Ali Hamidi Wife and Net Worth in 2022

Ali Hamidi, a TV presenter, is married to Emma Hamidi. He and his beautiful wife have been together for eight years.

Hamidi is executive producer and presenter of ITV’s Grand Fishing Adventure. He has been with ITV since March 2014 and has started his own outdoor and sporting goods company called One More Cast.

Ali was born to his loving mother, Soheila. His birthday is September 15th and his zodiac sign is Virgo. His daughter, who was born in September 2022, also has her birthday in September.

The TV presenter has also won two awards for his writing. His books include Ali Hamidi’s Carp Fishing Masterclass, The Carpers’ High, The Big Fish Off Guide to Fishing (paperback) and Telling Tales (paperback).

Emma HamidiAli Hamidi

Emma Hamidi: Meet Ali Hamidi’s Wife

Ali Hamidi is married. His wife Emma Hamidi is beautiful and has always been there for him. The two are meant for each other.

The TV star sometimes speaks about his girlfriend on social media to show her how much he cares for her and makes her feel loved.

Hamadi is very talkative and often says how lucky he is to have the best wife he could ask for. On her birthday, January 17th, he always tells her how much he loves her.

Emma, ​​on the other hand, has a private Instagram account with the handle @mrs h 1983. Only the 248 people who follow her can see the 644 attachments on that account, not the general public.

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Inside the married life of Ali Hamidi and Emma Hamidi

Ali and Emma got married in 2014 and promised to be each other’s rock. Since then they have lived happily together as husband and wife.

The TV star and his wife vowed to be there for each other in good times and bad. They kept their promise and will keep it until their hair turns gray.

Also, every year on June 26th, the Hamidis raise a glass to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They have been married for eight years and recently celebrated this anniversary.

The Angler always does something special for his partner on her special day and tells her how much he loves her and how lucky he feels to have her. We also wish the sweet couple infinite joy and happiness and a happy ending.

Ali Hamidi has an adorable baby

Hamidi has a lovely family of four. He and his wife had their first child just a month ago and they were so lucky to have a child.

The angler and his partner both like dogs, and they were a family of three (including their pet) before having their child in 2022. On October 22, the baby will be with them for a month.

Also, on September 22nd, the little girl had a good year around the sun, which falls under the sixth sign of the zodiac, Virgo, represented by The Maiden.

On September 24, Ali told his followers on his social media how lucky he was to have received the most amazing gift of his life. He was also grateful and amazed that her partner had gone through childbirth and given him a healthy child.

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What Ali Hamidi will be worth in 2022

Ali Hamidi’s work in television has earned him a net worth of approximately $2 million. He has hosted a number of shows, the most recent of which was The Grand Fishing Adventure.

Ali has worked in top marketing, TV production and hosting for more than 20 years. He’s built up a decent fortune, but he hasn’t told anyone about it.

According to his LinkedIn profile, the TV personality is an experienced Head of Media & Marketing who has worked at the highest level in the technology, sports & leisure, IT and television industries.

Hamidi is also multi-talented, capable of handling projects of any size and budget. He is a senior social networker, influencer and algorithm/trend development analyst.

The angler also works as an executive producer and presenter for the ITV shows Monster Carp, The Big Fish Off and Fishing Allstars. So he can earn enough money with his job to enable his family to live a happy and comfortable life.

Ali Hamidi founded and runs the One More Cast company

Before founding One More Cast in 2021, Hamidi worked at Korda for 16 years from 2005. In 2021 he left Korda to start his own company.

The fisherman started carp fishing in Colchester near gravel pits and layer pits. He eventually became head of Korda’s media and marketing department.

He was also Sales and Marketing Director for Reversa Screens from March 2004 to February 2005 and Marketing Manager for Provexis from September 2003 to March 2004. Ali was also a production assistant at Sky Sports and business development manager at Anderson Baillie.

Ali Hamidi and Bobby Zamora Wikipedia

Hamidi and Zamora work together. They both enjoy fishing and often go fishing together. They also appear on The Grand Fishing Adventure show.

Bobby is a great forward for QPR. He likes carp fishing and is a big fan of Korda. His grandfather sparked his interest in carp fishing. He went to Bournemouth with his grandfather for his six-week summer break.

The two would do anything from fishing for minnows to fishing for bigger fish. When the former athlete caught his first good carp, he fell in love with manure fishing. Wanting more and working hard for it, after a successful sports career he became a fisherman.

The former professional soccer player is also active on Instagram under the handle @bobby.zamora25, where he has shared 267 posts and gained 50,100 followers. To keep his fans up to date, the fisherman posts positive quotes, lists his achievements and talks about his life as a former athlete.

Emma Hamidi Ali Hamidi
Emma Hamidi Ali Hamidi

Bobby Zamora used to play football professionally

Zamora was a striker in football. He played for Senrab in east London when he was young and started his career in 1999 with Bristol Rovers, a club in the Football League.

Later in February 2000 the athlete was signed by Brighton & Hove Albion. In 136 games for the team, he scored 83 goals. Then, in July 2003, he joined Tottenham Hotspur for £1.5million and featured in 18 league and cup games.

Also, Bobby played for West Ham United for five years, from 2004 to 2008, helping them get into the Premier League. After leaving West Ham he joined Fulham and made 91 league appearances for them from 2008 to 2012.

Also, the footballer’s first game for Queens Park Rangers took place on February 4, 2012 against Wolverhampton Wanderers. They lost 2-1 and the club let him go in 2015. He then went back to Brighton & Hove Albion in 2015 and in 2016 said he was retiring.

ITV’s big fishing adventure with Ali and Bobby

The Grand Fishing Adventure is a new show on ITV The first episode aired on 3rd October 2022 and Ali and Bobby were on a mission to catch a crucian carp and beat their British carp PBS.

The angler and fisherman went on a bucket list tour around the British Isles to see some of Britain’s most famous and beautiful fishing spots. Along the way they went on fishing missions.

On their way from shore to land, they also try to catch different species of fish, such as giant monster sharks, colossal carp, giant catfish, hard-fighting river barbel, unusual species of trout and more.

The show also has an Instagram account telling people what they have to offer and what Hamidi and Zamora have been up to. Going by the name @grandfishingadventure, they are active on social media and have gained 6.2k followers and 29 posts.

Meet Ali Hamidi on social media

Ali has created accounts on a number of social media sites so he can update his fans about his life and show them the different types of fish he catches on his journey.

The angler’s Instagram name is @alihamidi and he or she has over 2.3k posts. Also, as of October 10, 2022, he has 191,000 people following him.

In the same way, Hamidi joined Twitter in June 2009, has posted 31,100 tweets and has 45.9,000 followers there. He was also responsible for One More Cast’s social media accounts on TikTok and Twitter. These accounts are called @tiktok omc and @omc tweet.

Who is Ali Hamidi marrying?

Emma Hamidi is the beautiful wife of TV presenter Ali and they decided to stay together forever in 2014.

What’s the name of Ali Hamidi and Bobby Zamora’s new show?

ITV’s Grand Fishing Adventure is hosted by Ali Hamidi and Bobby Zamora and the first episode aired on 3 October 2022.

Ali Hamidi is a British TV entertainer known for being good at what he does. He is known for his roles in Monster Carp and Den stora fisketavlingen, both popular TV shows.

Hamidi used to be in charge of Korda’s marketing. He’s also a reality star, having appeared in The Big Fish Off, Masterclass, and Thinking Tackle.

The famous reality TV star and fishing fan recently appeared in a special version of the test show with TV host Charlie Boorman and Love Island star Chris Hughes.

The show was held to help Soccer Aid and UNICEF raise money. In any case, Hughes, a former islander, turned heads when he appeared barefoot on the show.

Fans were distracted by Hughes’ outfit, so they took to Twitter to share a closet breakdown of the star. Ali Hamidi is married to his stunning wife Emma Hamidi.

The two have been married for a long time and on June 26, 2014 they promised to be husband and wife for the rest of their lives.

Emma, ​​who lives in Colchester, has been Elysium’s Head of Media Marketing for almost two years.

In her twenty-year career, she has worked as a cook, lifestyle expert, artist, informa employee and customer partner. All of these jobs have added to their resume.

As for her educational background, she finished her schooling at Colchester Sixth Form School in 2001. She then took a course in Adobe Illustrator at City University London, graduating in 2011.

In 2021 Ali Hamidi will be 41 years old. He was born in 1979 and every September 15 said how lucky he was to be alive.

In the meantime, his better half Emma has turned 38. She was born in 1983 and will cut her birthday cake on January 17th.

The two are happily married and live with their pet.

Hailing from the Iranian foundation, Ali Hamidi is the founder and CEO of One More Cast. You can use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Born in Essex, he has been a leader maker and presenter on ITV’s Monster Carp and The Big Fish Off for over 7 years.

The football, fishing and boxing fanatic has also received two grants for his writing.

Hamidi graduated from the University of Manchester with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Ali Hamidi is said to be worth a total of $1.5 million.

His main source of income is being the presenter and producer of a show on ITV and the CEO of a company he has just started.

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