Andi Rock, meet Chris Rock’s sister on Instagram

Chris Rock is a well-known comedian and Andi Rock is his sister. That’s why they know many. But no one really knows her, apart from being his little sister.

Chris, a well-known comedian, writer, actor and director, began acting in a small role in 1985. He had previously done a number of stand-up comedies on New York’s Catch a Rising Star.

Rock, a famous and controversial comedian, is in Australia to continue his tour of the country. This is his first overseas tour with the cast of The Grown-Ups in five years.

Chris will play at Aware Super Theater on Saturday 13th August and Qudos Bank Arena on Monday 15th August. Chris said earlier this month that after Will Smith wrote an apology, he had “no plans” to speak to him.

People pay attention to him because of his tour, but fans were curious about his sister Andi. Here are a few things about her that you might not have known.

Meet Chris Rock’s sister Andi Rock

As far as I could find online, Andi Rock is not only Chris Rock’s sister but also a therapist. As of 2022, Andi is 37 years old. She was born on March 19, 1985.

She is the youngest of four children, all raised in Brooklyn, New York. Her father, Julius Rock, drove a truck and also brought newspapers to people’s homes.

When Andi’s father died in 1988, he underwent surgery for a stomach ulcer. Andi was very young. On the other hand, her mother, Rosalie Rock, was a teacher and social worker who helped children with intellectual disabilities.

Rosalie has also appeared on television as the host of The Mom Show. She has also written books such as Mama Rock’s Rules: Ten Lessons for Raising a Household of Successful Children.

How many siblings does Andi Rock have?

Chris Rock is a well known person. He is Andi Rock’s older brother. People know her because she is the sister of a popular comedian, but she has other siblings as well.

Besides Chris, Andi has other brothers. Andre Rock, her other brother, is the second child in the family and has one of the calmest personalities.

So just like Chris, Tony Rock came into the comedy. He’s also done a few sets like “Everybody Hates Chris”, “All of Us” and “Living Biblically”.

In the same way, Brian Rock has also lived a quiet and private life, just like Andre. Moving on to Kenny, he had a few acting jobs behind him.

Finally, Andi’s younger brother Jordan also made a career out of being funny.

What happened to Andi Rock?

Andi Rock currently resides in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Like her mother, she worked with children as her specialty.

Rock is a therapist and helps children with autism. She has led a very private life up to this point and has never been in the limelight.

In mid-2010, Rock began dating Brett Nelson. They finally got married in mid-November 2020. It was a small ceremony, which she called “micro-wedding”.

She hasn’t said anything about her partner on social media because she wants to protect his privacy. Andi likes to watch football and often brings her boyfriend along.