Are Kimberly Stewart and Scott Disick Dating? TRUTH about the couple’s alleged romance

Kimberly Stewart and her family were recently photographed with Scott Disick, which may have sparked rumors of a possible romance between the two. In addition to their previous public outings in Malibu and Miami Beach, they were spotted at an Italian restaurant in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.

When faced with requests, Alana Stewart, Kimberly’s mother, let the cat out of the bag by admitting they were just acquaintances. But there are other things one can learn from their current relationship status. Seven years earlier, in 2015, shortly after Scott and Kourtney Kardashian’s third breakup, the pair reportedly “hooked up” after attending friends’ parties.

Kimberly reportedly asked Scott to “calm down” after being irritated that people were finding out about the alleged connection. She was also said to have been close friends with Kourtney and Kim at the time. A few years later, the couple was spotted traveling together in public to fancy restaurants.

The two appear to be in a healthy, platonic relationship, though they’re showing several signs that they’re “together.” According to a source speaking to HollywoodLife, Scott is good friends with the entire Stewart family, not just Kimberly. He has spent many hours with her brother and father and has known them for years.

“At this point Scott and Kimberly are more like siblings and there is no romance. There is no attraction between them and Scott considers Kimberly a sibling,” the little bird said. Kimberly, the owner of The Realm, an organization and space curation company, opened up about their recent adventures together and recently started working on Scott’s house.

The insider explained, “Scott and Kimberly have been spending more time together but it’s purely platonic. Kimberly recently completed some work for Scott by renovating his home. There is no romance between them and Scott considers Kimberly a sibling. It’s just platonic.”

Scott has a business relationship with Sean, Kimberly’s brother, in addition to working with Kimberly. The same insider revealed: “Scott has helped Sean with his new Dirty Weekend clothing line. It seems that Scott and the Stewarts have known each other since childhood, and this relationship with the entire family dates back many years.

Alana told PEOPLE that Scott, Kimberly and Sean are close friends and have been for a long time. Kimberly and Sean also love Kourtney.” Scott is still unmarried, according to sources, and texts girls “whenever he wants to date them.”