Are Joe Gilgun neck tattoos on brass real?

Joe Gilgun stars in the comedy-drama Brasssic on Sky One alongside Michelle Keegan and Ryan Sampson. The TV personality is known for her extensive tattoo collection, covering a large portion of both her arms and body.

Season 3 of Sky One’s Brassic premiered on October 6 and, according to the evidence, fans weren’t dissatisfied. In fact, production has already begun on the next fourth season of the popular television show Brassic, in which co-creator and actor Joe Gilgun plays the role of petty thief Vinnie.

Season 4, which follows Vinnie as he pursues Erin Croft, played by Michelle Keegan, who fled Hawley at the end of season 3 to avoid deadly criminal Terence McCann, gets a first thanks to exclusive pictures released by Sky View.

Gilgun is no stranger to seedy British comedy; Chances are you’ve seen him in Misfits or This Is England. Now we want to know more about him.

Short facts

Full name Joseph William Gilgun
Date of birth March 9, 1984
Age 38 years old
Place of birth Chorley, Lancashire, UK
profession actor
active years 1994-present
Known for Vinnie O’Neill in the Sky One series Brassic
parents Judith and Andrew Gilgun
education Rivington VA Primary School and Southlands High School
relationship status single

Do Brassic’s Joe Gilgun Neck Tattoos Really Exist?

Joe Gilgun has some amazing tattoos on his neck. Each tattoo has a special backstory, emotions and memories associated with it. His tattoos are more than just inked images; they are stories about his life.

On the left side of his neck, Joe inked a cross there. For Christians, the cross is a sacred symbol that represents a person’s firm belief in Jesus Christ and His blessings.

His greatest tattoos are probably the words “ab mio pectore” (from the bottom of his heart) and a magpie on his chest. It is considered a good luck charm in all areas of your life, such as B. in your relationship and work.

Gilgun created, produced and co-starred in the comedy series Brassic for Sky One in 2019. Gilgun portrays Vinnie, a working-class juvenile delinquent in northern England. The six-part television show premiered on August 22, 2019.

Due to positive reviews, the show’s second season was renewed before the first had even begun. The show’s third season debuted in October 2021. Production on the fourth season of Brassic has begun; it will air in 2022.

His number tattooed on his chest has a special meaning

Joe was given his official acting number ‘23456’ which was tattooed on his chest following the production of the sci-fi comedy drama television series ‘Misfits’ in the UK.

There are some Roman numerals on Joe’s body that read “LXXXIV” which translates to the number 74.

Producer Mark Herbert spoke to the cast prior to the screening, “YOU’RE ALL IN IT SO BE PROUD” and “I will no longer be working on Maggie’s farm.” Both statements are written on his right arm. He has countless other tattoos on his body, the meaning of which only Gilgun knows.

Tatto of a rope on his ankle

Joe has a rope knot tattoo on his right ankle. Many people are given a simple knot as a symbol of triumph over adversity or as a constant reminder that they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Although Joe does not have this tattoo, a noose tattoo is also associated with the idea that the owner may be dissatisfied with life and looking for an escape. Since the rope is another representation of strong connections and bonds, we believe this tattoo must be another way for him to show his love for his family.

A blazing flame with the initials “JAN” is tattooed on his right leg.

The candle can represent the victory of light over darkness or of good over evil. The meaning behind the candle tattoo can be the understanding and respect that the light brings into your life to help you get through difficult times. The month at the base of the flame suggests Joe may have given the tattoo to someone special in his life.

As I said, Joe pays homage to one of his sisters with this song. His two younger sisters are Rosie and Jennie Gilgun.

Joe has numerous tattoos on his hands and arms

On his right hand, from index finger to pinky, are the letters M, a cross, another symbol, and an S. His left forearm is covered in various tattoos including “Mazur” and “ALL WILL BE WELL” and more Letters like “S”, “I”, “N” and “K”.

His right hand has a large tattoo of a rose. The rose is a symbol of worship, passion and love. It serves as a universal metaphor for love. Beneath the rose tattoo, the fingers of his right hand are covered in a variety of symbols, including leaf stalks on his pinky and index finger, a cross on his middle finger, and a tiny triangle with a cross on his ring finger.

Joe has the words “YOU’S ALL IN IT, SO BE PROUD” tattooed on his right forearm.
On the tip of his middle finger is a tattoo that looks like a crown. On his right hand he has the tattoo “AGONY” and a sparrow. Sparrows are typically associated with independence, humility, and genuine love. Joe has a boxer tattoo on his right arm.

On his right forearm, Joe has a tattoo of two three-petalled carnations. The shamrock is a symbol used in many religions and cultures. It serves as a symbol of luck and prosperity. According to legend, the three leaves stand for hope, love and faith.

The meaning behind his “LOL” tattoo

He has the word “LOL” inked on the base of his right thumb. Gilgun has always loved acting, but when he started taking drama classes on the advice of an educational psychologist, it became a significant problem for him.

At the age of 10, Joe began acting on the drama series Coronation Street, which started in 1960 and has now aired for more than 58 seasons. Joe started working on Emmerdale in his early 20s. Ultimately, his portrayal of Woody in This Is England proved to be a turning point in his life.

The LOL tattoo spells out true love’s name, commemorating the true love’s name that made it famous.

One of Joe’s tattoos is in honor of his parents

His mother and father, Judith and Andrew Gilgun, are honored with a tattoo on his left arm. The body has the words “Mum” and “Dad” engraved in some whorls.

On his left forearm he has a tattoo of a woman in the form of playing card clubs. As the name suggests, the tattoo accurately captures the “QUEEN OF CLUBS”. There are some lilies tattooed on the left side of his stomach.

Lilies are beautiful flowers that represent sincerity and kindness. They are associated with the influence of reproduction and motherhood. Lilies are a symbol of lasting love and connections.

Vicky McClure and Joe Gilgun were they dating?

Even when it comes to relationships, Gilgun has been able to maintain privacy. In a 2016 interview with Vice, he opened up about his first relationship, saying that while they were “truly in love,” they “broke up on honorable grounds” — though he purposely avoided giving details.

Vicky McClure, his This Is England co-star and ex-girlfriend, may have been the subject of Gilgun’s innuendo. The pair began dating after meeting locally in 2006, although it’s unclear when exactly their relationship began. In the end they broke up, but they remained good friends.

Gilgun definitely has a devoted fan base and receives plenty of romantic advances from them; nevertheless, he appears to be unmarried now. However, not much is known aside from Gilgun’s off-screen relationships.

Brassic fans, on the other hand, are still hoping that Erin, played by Michelle Keegan, and Vinnie, who he portrays, will start dating. Vinnie and Erin, portrayed by Michelle Keegan on the show, have an on-and-off romance. To Joe’s delight, the couple will finally share their first kiss of the series.

Audiences remain in suspense thanks to the classic won’t-they-will-they narration. The good news is that Keegan feels the same way about Vinnie and Erin as we do.

Joe admits his brass character Vinnie is based on his own life

The 38-year-old actor admits some of his experiences served as the basis for his Vinnie persona.

Vinnie and his gang steal, scheme and cheat to get what they need to survive on the Sky series. When Joe was a young renegade, many of the scams featured on the show — like stealing prize bulls and setting up herb farms — were based on true events.

Even Vinnie’s battle with bipolar disorder reflects Joe’s ongoing mental health struggles. Viewers regularly wonder how fine the line is between truth and fiction when watching the pranks Vinnie and his friends pull on the show.

The small screen star has expertise in both television and film, and her television resume is outstanding.

A graduate of Southland High School and Rivington Primary School, Joseph has starred in The Infiltrator, Lockout and Pride, among others. In addition to appearances on Ripper Street, Coming Up and Misfits Strung Out, he was a well-known star of the television show Shameless.

The British actor teamed up with ‘Breaking Bad’ actor Bryan Cranston in the 2015 films The Last Witch Hunter and 2016 The Infiltrator.

Joe has had a number of roles throughout his career including the teenage Jamie Armstrong in Corrie, Eli Dingle in Emmerdale, a skinhead with Vicky McClure on This Is England and starring in the US supernatural television series Preacher.

However, Brassic sees himself returning to his homeland because of the shooting there. Unable to pay his doctor’s prescription for his medication, Vinnie faces mental health issues in this series.

Joe’s first major role was on the Channel 4 television series Misfits

His breakthrough role was as Rudy Wade in the Channel 4 television series Misfits. At the age of 26, Gilgun was cast to play the role of Rudy in the film Misfits. Rudy has two unique personalities: one who is happy, confident, and sociable, and the other who is depressed, insecure, and insecure. He had to play two different roles. Accordingly, it was a demanding section.

Gilgun grew up in Rivington, a tiny village near Wigan, where his father was a metal worker, making boiler components with his two sisters. Joe’s parents divorced when he was 11 and around that time his father lost his job. When Gilgun was a child, his parents prescribed him an antidepressant.

He was said to have “extraordinary talent” and, at the suggestion of an educational psychologist, received acting lessons at the age of eight. He then completed additional training at the Oldham Theater Workshop and the Laine Johnson Theater School.

He made his acting debut in 1994 when he was just 10 years old with a performance on Coronation Street.

From 2006 to 2010 he portrayed Eli Dingle in Emmerdale. He then appeared in the popular TV mini-series This Is England ’86. In addition to starring in the 2006 film This Is England, the actor also starred in the spin-off series This Is England ’88 and This Is England ’90.