made 93 State of Origin programs, is known as the voice of rugby league. He’s still going strong and is often referred to as ‘the voice of rugby league’.

Seventy years has passed since Warren was a kid and rolled marbles down a hill in his hometown of Junee and called it a horse race.

He knew from the age of six that he wanted to be a sports commentator. His single-minded dedication propelled him to the top of his field, calling on major sporting events such as the Melbourne Cup, Olympic swimming and of course the Rugby League and Origins grand finals.

The son of a railroad worker, “Rabbits” began his radio career in 1966 with 2LF in Young. Three years later he was on his way to 2GB in Sydney.

By 1974, Warren’s main interest was rugby league, and he called the Amco Cup midweek for the Ten Network.

After 13 years with Ten, Warren returned to the calling race until the Nine Network hired him to be part of their team for the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games.

In late 1991, he worked full-time for Nine as the league’s chief commentator. When Mark Coyne scored the winning goal three years later in the first game of the Origin series in Sydney in 1994, he famously said: “It’s not a try, it’s a miracle.”

Now, almost 30 years later, Warren’s love for rugby league is as strong as ever and he’s bringing the game to life for a whole new generation of fans.


Warren was born on June 11, 1943 in Junee, New South Wales. At first, like his brother, he went to the police. On 5 December 1960 he joined the NSW Police Cadets. In 1964 he moved to Canberra and joined the ACT Police Force. Warren served three years in the ACT Police Department. While in the military, he got a call about all the door-to-door radio station work he’d done as a teenager. Warren took a job as a rugby league sales agent, trotter and commentator with 2LF Young, New South Wales. This was the beginning of his career in broadcasting.

1974’s Amco Cup on Channel Ten starring Keith Barnes marked the first time it had been televised. In 1980 Warren was asked by Ten to announce the Melbourne Cup. It was the first of three trophies he made for Ten. In 1983 he also became the main Rugby League caller for Network Ten. In 1984 he was supposed to be in charge of Ten’s coverage of the Los Angeles Olympics, but he turned down the job. A nervous aviator, Warren was very apprehensive about the long flight across the Pacific and suddenly realized he couldn’t get on the plane. In 1986, the network fired Warren because it wanted to hire former international player Rex Mossop to replace him as rugby league’s main commentator.

For the next six years, Warren also bet on horse racing. In 1988 he was hired by the Nine Network to direct the 1988 Rugby League World Cup final and the 1989 State of Origin series with Darrell Eastlake and Balmain Tigers manager Warren Ryan, the 1989 Trans-Tasman Test series with Darrell Eastlake again and Jack to commentate Gibson and swam with Norman May at the 1990 Commonwealth Games. Nine acquired the rights to show rugby league matches beginning with the State of Origin series from 1991 through the 1992 season. He has been naming the matches for Nine ever since. Warren has slowly gotten over his fear of flying, but he’s still a bit scared, as evidenced by the fact that he had to take a helicopter to a Gold Coast game in 2012 because his flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast was delayed. After overcoming his fear, he went to New Zealand, the UK, Hong Kong, Japan and Canada to cover swimming and rugby league for the network.

Ray Warren is known for his passionate commentary. During matches, he and fellow commentator Phil Gould often have friendly arguments over a player or Rugby League rules, and The Twelfth Man has often poked fun at him. In Australia, people associate his voice with major rugby league matches and he’s known for being able to take over from other commentators when something interesting is happening on the pitch.

Warren had also worked with Greg Matthews, Mike Whitney and Russell Barwick on the Saturday morning sports show Dead Set Legends on Triple M Sydney. Michael Slater, Rebecca Wilson, Richard Freedman and Dan Ginnane were the other members of Dead Set Legends. Dan Ginnane also co-hosted The Rush Hour with Dan Ginnane.

Warren was the football pundit on the Steve and Kim (& Damo!) morning breakfast talk show on NXFM in Newcastle (until the show was canceled on 26 October 2012).

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