Are La Liga TV presenter Semra Hunter and football journalist Graham Hunter dating?


Semara Hunter is a well-known journalist and events presenter from Barcelona who covers football. She also writes about football as a freelancer.

In 2013, the reporter started as a part-time reporter for Al-Jazeera Sport/BeIN SPORTS in Madrid, Spain. He spoke more than one language. She later began working for Real Madrid TV’s Spanish and international club channels.


In the summer of 2015 she covered the Real Madrid team’s pre-season tour to Australia and China and hosted several Real Madrid Life shows. After eight years, Semra moved to Istanbul, Turkey. There she worked as a sports reporter and presenter for TRT World before becoming a football presenter for LaLiga TV.

Semra Hunter

Semra Hunter, who works for LaLiga, is related to Graham Hunter through her jobs and name.

In the field of sports journalism, Semara and Graham Hunter are both household names.


Although they are not related by blood, you could say that they are related because they make a living. Graham, a well-known writer, writes about football in Europe and Semara has covered Spanish football for Sky Sports since 2002.

Although they have many things in common, such as their last names, jobs and love of football, they have denied all claims that they are related.


Semra also hasn’t shared any photos she took with Graham on her social media sites. The reporter also seems to be too little on Instagram.

Who is Semra Hunter’s father? Details about her parents

Semra was born into a caring family. On the other hand, their parents don’t like to be the center of attention. This could be why Semara hasn’t posted any pictures of her with her parents on social media.


The reporter tweeted in July 2020 that she missed her parents and hadn’t seen them since Christmas. She also said how much she wanted to hang out with them. Semra’s tweet shows that she used to spend little time with her family because she traveled a lot for work.

In the same way, her family helped her and she worked hard to earn a bachelor’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies in the International Field from the University of California, Alum. She also holds a Masters degree from Real Madrid International School, which is part of the European Management University.


Semra has also been playing soccer since she was three years old and it has always been her favorite pastime. It started as a hobby but over time it became her main goal in life. Semara has also been involved in various sports throughout her life. At 17, she won the Junior Olympics in volleyball.

Partner of Semra Hunter: Is the reporter married?

As of 2022, the journalist is still single and making the most of her life doing what she loves: covering sports.


Hunter never said whether or not she found Mr. Right. Likewise, she has not posted any pictures or videos of her walking down the aisle with her boyfriend, showing that she is currently single.

The journalist shared pictures of amazing people she met along the way, like Ronaldo who is one of the most famous athletes in the world. Because of this, she may have high hopes of meeting and marrying someone worthy of her time and attention.


Semra Hunter is a beautiful broadcast journalist who covers football for independent media and also hosts events. She works from Barcelona.

The journalist attended college at the University of California, alum, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in peace and conflict studies in the international field. In the same way, while studying at UEM, she obtained her master’s degree from Real Madrid International School.


Hunter was born in Los Angeles and has been playing soccer since she was three years old. Ever since she first picked up a ball, she hasn’t stopped. She started out in the sport as a hobby, but quickly developed into her full-time job. Semra also had a varied athletic background as a child, culminating in her winning the junior Olympic title in volleyball at age 17.

Is Semra Hunter related to Graham Hunter in any way?

As Semra Hunter has not said if she is related in any way to Graham Hunter, a writer who writes about European football, we don’t know if they are related or if they just share the same surname.


Both have the same first name, love football and work in the same field, but neither has said they are related. Because of this, it’s possible that people think they know each other.

Semra also hasn’t posted any pictures from her time with Graham on any of her social networking sites. Similarly, it seems like the journalist doesn’t do much on Instagram. So unless they clarify their relationship, we’ll assume they’re not related but know each other in the sports broadcasting business.

Semra Hunter
Semra Hunter

Semra Hunter Age and Wikipedia

Hunter hasn’t said when she was born, but she does have a toast to her birthday, March 11, which is a Pisces day. Hunter looks like she’s in her mid 30’s judging by the way she looks.

The reporter got her start in sports broadcasting in 2013 when she worked part-time as a reporter for Al-Jazeera Sport/BeIN SPORTS in Madrid, Spain. She speaks several languages ​​well. When she later joined RealMadrid TV, she was welcomed by both Spanish and international club channels.


In the summer of 2015, she covered the Real Madrid team’s pre-season tour of Australia and China, traveling with the club and hosting many unique programs for the Real Madrid Life online platform. After eight years in business, Semra moved to Istanbul, Turkey, where she became a sports presenter and correspondent for TRT World. She currently works as a football presenter for LaLiga TV.

Semra Hunter’s partner: does anyone know if the reporter is married or not?

Semra is a stunningly beautiful woman who doesn’t need anyone in her life to fill her needs. She makes the most of her life by following her passion and love for sports broadcasting.


Hunter never said if she was “Mr. Perfect,” and she has never posted a picture of her boyfriend online. Also, she hasn’t posted any pictures or videos of her walking down the aisle with her boyfriend, so we have to assume she’s not married at this point in her life.

The journalist has posted pictures of some of the amazing people she has met on her travels on her Instagram account. One of the pictures shows Ronaldo, one of the most admired athletes. So it’s possible that she has high standards when it comes to dating and finding someone to spend the rest of her life with.


The sports announcer should at least say whether or not she’s married so her fans can follow her life and find out if she’s found the man of her dreams.

How much does Semra Hunter make each month as Laliga TV Host?

Hunter doesn’t say how much she makes as a sports commentator and events presenter, but her net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million from her work as a football commentator.


After completing her Masters in Communication and Sports Journalism at UEM – Real Madrid International School, the journalist began working as a special correspondent for Europea Radio. Since then she has been a presenter of a football show for LaLiga TV.

Before that she worked as a freelancer for companies such as NTT Disruption, Laureus, Mastercard, The HEINEKEN Company, Champion Games, BBC and Sky. In addition, she travels all over the world. Given her lifestyle, she makes enough money to live in luxury.


Semra has also covered a number of sporting events such as the 2016 European Championships in France, preparations for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Champions League and Finals, the Euroleague Final Four and the red carpet at the Laureus World Sports Awards, among others .

Early life and work of Semra Hunter

Semra Hunter was born on March 11, 1980 in the United Kingdom.


She is the most popular sports presenter for La Liga Football Host, which is what she does for a living.

Her club volleyball team won the Junior Olympiad.


Her net worth ranges from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000.

What is the name of Semra Hunter?

to Semra Hunter works as a sports presenter for La Liga Football Host.


Why is she so well known?

to She is a soccer host for La Liga and her club volleyball team has won a junior Olympiad.

What does Semra Hunter’s husband’s name mean?

to Semra Hunter is not married yet and no one knows the name of her boyfriend.


10 things about Semra Hunter

  • Semra Hunter fans and supporters still don’t know how old she is or when she was born, but she must be in her early 30s. But we do know that she was born on March 11th.
    Semra Hunter’s biography has not yet been published on Wikipedia. Although her biography is not on Wikipedia, we can find information about her on her Linkedin page.
  • Just like her age and birthday, sports presenter Semra Hunter’s height and weight are still unknown.
  • The beautiful Laliga TV presenter goes by @SemraHunter on Twitter, where she has 20,300 followers. She is also followed by 11.3 thousand people on Instagram.
  • Semra has yet to tell the media about her boyfriend or husband. Nobody knows if she is married or not.
  • Semra travels all over the country speaking to famous athletes in English and Spanish.
  • The sports host hasn’t spoken out about her salary, annual income or net worth.
  • Semra Hunter was born in Los Angeles and is an American citizen.
  • She liked sports since she was three years old. At 17, she won the Junior Olympic Volleyball Championship.
  • Semra has worked for UEM TV, Al-Jazeera Sports Channel, belN Sports, Real Madrid CF, EMR and LaLiga.