Age of Teo Rapp-Olsson – Sebastian Milton of TWD, his ethnicity, nationality and parents

In 2022, The Walking Dead’s Teo Rapp-Olsson is around 35 years old. After his charming personality was shown on TV, people became very interested in him.

American actor Teo Rapp Olsson is best known for playing Sebastian Milton in the eleventh and final season of The Walking Dead. Also, he started his career in 2014 playing Ryan Myers on the 2014 TV show Redrum.

Teo has also done some great plays alongside his own. Some of the tracks included are A Midsummer Night’s Dream, A Happy End, A Hard Rain, Execution of Justice and What I Did Last Summer. If you want to learn more about the actor, read on.

Teo Rapp Olsson

About 35 years old, Teo Rapp Olsson

Teo Rapp Olsson is said to be between 35 and 40 at the moment. Well, he looks like he’s in his late 30s judging by the way he looks and acts.

He is also 1.73 meters or 5 feet 8 inches tall. Likewise, his skin is white, his hair is brown, and his eyes are dark.

Teo Rapp Olsson reportedly wanted to be an actor from a young age. So he pursued the goal he is living now. Rapp also went to New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he studied. Although he is a well-known actor, he has kept his personal details like his real age and date of birth secret.

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Teo Rapp Olsson is a trained actor

Teo Olsson is a talented actor who really cares about what he does. He has also been in the film business for almost ten years. In all his works, his role as Sebastian in TWD has brought him the most attention and recognition.

The news states that Teo Rapp Olsson will be represented by Michal Zecher Talent Management and CESD Talent Agency. In 2021 he will also be featured on the Monday Morning Critic Audio 2021 podcast series.

Also in 2015, he appeared in the episode “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” of Behind the Magic. He is known for his roles in The Walking Dead, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Blue Bloods.

He has also appeared in commercials for BUD LITE, Capital One, Ford, IKEA, US Cellular, and US Cellular. He went to Stella Adler Studio of Acting/Stonestreet Studio at NYU Tisch to study acting.

In TWD he plays Sebastian Milton

Teo Rapp plays the villain Sebastian Milton in AMC’s TWD. Sebastian is also one of the people who made it out of the apocalypse.

Milton is a selfish, self-centered brat who doesn’t care about anyone. He appears on the show as an enemy and as a person who has lived through the pandemic. His first episode was called “Promises Broken”. Before the end of the world he was a student in his mid-20s.

He also lived in the Commonwealth and was the son of Pamela Milton, the Governor of the Commonwealth, and the grandson of William Milton. He played the second villain in the third episode of season 11. Viewers of the series liked how Sebastian’s character developed.

Sebastian is a hated character in the TWD comic because he is the one who kills Rick Grimes and then spends the rest of his life in prison. But since Rick wasn’t on the show anymore (at least until he got his own show), there was no reason to keep him with you.

So far, viewers haven’t seen anything good about Teo’s character, so we think he’ll stick with the comic plot. He even says he was the one who captured Tyler Davis, a former Commonwealth soldier who was part of the resistance. After Sophia Peletier, Carl Grimes, Paul Rovia, Siddiq, and Earl Sutton, Sebastian is the sixth character to die who did not actually die in the comics.

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Teo Rapp Olsson’s work has earned him an award

Olsson reportedly won Best Supporting Actor at the International Independent Film Festival. He won Best Newcomer at the Los Angeles Film Awards. He won Best Supporting Actor at the Orlando Film Festival.

He has also performed at NYU TISCH Main Stage, The One Trick Circus, Aaron Davis Hall, Stella Adler Studio of Acting, NYU GAP Production and Shakespeare in the Square, among others. He has two passports, one from the USA and one from Sweden.

Olsson doesn’t seem to have a real girlfriend

Despite having many on-screen girlfriends, Teo appears to be single at the moment. He was also in a relationship with Kayla on The Walking Dead.

In TWD, Sebastian was Kayla’s dead boyfriend. Kayla is one of the people who survived the outbreak. She is another person living in the Commonwealth. Sebastian and Kayla both had feelings for each other.

Kayla and Sebastian are first seen being led by Mercer to the area where Eugene’s group is getting rid of strays. He talks about how “rotten” the area smells.

Later, as Eugene and Shira go to the next clearing, they see a lot of walkers approaching Sebastian and Kayla, who are busy with something else. After rescuing the couple from the strays and forcing them to fight, Sebastian yells at Eugene for “ruining their night.”

On the other hand, Teo has kept his personal life and dating life private. Because of this, it’s not clear if he’s dating anyone, although any woman would be happy to be with a handsome and successful man like Teo.

Teo Rapp Olsson is of Swedish descent

Some sources say that Teo belongs to the white ethnic group. But based on his family history, he appears to be of Swedish descent.

Although born and raised in Sweden, he later moved to the United States to further his career. In fact, some sources say that he is Swedish and comes from a Swedish family.

He also has dual citizenship. As already mentioned, he has both an American and a Swedish passport.

Teo Rapp Olsson
Teo Rapp Olsson

Teo Rapp Olsson’s parents were both Swedes

Teo Rapp Olsson was born to parents who were always there for him and encouraged him to follow his dreams. But throughout his career, he hasn’t said much about his parents online. In fact, his parents seem to like being out of the public eye and the media.

But he did tell us a few things about his brother or sister. Mira Rapp Olsson, his sister, is a blessing. After her marriage, she changed her last name from Rapp Olsson to Rapp Hopper.

In the same way, she and her husband have a beautiful child. Teo also often posts pictures of himself with his sister and little brother. But he has never posted a picture of himself with his parents or anyone else in his family.

In TWD, his mother is played by Pamela Milton and he has one brother. William Milton is his grandfather and Mr. Milton is his great uncle. The Miltons are in charge of their neighborhood, and Sebastian, Gov. Pamela Milton’s (Laila Robins) son, seems like a spoiled brat.

He posts on Instagram as @teetee rapp

Teo’s Instagram name is @teetee rapp so you can find him there. His Instagram bio says “actor” and “person” and includes a link to his website. He has a link to his IMDB page in his IG bio. Although he has been working for a long time, he does not seem to be very popular on social media.

Teo doesn’t have as many followers as other celebrities who have millions of fans. More than 3,300 people are currently following him on his profile. Well, his Instagram followers are likely to grow a lot in the future, which will make his work better known.

Also, as of October 2022, he had shared 40 posts on the social media site. Likewise, he seems to be doing a lot on the platform. On Instagram, he often tells his fans about his everyday life in short posts called “IG Stories”. Mostly he uses it to talk to his fans and share his work.

How old is Teo Rapp Olsson?

About 35 years old, Teo Rapp Olsson

Who does Teo Rapp Olsson play in The Walking Dead?

Sebastian Milton is the character in The Walking Dead played by Teo Rapp Olsson.

What country is Teo Rapp Olsson from?

Teo Rapp Olsson’s nationality is Swedish.

What kind of person is Teo Rapp Olsson?

Teo Rapp Olsson is of Swedish descent.

Teo Rapp Olsson’s parents and girlfriend

Teo has kept his dating life a secret from the public, so no one knows if he’s dating someone or not. However, any woman would be lucky to date a handsome and successful man like Teo.

Teo’s parents are very interested in what he does for a living. Although he lived in New York for most of his childhood, he often traveled to Sweden to visit his father, who used to live there. He has both a Swedish and an American passport.

He was in Sweden often enough to learn the Swedish language. He grew up with a sister who was a very helpful sibling in his first job.

His career seems to be going in the right direction, so it’s likely that he’ll find more success and work on a big movie.

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