Are Bling Empire’s Christine Chiu and Kane Lim Still Friends?

The Bling Empire documentary series on Netflix introduces its viewers to some of the wealthiest East Asians and East Asian Americans now living in the city of Los Angeles. The reality series not only sheds light on some aspects of Asian culture that are less known to the general public, but also reveals the everyday life of the world’s richest people. As well as the glitz and glamor that is in every facet of the show, the viewer is also made aware of the internal drama that unfolds within this select group as the series progresses.

The rivalry that developed between Christine Chiu and Kane Lim was one of the most compelling storylines viewers could follow during the show’s third season. Both are among the show’s most beloved cast members, and audiences have always been entertained by the dynamic they share. However, many members of the public are wondering whether or not the two individuals continue to be friends due to the recent drama that has transpired between them. If you find yourself in the same situation, below is everything we know about it.

Christine Chiu and Kane Lim

The adventures of Christine Chiu and Kane Lim in the bling empire

During the show’s first two seasons, Christine and Kane enjoyed spending time together and had a fairly positive relationship with each other. The group of friends would often accompany each other on trips to the store and often met to discuss the activities of other members of their group. Audiences had a particular fondness for this friendship, as the scenarios that emerged from the two characters’ interactions were almost always hilarious. On the other hand, Christine heard a story that Anna Shay was planning on “ending” her, causing things to start to deteriorate between the two.

Throughout Season 3, one of the challenges Christine faced was that everyone in her social circle had somehow heard the rumor. However, the genesis of the rumor itself remained a subject of disagreement throughout the show. Kane was privy to the secret Christine had shared with him, how she had become aware of the specific gossip and that she had a sneaking suspicion that Jaime Xie was involved. The audience sees Kane share this information with Jamie, which ultimately leads to Christine being confronted. After the lecture, Christine felt extremely hurt by Kane’s actions and was also very offended by the fact that Kane’s statements had led people to believe that she was a liar.

Afterwards, Kane and Mimi Morris had planned a lunch with Christine, but Christine didn’t show up and apologized that she had to pick up her son. Kane and Mimi Morris were disappointed. Kane discussed Christine’s actions with Mimi, and while Mimi initially stated that she didn’t care that Christine was absent, she appeared to have changed her mind shortly after Kane spoke to her about Christine’s activities. During the birthday party that Mimi organized for her son, the tension reached an all-time high. Christine was originally late for the event and upon arrival she was immediately greeted by Mimi, who explained that she was offended that Christine had not turned up for lunch.

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This caused Christine great pain as she insisted she had gone to great lengths to maintain her friendship with Mimi. The former person also made the connection between Mimi’s statements and the fact that Kane was present during lunch and made the decision to confront Kane about the matter. During this particular conversation, Christine claimed that she had previously confided in Kane about her innermost thoughts and feelings, but that she no longer felt able to do so. She also asked him not to talk about her to anyone else, as she felt Kane exaggerated the seriousness of the situation surrounding Anna and encouraged Mimi to behave inappropriately. We’re sure you’re interested to know if the couple was able to recover from the setback, and here are the answers you need to satisfy your curiosity.

Christine Chiu and Kane Lim
Christine Chiu and Kane Lim

Are Christine Chiu and Kane Lim still friends?

It seems Christine Chiu and Kane Lim have at least a civil relationship. Christine Chiu had asked the majority of people in her social circle to attend and show their support for her while attending Dancing with the Stars. On the other hand, Kane didn’t show up, which didn’t sit well with Christine at all. Anne invited Christine to attend the listing party he was throwing hoping to smooth things over between him and Christine. The dispute between the two guests, while aroused during the meal, was never resolved in a way that was satisfactory to see on film.

After their heated discussion, the two people appear to be speaking more amicably to each other. Although they follow each other on social media, they seem to have a deeper connection with other members of their social circle and performers than with each other. We hope that they will be able to move on from the past and, despite the circumstances, succeed in the projects they have planned for the future.

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