As she waits to take over America with Love Island, Kyra Lizama has Filipino roots.


Kyra Lizama, a native of Hawaii, proved she’s ready for love in 2021 on season 3 of Love Island USA.

On July 7, 2021, the show’s third season debuted on CBS and Paramount with an all-new cast of singles eager to find their ideal companion.


Kyra Lizama took part in the third season of “Love of Island USA” to meet and fall in love with the man of her dreams. She was one of the youngest competitors of the season. In Season 3, Kyra and Will Moncada took second place.

The second day they both got together and they were still together when the show ended. And after about three months, the couple announced that they were no longer together. However, they have since reconciled after their original split lasted seven months.


Where was Kyra Lizama born? She has Filipino roots.

She is of Filipino and American descent. Her father is American and her mother is Filipino.

Kyra Lizama is of Filipino descent.


Kristal Lizama, Kyra’s sister, works as an architect for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command. Her parents had always given her the best things in life. Throughout her life, they have helped and inspired her every step of the way.

A contestant from the third season of Love of Island USA was born in 1998. Kyra is now, in 2022, 24 years old. She hails from Hawaii’s Honolulu.


She’s comfortable living the island life for this show because that’s where she grew up and is familiar with all that it entails. She feels comfortable in the sand and on the beach. She’s a Hawaiian beauty, so she didn’t have to go very far to get to the Love Island mansion.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Lizama is a Christian.


Where does Kyra Lizama work?

Helping people is the focus of her work. She is employed by Health Care Staffing Professional Inc. as a Human Resources Analyst. Kyra wants to be a professional psychologist. She had previously earned a degree in psychology from Loyola Marymount University. Punahou College awarded her a high school diploma.

Lizama also works as a COVID relief worker. She had experience with the Covid epidemic. On May 16, 2020, she received the COED Girl of the Day award.


An HR analyst, Kyra Lizama

In recent years she has been very committed to helping people in need. She has worked non-stop on the front lines of the pandemic. She works so hard to help people resume their normal life after COVID. Kyra is to be commended for contributing to the COVID pandemic without thinking about herself.

Another position was added to her roster after taking part in Love Island and being selected as one of the twelve cast members on the most popular dating program. As a result, she is now a reality TV star.


Kyra is most likely hoping for a steady career in entertainment.

Details from Kyra Lizama’s Instagram

On Instagram, she goes by the username kyralizama. 172,000 people follow her on Instagram.


She posts pictures of herself modeling on Instagram and always looks stunning. She also shared the workout video on her Instagram to keep up her fitness.

Kyra also posts encouraging messages on Instagram. She comes across as too attractive and adventurous and is portrayed as single in most of her posts. She posts selfies, photos from her travels and more.


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