Are Victoria Beckham and Nicole Peltz fighting? Brooklyn’s new tattoo could show his loyalty

On Thursday evening, July 21, 27-year-old actress and model Nicola Peltz posted a picture to her Instagram story. The photo she posted showed her husband Brooklyn Beckham’s chest. It focused on a large tattoo of the word “Peltz” with a cherub holding an arrow underneath.

Brooklyn Beckham, the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham, married Nicola Peltz and took her surname. He and Nicola now both go by the surname Beckham Peltz. This tattoo, on the other hand, was done in February, two months before the big wedding in April at the Peltz family mansion in Palm Beach and two months before Brooklyn became a Peltz. “So glad you’re a Peltz @brooklynbeckham,” Nicola wrote when she shared the original photo of the tattoo.

Instagram pundits have pointed out that Nicola almost never likes Victoria’s posts, and Victoria hardly ever likes hers. There is definitely a rift between the two. Nicola and Victoria’s relationship has been called into question after it was discovered that Victoria hadn’t “liked” any of the model’s Instagram posts, even those with pictures from their honeymoon, in almost two months.

Nicola didn’t like Victoria’s posts about Harper’s 11th birthday, her 29th Vogue cover or her wedding anniversary to David. She also didn’t like a post that showed her husband Brooklyn and wished David a happy Father’s Day. However, the model did like a post shared by fashion designer Victoria Beckham five days ago. It was a series of photos of Harper Beckham, the Beckhams’ youngest child, posing in front of a mirror.

Since Nicola and Brooklyn got married, the two women don’t seem to talk that much on social media. In fact, in the three months since the couple said “yes” in front of the entire Beckham family at a chic wedding, Nicola has liked just five of Victoria’s 131 Instagram posts. During the same period, only six of Nicola’s 35 posts were liked by Victoria.

People have also asked why the Beckhams didn’t appear to be on their honeymoon. Nicola and Brooklyn were honeymooning with Nelson and Claudia Peltz and at least one of Claudia’s brothers. They were on a yacht off the coast of Italy. At the same time, David and Victoria Beckham were on a smaller yacht with their children, Cruz, Romeo and Harper. DailyMail said both parties were on yachts off the coast of Italy at the same time but have not met because they were not in the same place at the same time.

But this isn’t the first time there have been rumors of a rift between Nicola and another member of the extended Beckham family. Before there were rumors that her relationship with Victoria was cooling off, there were rumors that there was tension between Nichola and Romeo Beckham’s ex-girlfriend Mia Regan.