Age of Marshall Trenkmann – How old is Karla Souza Husband?

Karla Souza, a Hispanic actress, is very happy with her banker husband, Marshall Trenkmann, who just turned 41.

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce of El Paso chose the Mexican artist as the speaker for Saturday’s 2022 Fiesta celebration. She was a strong representative of her community, which is why she was chosen. The event takes place once a year and for those interested there is a silent auction with tequila service.

All in all, celebrating one’s culture is a must as women dance in their traditional attire and put on dance shows.

In fact, she is the best person for the job because she has been successful in her career despite having to deal with problems. Although she was a mother of two children, this did not slow her down. In fact, she became a role model for many people.

Those wishing to come can go to the Hotel Paso Del Norte at 10 Henry Trost Court. However, you must bring a table as you cannot purchase individual tickets.

Marshal Trenkman

Who is Karla Souza’s husband?

Souza became engaged to Marshall Trenkmann and in May 2014 the two married. They have a daughter, Gianna, who was born in April 2018, and a son, Luka (born in June 2020).

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How old is Karla Souza?

Souza was born on December 11, 1985 in Mexico City, Mexico. His father is Chilean and his mother Mónica is Mexican.

Is Karla Souza Spanish?

Karla Souza was born in Mexico because her parents are both from these countries.

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Age of Marshall Trenkmann – How old is Karla Souza’s husband?

Marshall Trenkmann, 41, married his wife, actress Karla Souza, in 2014.

In a candid interview, she opened up about their relationship, saying that the fact that they both had a loved one with mental illness brought them together.

In fact, as a young child, she was always confused because of the constantly changing moods of her mother. She was later told she had bipolar disorder.

She told Lily that she had never been close to her previous friends because she couldn’t bring herself to air her dirty laundry and talk about her mother’s illness. She didn’t want to tell them because she didn’t think they were ready to hear about the dark side of their childhood.

Trenkmann walked in like a knight in shining armor, while openly discussing his brother’s schizophrenia. When her family first got together, her mother had a manic attack mid-conversation.

He knew the signs of a sick person, so he stayed calm throughout the whole thing and even told them how to help her get better.

It made her heart beat faster and she realized that the support of someone she cared about was stronger than any attraction.

The Texas banker’s heart was already broken, and all that was left was her walking down the aisle. After a few months of engagement, they tied the knot at the Hotel Hacienda Vista Hermosa in Tequesquitengo. They followed the religious parts of the ceremony.

Even after they got married, he was still as sweet as honey. When he was at his job, he would send her love letters and texts.

Since they both love their culture, conversations over dinner are always great. For example, he always leaves her articles about Latinos and wishes her a nice day.

Marshal Trenkman
Marshal Trenkman

Marshall Trenkmann Kids, Gianna and Luka

Marshall Trenkmann is lucky because he has two children, a daughter named Gianna and a son named Luke Trenckmann.

The couple was together for eight years before their partner suddenly announced in 2018 that baby Gianna was on the way. It had been a few days since filming wrapped on her hit series How to Get Away with Murder. The mother-daughter couples were happy for two years because they often wore the same clothes.

When she got pregnant the second time, she wasn’t so open. She said it every four weeks before her due date, when her swollen belly made it clear she was ready to give birth at any moment.

In an interview with People Magazine, she discussed the 7 lb., 4 oz. Baby born on June 12 and how happy the parents were. Her daughter was so happy that he came because she had already started teaching him the lyrics to the song Poco Loco from the children’s movie Coco.

When she became pregnant with her second child, she had hopes and dreams for the future because she knew her first child would be the best person to follow. There was much sadness and injustice around them, and she worried about what kind of people they would become.

Last May, she thanked the creators of Home Economics for showing the struggles of being a mom so well through her character. The document about motherhood suited her priorities as having children made her feelings stronger on set.

In fact, she did a wonderful job of showing how little patience, trauma, and the burden of caring for another person can build up to the point of suddenly bursting.

The strong reactions from the audience made her work on herself every day. Her daughter watched the show and comforted her when she was having a good day or a bad day. Gianna is the result of what she was taught and what drove her, and she wants to pass all the good and bad on to the next generation.

Also, the children learned from the experience that nobody is perfect, not even their mother.

Marshall Trenkmann Net Worth

Marshall Trenkmann is a Texas banker and was worth $1 million in 2022.

He started after earning an accounting degree from Texas A&M University. He still wanted to learn, so he went to the same school for his master’s degree and took some Latin American and Spanish courses.

After graduating, he got a job at CIB LATAM in Mexico City. He was put in charge of the credit team. After two and a half years, he switched companies to his new role with Houston-based CIB Oil and Gas Credit Team.

His marriage changed the direction of his life when he moved to Los Angeles and worked as a director of credit risk for JP Morgan.

He is also on the board of the Center Theater Group because he wants to help his wife’s career.

His partner, meanwhile, has been busy making his name in Mexican telenovelas, landing roles in films like From Prada to Nada, Nosotros Los Nobles, and Instructions Not Included.

In 2014, she shifted her focus to English language projects when she was cast as a regular on Shonda Rhime’s show How to Get Away with Murder. She was chosen to play law student Laurel Castillo on the legal drama, but her job is now Marina on the sitcom Home Economics.

Meet Marshall Trenkmann on Instagram

Marshall Trenkmann isn’t on Instagram because he doesn’t like social media and doesn’t want to use it.

But you can see pictures of him on his wife Karla Souza’s account, which had almost 4 million followers.

The verified platforms are the result of her blood, sweat and tears because she genuinely wants to use her reach to help a greater cause. The focus on family keeps popping up while her husband is noticeably absent.

Most of the time he’s behind the camera, photographing their lives day by day, but he doesn’t know how to deal with so many different people.

Besides, her daily activities are more than enough to keep her fans entertained. She even wore fangs for her role as Audrey, the vampire real estate agent in the dystopian film Day Shift.

What is the name of Marshall Trenkmann?

Marshall Trenkmann was born in Texas, USA. No one knows the exact date or place of his birth, so no one knows how old he is now either. Marshall is a banker, but he’s probably best known in the media for being married to famed Mexican actress Karla Souza, best known for portraying Laurel Castillo on the ABC drama series How to Get Away with Murder. to play.

Want to learn more about Marshall Trenkmann’s work and personal life? How much money does he have now? Stay tuned to find out if you’re interested.

He has been in business for some time and because he is married to a famous actress, he is also involved in the entertainment industry. So, if you have ever wondered how rich Marshall Trenkmann is, you should know that his successful career has brought him more than $5 million according to reliable sources. As he continues to grow his career, his net worth is sure to grow in the years to come.

How I grew up and went to school

There isn’t much information in the media about his early life other than that he grew up somewhere in Texas. Marshall attended college after graduating from high school. He went to Texas A&M University where he received his BA. He then went on to school there and soon did his MA. He also studied Latin American and Spanish, which is well known.


Marshall started working in business right out of college, and his education has helped him climb the ladder of success very quickly. He started as the head of the credit team at CIB LATAM in Mexico City, Mexico. Before returning to Texas, he also worked for other Mexican companies. After that, Marshall worked for the CIB Oil and Gas Credit Team in Houston, Texas for a time, which helped him make a lot more money.

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