Bargain Hunt & Flog Full Name Who is Caroline Hawley married to? John Hawley’s spouse and their children

Bargain Hunt host Caroline Hawley is married to former England professional footballer John Hawley.

English TV presenter Hawley is a partner in Hawleys Auctioneers in Beverley, East Yorkshire. He is BBC TV pundit on the programs Bargain Hunt, Flog-it and Put Your Money. Being a member of the Bargain Hunt hosting team makes the TV star very happy. She was proud to play a special role in the Bragin Hunt family.

Hawley has extensive experience with the program. She had accepted the task willingly. The platform is possibly the largest area for the Prester to interact with knowledgeable professionals and crew members. The presenter claimed she worked with passionate teams.

Hawley is also an antiques authority and an auctioneer. The reality TV star worked in the antiques business. According to the spokesman, antiques choose them. She seemed naturally drawn to the appeal.

Hawley decided to turn her interest into her profession. As a television personality, every day is unique and she enjoys every aspect of her job. She loved discovering strange and beautiful things and interacting with new people. It also gives her access to everyday stories. Every day, the presenter acquired new skills through her employment.

Caroline Hawley

Short biography of Caroline Hawley

Age 55 years
Born 1960s
Married single Married
ex husband Phil
Husband John Hawley
owner Auctioneers & appraisers
net worth 1 million dollars
children 2 (Charles, James)
nationality British
profession antiques seller

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Who is Caroline Hawley from Bargain Hunt and Flog It’s Married To?

John East Hawley, a former professional football player and coach, is married to Caroline Hawley. He used to play in the forward position.

John previously played for the Missouri-based St. Louis Stars of the North American Soccer League. The athlete retired and went to Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, England’s Nottingham Forest Football Club to serve as a coach.

John made his professional football debut with Hull City Association Football Club in 1972. He was on loan to the St. Louis Stars for a full season. After that, at the end of the season, the player returned to the squad. The athlete changed teams in 1978, joining Leeds United from the region.

John was paid £81,000 for performances in Leeds, West Yorkshire. In 33 games, the athlete scored 16 goals. He went to Sunderland in the summer of 1979 for £200,000. The footballer paid £51,000 to join Arsenal football team in 1981. In 23 games, the athlete scored three goals.

John left Arsenal and joined University of Bradford Stadium in 1983. The player helped Bradford City win the Third Division Championship at the 1985 Valley Parade. The player’s footballing career ended when he later signed for Scunthorpe United.

John continued to work in the family antique shop after his retirement. The player may have crossed business lines with presenter Caroline. But the athlete joined Nottingham Forest Academy as a coach.

Husband of Caroline Hawley Hawley, John

John and Caroline Hawley became husband and wife. After her marriage, she took the surname Hawley. On May 8, 1954, John was born in Patrington, England. He appears to be 1.82 meters tall. The player is now 68 years old.

John had a football career that spanned multiple teams. The sportsman previously belonged to Bradford City. On May 11, 1985, a fire broke out during a third division football game at Valley Parade Stadium.

John participated in an attempt to rescue the victims. 56 passers-by died in the fire and 265 were injured. As a result, the footballer was praised for helping save a fan’s life. The player is currently working in the auction industry.

John managed the main operations in East Yorkshire while working with his wife Caroline. Hawleys Auctioneers & Valuers is owned by the former football player and his wife. They run the business in North Cae and Beverly in East Yorkshire.

Two children are born to Caroline Hawley

Hawley was married before and they had two children together. The presenter married Phil before John. James and Charles were her two children from her previous relationship. The host married John, her current husband, in 2008.

The Hawley kids could be in their late teens or early 20s. The presenter admitted she was at an auction when she went into labor. While bidding, she became pregnant with Charles. The reality star posted her sons’ back photos on December 31, 2020.

Hawley enjoyed spending time with her children. As the sun set in 2020, she took her boys for a walk on the Wolds. The picture shows the presenter’s youngest son on her dog.

Bargain Hunt’s Jonathan Pratt has four children and is married to a beautiful woman. He also owned three other pets.

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Caroline Hawley’s family

Hawley was born in England into a loving family. The presenter could be in her fifties now. Her mother was a secretary at the University of Hull while her father had previously worked for British Aerospace.

Hawley left school after failing to finish her coursework. She later enrolled at the University of Hull in her mother’s workplace and earned her Bachelor’s degree in French. The job and the success of the moderator’s daughter should make her parents happy.

Hawley first participated in the punt hunt in the summer of 2013. She had already been on the BBC show Flog It! for a year. At Wetherby Racecourse, the presenter promoted her very first programme. She performed outdoors in a natural setting.

Hawley participated in the show as a father-daughter team. She got the chance to perform after years of hard work. The princess-like daughter spent £300 on various items including a silver cup and saucer.

With her £1, Hawley finds a silver pendant in the shape of a knight’s helmet. The following days saw a sizeable gain on the money. The channel also took part in a BBC Sport Relief special at Newmarket racecourse alongside Olympians Tessa Sanderson and Iwan Thomas.

Danny Sebastian, John Watson and Manish Bhasin, two sports reporters, competed against Hawley and her team. They had good times during the competition.

How much money does Caroline Hawley make?

Caroline Hawley’s net worth is one million dollars. She works as a professional auctioneer and can make a lot of money with it.

Hawley learned the trade himself. In 1983 the hostess opened her first shop, Penny Farthing Antiques. Even as a small child, the presenter bought and sold things in the community center. The British auctioneer had appeared on several reality television shows.

Costumes and linens, French antiques, 19th-century china and pottery were Hawley’s areas of expertise. She won a hot air balloon at auction for £60, making a substantial profit. At the Anglesey auction of two Arts and Crafts iron and copper candlesticks, even the presenter suffered a loss.

The toast stand from the 1851 Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace was the best find during the bargain hunt. The Rack was bought for £1 and auctioned by Catherine Southon for £50.

Hawley’s home was filled with a unique selection of antiques, curios and memorabilia. Even she had a lot of vintage closets that were overflowing. The host said the bargain hunt could help attendees win a valuable golden hammer.

Caroline Hawley
Caroline Hawley

Caroline Hawley’s career

Hawley began working with antiques and collectibles when he was a teenager. After that, the presenter opened her own company near her native East Yorkshire. She switched to auctions after finding success in her career.

The buyer and seller of the English Channels is Hawley. The presenter joined Flog It! She is an experienced woman who has attended major antique fairs in her country. By putting her money to work, she discovered which products the market was keen to buy.

Hawley then expanded her business and began dealing in antiques. She established a long-term base in the English Channel. The presenter and her husband John both worked in their auction company. They serve as business partners.

Hawley attended an antiques and art auction on August 14. For her fans and antique lovers, Hawley’s auction catalog was online.

Hawley claimed she would have become an archaeologist if she hadn’t been employed in the antiquities industry. The speaker wants to start right away. She would live as a fashion designer in Paris if given a second chance in her field of work.

Hawley enjoyed interacting with people and had a passion for exploring new places and collecting unusual antiques. She enjoyed playing secret games with her followers.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Caroline Hawley’s husband?

Caroline Hawley’s husband is former football player John Hawley.

Who are Caroline Hawley’s children?

Caroline Hawley’s children are James and Charles.

Who Is Caroline Hawley’s Net Worth?

Caroline Hawley net worth is $1 million.