Are Alexa and Brennon from Love is Blind getting married? theories

A reality dating show that breaks all the rules by focusing only on emotional connections at first, Netflix’s “Love is Blind” can only be described as romantic and cozy.

Unable to see each other as they build their foundations, it’s no surprise that the performers often feel more vulnerable than ever. Season 3 included Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux. They got engaged without anyone seeing, so let’s find out if they kept their promise or not.

love is blind

Love is Blind Journey by Alexa and Brennon

If we’re honest, when then-29-year-old insurance executive Alexa first saw the Southern gentleman in the pods, there was a spark and a sense of comfort in the air. After all, they could immediately talk about how much they both liked food, and then let the conversation flow naturally to their families and backgrounds without a single awkward pause. Brennon, a 30-year-old sales trainer, could cook shakshouka, a popular dish among Jewish Israelis like her. The fact that they both came from similar kitchen backgrounds to hers brought them even closer.

So on day one, Alexa joked, “We’re a perfect match here… Brennon asked, “Do you want to get married now?” Brennon said, “I’m in,” and then he laughed a little. But over time, they grew closer as they talked about how hard it was for both of them growing up in broken families and what they hoped for in the future. They seemed to talk about everything from potential problems to how important family approval is for children, before Brennon closed all other doors and happily said “I love you” to Alexa.

In a confessional he said, “I was very skeptical about the whole experiment.” “I guess I’m just trying to figure out what it really means to be in love, but…” I feel good. Alexa makes me believe this process will work… She makes me feel good and that I’m being listened to. She makes me feel comfortable and that I can trust her.” So he immediately got on one knee, even though love was the only thing in his life that scared him so much. He told her he was crazy about her before he even met her and luckily she felt the same way.

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Alexa and Brennon getting married?

From Alexa and Brennon’s first meeting, most of which they just hugged to show how happy they were, it was clear that they were both over the moon. So it came as no surprise that they were able to enhance their pod experience during the first few days of their Malibu vacation by having good conversations on their romantic dates. Yes, there were a few (understandable) pauses this time, but her general sense of humor, her personality, and her physical and emotional needs were still the same.

In other words, Alexa and Brennon didn’t seem to have any issues at all, and if they can keep it up, we don’t see why either of them would say “I don’t know” at the aisle. Their families, religious differences or just the fact that everything is moving too fast could be a breaking point for both of them, but we don’t think that will happen as they have been so understanding so far.

But when problems do arise, all the couple would have to do is remember why they fell in love in the first place and realize it was just as real as anything else. Then maybe they can come up with something. We have to say that the fact that Alexa and Brennon aren’t following each other on social media as of this writing is a bit concerning, but it’s clear they’ve been hiding their left hand since filming wrapped in the summer of 2021. It there is a very high probability that they got married.

Love Is Blind, Netflix’s “dating experiment,” returned after two years with a shocking second season that was packed with drama, tears, and of course, pods!

In the final episode of season two, all of the still-engaged couples met at the altar to either say “yes, I do” or break up in front of their families and friends. ICYMI, only two couples actually got married, but that doesn’t mean some of the others haven’t gotten back together.

If you’re like me, you’ve been following the Love Is Blind cast’s Instagrams to find out what each couple is up to now. Did Deepti and Shake reignite? What about Shaina and Kyle? And how is everyone from the first season doing?

Love is Blind: After the Alter, the Second Reunion answered some of those questions, but sources close to the show also spoke to Women’s Health in an exclusive interview about all of your favorite on-screen couples and told us which ones endured in real life .

love is blind
love is blind

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Here’s what you need to know about who stayed together, who stayed friends, and who probably won’t talk anymore:

Though it didn’t seem likely, Deeps and Shake got engaged to the pods and headed to Mexico together. But on the day of their wedding, Deepti decided to say no to Shake.

She told him, “I hope you know how much I care about you and how much you’ve changed my life, but I can’t marry you.” “I want to be with someone who’s sure. So I’m going to choose myself and say no.”

Deepti later said she realized Shake “wasn’t the one.” “If he was, he would have made me feel like I was the one, but he never did,” she said. Shake said he was “upset” with Deepti’s choice but hopes they could be friends again in the future.

So, did you talk again? Deepti told Women’s Health, “No, I’m not.” “We’re happy. I think we made the right choice.”

After watching the show, Deepti said, “Some of the things he said were so rude, even to a friend.” per Page Six. “So, yeah, it’s been hard to look back on, but I’m trying to put it behind me and move on.”

Shake said in an Instagram video a few days before the reunion aired: “One thing I don’t want to do is pretend I’m sad or have regrets about certain things — things that were out of my control or that I do.” can’t always talk about it.”

Not long after Love Is Blind came out, Deepti was rumored to be dating Kyle, who had said his “biggest regret” was not proposing to her on the show.

“It’s just beautiful,” co-host Vanessa Lachey told Us Weekly of their potential relationship. “The emotional connection is the basis, and [Deepti] had one with [Kyle]. And then there are the real world levels, like your family, friends, job and background, and all of that actually helped them.”

Then, during the Love is Blind: After the Alter special, fans got to see Kyle and Deepti express how much they loved each other. At first, they were both afraid of ruining their friendship, but after chatting further, they both agreed that they wanted a “legitimate relationship.”

“Thank you to everyone who has accompanied and supported us on our tough, vulnerable journey,” he wrote. “Since then I’ve started a new relationship that I plan to keep quiet for a while. I want to live in the present every day from now on with no regrets.”

On September 20, Deepti posted a video montage of the song “Better Days” on Instagram.

“Kyle and I aren’t together anymore because we’re going in different directions now. We couldn’t talk about those memories last year, so we’re doing it now. “Thank you all for your continued love and support,” she wrote in the caption of the post, which showed fans how she and Kyle got along.

Deepti didn’t find love with Shake or Kyle, but on September 19, she released her first book.

Us Magazine says Shake announced his new relationship with Emily Wilson on Instagram in March 2022. And it looks like things are going well.

In the pods, Danielle and Nick almost seemed made for each other, but they struggled in Mexico. Despite having their fair share of fights, this couple managed to get married in a sweet ceremony.

But it didn’t last. Days after it was announced that Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones were splitting up, it was revealed that the other season 2 couple had split as well. On Aug. 21, TMZ reported that Danielle had filed for divorce.

Before they broke up, they spoke openly about going into therapy together. Nick told Us Weekly, “I think the hardest part for us was losing the structure of the show.” we were single. Since then we have met and married. We have friends and family, and some people know us and some don’t.

“So the question is, ‘How do you navigate these waters? How do you manage to do whatever you want two months ago and be part of a family?”

“The marriage counselor said to Danielle, ‘Danielle, you speak French. He can speak German. And there’s no point in talking to each other. And it could be months or even years before they can talk to each other,'” Danielle said.

Mal and Sal became fast friends on the show, and a love triangle couldn’t stop them from getting engaged. As the season wore on, they grew closer thanks to cute picnic dates and Sal’s ukulele.

During the last episode, Sal seemed to be thinking about the wedding. “I’m still not sure,” he said. “But I know that everything will be fine when I get there and I can hold Mallory’s hands and say how I feel.”

Mal was ready to get married at the aisle, but Sal couldn’t say “I do”. He said to Mallory, “I feel like I just need more time.” She told him, “It’s okay.”

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