Are John and Kelly from the Bling Empire still together?

The hit reality series Bling Empire on Netflix focuses on the lives of some of the richest people living in the city of Los Angeles, California. The show only features performers who are of either East Asian or Southeast Asian origin, and none of them are white. As a result of the events portrayed in the series, viewers will gain further insight into the personal and professional lives of some of the most prominent figures associated with Hollywood. Fans of the Netflix show now have their fair share of favorite cast members whose personal lives they can’t help but be intrigued about. The show currently has three seasons available. One such star is Kelly Mi Li, whose personal life, especially her love life, has long aroused the interest of audiences. Of course, the way the show portrayed her connection to John has left many viewers wondering what became of the two after they were shown together. To what extent do they still interact with each other or have they diverged? So in this case, the following is all we know about it:


Kelly and John’s battle for the bling empire

Kelly Mi Li recently ended her relationship with longtime lover Andrew Gray ahead of the start of Bling Empire season 3, so she wasn’t dating anyone at the moment. Kane Lim profiled Kelly on an online dating site and after telling her about it, he did so with the intention of reintroducing romance into Kelly’s life. Kelly was initially surprised by what Kane had achieved, but she eventually made the decision to move on and give the idea a chance. One of the people who matched Kelly’s profile and for whom Kane was quite grateful was a guy named John, who Kelly agreed with. Kane was also quite happy that John was a match.

Kelly was pleased that John chose to have their first date at a ramen cafe because of the decision he made to go there. The two could easily hold a discussion until it was time to pay the bill. At this point the conversation ended abruptly. As the waiter placed the bill on the table, Kelly waited for John to grab it and hand over the money for the meal. Still, he paid no attention and didn’t even try to take the bill with his hand. When the waitress came back to collect the payment a second time, Kelly made the decision to pay the bill herself, despite John’s offering to do the same.

After a long separation, the couple reunited with Kane during Kelly’s unplanned trip to Mexico. John tried to get in touch with her while she was vacationing on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but he discovered that she was out of the country. John was so determined to get another chance to talk to her that he contacted Kane to set up an appointment to meet Kelly. Kelly, flattered by John’s love gesture, went on another date with him; Still, the dynamic between them seemed a bit unstable, and Kelly seemed less than impressed with John’s job prospects. Is it true that the two no longer share the same spark, or are they still deeply in love? Let’s not waste time and get to work to find the answers.

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Are Kelly and John still in a romantic relationship?

No, Kelly and John are not currently dating at the time of writing this article. Kelly revealed to her therapist on the third episode of the Netflix show that after their date in Mexico, John had contacted her several times to meet up again. John wanted to see Kelly again after their date in Mexico. Kelly, on the other hand, didn’t think there was any real chemistry between the two. She made the decision to meet with John again and shared her concerns with him. The reality TV actress claimed she felt it was in everyone’s best interest if they didn’t get into a romantic relationship.

Kelly and John
Kelly and John

Kelly went on to say that she needed a little more time to recover from her injuries. She claimed that at this point in her life she was unprepared for a romantic partnership. John shared his approval of Kelly’s goals and promised that he would be there for her in any capacity that required it in the friend role. Additionally, he explained that if Kelly ever had a change of heart, she knew exactly where to find it. It seems that Kelly hasn’t progressed further in the romance department and is content to spend her time with her friends and family. We hope Kelly and John have a fantastic future ahead of them and wish them the best in all aspects of their lives.

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