Amy Schumer slammed Tom Holland for ‘digging’ as he left social media

NEW YORK CITY: Amy Schumer is facing criticism online for posting a hilarious Instagram spoof video mocking people who avoid social media because of their mental health.

She also sarcastically joked that watching “Love Island” in her 40s was good for her physical and emotional health and that she wanted to post more on Instagram.

Though she was only fooling around, her message came just hours after 26-year-old actor Tom Holland decided and said he was leaving the platform because of his own mental health. The video was posted on Sunday August 14th leaving people feeling like they were being attacked on a personal level.

“You’ll never be a real comedian,” People said to Amy Schumer after she said SICK. Alec Baldwin joke she ‘wasn’t allowed to tell’ at the Oscars.

No-Harm Chelsea Handler, Michelle Pfeiffer and Orlando Bloom all laughed out loud in the comments when they saw Amy’s post. The 41-year-old actress said in the video she posted to Instagram: “Hey everyone. I’ve decided to spend more time on social media for the sake of my own mental health. I feel better if I look at my phone for eight and a half hours every day. And it’s helping that breakout and that pimple patch.” She later said, “I’m in my 40s so watching Love Island and The Bachelors is really good for me. Whether in paradise or in normal villas. She concluded by saying, “So you’re going to see a lot more of me on social media just because of my physical and mental health.”

A few hours ago, Tom, like many other famous people, spoke about why he thinks social media is bad for his mental health. He wrote: “I have taken a break from social media for mental health reasons as I find Instagram and Twitter too stimulating and overwhelming. When I read things about myself online I get confused and spiral and it ends up being very bad for my mental health so I decided to take a step back and delete the app.”

Amy, a comedian and actress, has faced criticism online for making fun of people leaving social media for mental health issues. One influencer said, “I feel personally attacked.” One Twitter user said, “Amy Schumer makes fun of people who are ‘taking breaks from social media’. “Two cannibals ate Amy Schumer,” wrote another. One of them asks, “Does that taste funny to you?” “No,” says the other.” “It’s great that everyone found @amyschumer’s mental health and social media parody video funny, but really. just shut up It’s tough out here. @amyschumer, I’m glad you’re smart, but just shut up. “rude as hell,” wrote another. One person tweeted: “Is Amy Schumer’s video on Instagram a joke about Tom Holland’s? Because it doesn’t make sense.”

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