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Alix West Lefler is a young actress who is just beginning to become popular. The 11-year-old actress already has a few credits to her name and has received plenty of love and praise.

Canadian Alix West Lefler is an actress. She plays Juniper Blossom on The CW’s Riverdale. Juniper and Dagwood Blossom are the twin children of Jason Blossom and Polly Cooper. Unlike his Riverdale counterpart, Jason Blossom and Polly Cooper are still alive and well.

In Season 6, Dagwood tells Cheryl that someone is trying to take Juniper out of the group. Dagwood says he hears splashing coming from the bathroom. Cheryl wants to find out the truth, but when she gets there, the door is locked. She prompts Juniper to open it. Cheryl thinks La Llorona puts Juniper in the bathtub and drowns her.

Juniper and Dagwood look very similar to their Riverdale characters. They look like they are related to you through their father. Like many flowers, they had red hair and pale skin. Also, they are twins, which is pretty common in the Blossom family.

Alix West

Alix West Lefler Wiki Bio

According to Alix West Lefler’s Wikipedia page, she is a young actress who has appeared in TV shows such as Resident Alien, Riverdale, The Good Nurse, Siren, The Good Doctor, and many others.

Lefler plays Alex Loughren, a tween who is responsible, shy, and kind. He has a punk style and can play pranks. Alex (Lefler) is also close to her mother, Amy Loughren (Jessica Chastain), who works as a nurse at a hospital and worries that a co-worker and friend are secretly killing people.

Lefler was also a guest star on ABC’s The Good Doctor and had recurring roles as Hope on Freeform’s Siren, for which she won two Joey Awards for Best Actress in a Recurring TV Role and spent 6-8 years on the show.

Lefler also worked on the drama series MyLifee With the Walter Boys, which airs on Netflix. Lefler played Parker Walter, who has ten brothers, likes sports and has a chip on her shoulder.

Lefler stars in The Good Nurse, a true crime thriller directed by Tobias Lindholm, coming to Netflix. Eddie Redmayne plays Cullen, based on the story of Charles Cullen, who was one of history’s most prolific serial killers.

Alix won the hearts of the audience because she played her role so well. West has done many things, and almost all of them are well known. Also, not so long ago, Alix made her first appearance on the red carpet.

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Alix West Lefler has been playing since she was 7 years old

Alix West When Lefler was seven, a lumberjack who played sports with her asked her to do a local play. Shortly after landing the role, Lefler became hooked on acting and wanted to do more of it.

Before attending the LeBlanc School of Acting, she took acting classes at Biz Studios. Lefler enjoys performing, but also enjoys traveling and trying new things. Lefler is a “Caniwi” which means he is half New Zealander and half Canadian.

In her free time, she enjoys logging and although she is small, she is a great ax thrower.

Alxi has had a very strong career since she was a child. People recognize West when she walks down the street, and new opportunities keep coming her way.

Alix is ​​only 11 years old so her career is looking good and people expect her to be one of the best actresses in the country.

On August 16, Alix’s birthday, she threw a party. She was with her family and close friends. Alix opens the gifts she received for her birthday on her Instagram.

Alix West Lefler is the daughter of Michelle and Ben

Born to Michelle and Ben, Alix West Lefler began working at a young age.

During her childhood, her parents would take her all over Canada and New Zealand to see live logging shows. This gave her a natural sense of wonder, excitement, and admiration for the world. Lefler is a “Caniwi” which means he is half New Zealander and half Canadian.

Alix posts many pictures of her mother and father on Instagram. Ben, her father, is on Instagram but Michelle, her mother, is not.

Her life is mainly determined by what her parents want for her. From a young age, her parents let her work in the film business. Michelle and Ben are the people who have the biggest impact on Alix.

Her father is on Instagram and has more than a thousand followers. Ben wrote about the legends of logging entertainment in his bio and included a link to a website about a show.

Ben is the owner and producer of the theater. For more than 14 years, his plays have been performed around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada.

Ben has been producing and starring in lumberjack shows around the world for the past seventeen years. He looks forward to bringing his unique style of logging entertainment to Canada.

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Alix West Lefler has no siblings

As we learned more about Alxi West Lefler, we found out that she is an only child. However, she did post a series of pictures with her Riverdale twin sister on her Instagram account.

Since Alix was an only child, her parents may have given her all their love and attention. West, on the other hand, has many friends and sends them pictures with nice captions.

Alix West is 4 feet 6 inches tall

Alix is ​​still growing, so when you read this article her height will be different than when you first read it. But at the time of this writing she was about 4ft 6in tall.

West is only 11, so she still has time to grow up. At the moment, the young actress is about the same height as other people her age.

She often posts on Instagram

Alix may be on Instagram, but she may not be using it. Since she is young, her parents keep an eye on what she does on social media. Lefler has said the account is being monitored by her parents.

But you can find Alix on Instagram at @alixwestlefler if you want to follow her. Alix has put a link to her IMDB profile in her bio.

Alix has around 32,000 followers and has created more than 240 posts. West posts pictures of herself with other famous people, her friends and family on her profile page.

Alix West
Alix West

The Laughing Loggers started because of her father

The Laughing Loggers get their ideas from Ben Lefler. The Lumberjack is funny, has lots of skills and is good looking so you could say he gives the whole performance.

This show is a premium performance by Lumberjack Entertainment that will bring fun and excitement to any event or party. It’s a lumberjack show like no other and people around the world loved it.

This show is fun for people of all ages and has a lot to offer. There are no small or big things that happen. It is a shoe that can be worn to events of different sizes and costs.

She had fun working on Riverdale

Riverdale was a lot of fun. First of all, having red hair was a lot of fun. I loved my fiery red hair. explained Lefler. She said that having a twin on set was great because it gave her the chance to talk to another child between takes.

What is the name of Alix West Lefler?

Alix West Lefler is a young actress who has appeared in TV shows like Resident Alien, Riverdale, The Good Nurse, Siren, The Good Doctor and many more.

How old is Alix West Lefler? your age

Alix is ​​only 11 years old so her career is looking good and people expect her to be one of the best actresses in the country.

Who are Alix West Lefler’s parents?

Alix West Lefler’s parents, Michelle and Ben, took her to live lumberjack shows across Canada and New Zealand when she was young.

Who is her mother and father?

Alix West Lefler is the daughter of Michelle Lefler and Ben Lefler. Her father, Ben, is a legend in the lumberjack entertainment business. He runs the Vancouver-based entertainment group Laughing Loggers. Her mother is also an actress with Trisko Talent Management.

Both parents have social media accounts that they use. As of this writing, her father Ben has more than 1000 followers and her mother Michelle has almost 1000 followers.

Lefler enjoys spending time with her parents. She has shown that she is interested, excited and grateful by taking trips to Canada and New Zealand with her parents and watching live logging shows.

She would rather go on a trip with her father than see him in lumberjack shows.

She is on the Netflix show The Good Nurse

Lefler and Devyn McDowell will both star in the upcoming Netflix movie The Good Nurse. Jessica Chastain, Eddie Redmayne, Kim Dickens, Noah Emmerich, Nnamdi Asomugha, Malik Yoba and many others star in the film.

The film was shot in New Jersey and supervised by Tobias Lindholm. It is based on the true story of Charles Cullen which involves the deaths of hundreds of hospital patients.

The first episode of The Good Nurse will be released on Netflix on October 26, 2022.

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