Are Bling Empire’s Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim Still Friends?

If there’s one thing we know for sure about Bling Empire, it’s that every episode will be filled to the brim with drama. That’s because money, gossip, and a wide circle of friends don’t necessarily go together. This notion is proven beyond a doubt by the fact that the third season of this Netflix original series picks up right where the second season left off, especially with regard to the conflict brewing between Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim. If you want to know more about this special couple, including a glimpse into their full friendship history as well as their possible current situation, we’ve put together all the relevant information for you right here.

Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim

Bling Empire Journey by Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim

Born in Korea but raised in Philadelphia, Kevin didn’t come from a wealthy family, so he was initially skeptical that either the people of Los Angeles or the city itself might suit him. Kevin was adopted while he was in Korea. But Kane refuted him; Not only did he become this ultra-rich developer’s first boyfriend in town, despite his fears, but he never once made him feel odd about their differences in social status. In fact, as soon as they started talking to each other, they discovered that they had a lot in common, also because of their shared Asian heritage. This created a direct and sincere connection that went well beyond the surface.

However, when Kevin started to develop feelings for their mutual friend and co-star Kim Lee, things started to change. Kane was particularly concerned as he believed Kevin lacked the ability to be serious in a relationship. As a result, he intervened in the only way he knew how, which was to air Kim’s dirty laundry about his best friend, some of which was true but not all, leading to significant trust issues between everyone involved. The most unfortunate aspect of the situation, however, was the fact that this time Kevin really only had eyes for Kim. Kevin was completely confused as to why Kane would try to undermine him instead of talking to him first.

It all came to a head in an argument in which Kevin was so enraged at his friend’s “cautious” justification that he ended up breaking a glass with his bare hands before leaving. This was the highlight of the event. Although the two met soon after to work things out, their friendship was never the same after that. At least they didn’t express how they really felt until many months later with the help of a Reiki healer. Although they still had a few disagreements at that point, such as Kevin’s chilling reaction to the fact that Kane deserved a Fenty Beauty campaign and Kane missing Kevin’s birthday, their friendship was far from over despite those incidents.

Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim
Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim

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Are Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim still friends?

They were able to completely rebuild their relationship because neither Kevin nor Kane gave up or refused to let their true feelings through, and because they continued to recognize that they had significant differences between them. Over the course of the Reiki session, Kane revealed that he had become accustomed to isolating himself from others because of his past experiences. He then apologized again and explained that he was aware that this connection could last for the rest of his life. Kevin explained that he didn’t think this friendship meant anything to Kane, so he cried when he heard Kane’s words. “I didn’t think that friendship meant anything [to him]’ Kevin remarked. “I got the impression… that he didn’t care. It had made a deep impression on me to listen to him and to assume that he had also missed this opportunity.

Afterwards, Kevin and Kane made a concerted effort to keep the wound from closing by seriously discussing the issues at hand. As a result, they quickly reached a stage where they once again referred to each other as their closest friends. The latter reinforced all of his thoughts by acquiring them in New York with matching Buddy watches – the act of gifting is Kevin’s primary way of expressing his affection for the former – something Kevin was clearly over the moon about.

However, since Kevin and Kane do not follow each other on social media platforms and also want to keep their private life away from such platforms, their reputation is currently in a state of actual uncertainty. Our optimistic belief is that they are indeed still close because of all they’ve been through; but it’s likely that their differences in their opinions and boyfriend choices once again got in the way of their relationship. Despite the circumstances, both their offline and online presences give the impression that they are happy and successful, and that’s the only thing that really matters.

Kevin was recently quoted as saying, “For me, a lot of friendships are changing; they come in and out, all fickle.” It’s weird, because I think when we all came here, we all thought, “Oh, we’re gonna be friends forever. This makes us stronger. However, I believe that trying to maintain this position damages everyone’s relationships.

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