Are Kadie and Alejandro from the UK version of 90 Day Fiance still together?

Bringing the ever-popular reality series to British soil, TLC’s 90 Day Fiance UK explores cross-border romance by following Brits who fall in love with foreign nationalities. Interestingly, each couple on the show has a special story to tell, whether it’s how they accidentally met online, a memorable journey they took together, or the agony of missing their child for years. Still, it’s fascinating to watch how each couple navigates variations in habits, customs, and lifestyles while sticking to a rigid schedule as the show chronicles their blossoming relationships.

West Yorkshire resident Kadie and her Mexican lover Alejandro seemed like a promising combination when they were first introduced in the first season of 90 Day Fiance UK. Although they never met in person, the couple kept in touch via video calls and expressed their excitement at starting a life together. Now that the season is over, let’s look back on their adventure and see if they’re still together.

The Fianc√©’s 90 Day Journey in the UK by Kadie and Alejandro

Kadie, a qualified nurse from West Yorkshire, England, is 26 and focuses on caring for dialysis patients. She confessed how much she loves cheese and how her passion for food has resulted in her gaining a bit of weight while appearing on the show. Alejandro, a native Mexican who describes himself as a fitness enthusiast, appeared to be the complete opposite. Kadie wants to find the love of her life despite not being interested in popular dating apps like Tinder. She then joined an online dating service for people from other countries. In June 2021, the charming Mexican contacted her.

Unexpectedly, their friendship quickly grew and Kadie and Alejandro were soon spending hours video and voice chatting. Also, while the pair seemed different at first, they quickly realized how similar they were, and Alejandro was willing to admit his thoughts. Kadie revealed they had a strict personal rule that forbids them from publicly declaring their love online. But they haven’t really been able to meet since Covid-19 took over the planet.

It was at this point that Kadie became aware of the ’90 Day Fiance UK’ auditions and made the decision to attend. Surprisingly, they were allowed to participate in the program and managed to get Alejandro a visa. Kadie looked really excited that he would visit England while they filmed the episode. She even adorned the hotel with stunning photographs and artwork to welcome him to the nation as she prepared to quarantine with him.

Alejandro faced a problem because his parents wouldn’t allow him to leave Mexico, although Kadie believed the ideal future would be for Alejandro to live with her in the UK. However, as they publicly professed their love and enjoyed their time in England, the two soon put such concerns to rest.

Alejandro and Kadie are still in a relationship?

Kadie and Alejandro have embraced seclusion and haven’t made many public statements about their romance since filming 90 Day Fiance UK. Still, various sources suggest the two became closer while living together in the UK, with Kadie claiming their love grew stronger with each passing day.

Alejandro, on the other hand, seemed to genuinely like his partner, admitting that despite having dated Mexican women before, Kadie made him feel very special. To commemorate the debut of 90 Day Fiance UK, the couple also posted a cute photo of themselves together. We can therefore conclude that Kadie and Alejandro are still together considering how close they are right now and how committed they were to the show.