Ben Amarfio Net Worth 2022 as AFL executive steps down after two-week commitment from Star Player

Ben Amarfino, an Australian Football League manager, has quit his job as North Melbourne’s chief executive. He has been in charge since late 2019 when he took over from Carl Dilena who had been in charge for seven years.

On Friday, the former North Melbourne executive told the club’s board that he was leaving because it was time for a change. Ben said he would appreciate it if Clarkson, Hood and the new head of football, Todd, could speak freely to each other.

Ben’s job is secure until 2023, according to President Sonja Hood, but his absence from the Clarksons’ first press conference was notable. Ben will keep his managerial job until October 31st.

Fans and people who like Amarfino want to know how much money he’s made in his decades-long career as a professional soccer player. Many people think that his multimillion-dollar net worth will greatly increase when he steps down as CEO of AFL.

Ben Amarfio

What does Ben Amarfio do? After just two weeks of hiring a star player, an AFL executive quits

Ben Amarfio is a chief executive officer who quit his job at AFL just two weeks after hiring a star player. The former athlete has worked for some of the top sports media and entertainment companies in the world.

Ben went to RMIT University and majored in business administration. After graduating, he attended Melbourne Business School to obtain an Executive Masters of Business Administration.

He has worked for sports media companies such as the NBA, AFL, Southern Cross Austereo and others. He worked for Cricket Australia for six years before becoming CEO of North Melbourne Club.

He enjoys reading business books and watching documentaries and films about people’s lives. Ben also finds time to volunteer with groups that help children with cancer and the poor.

How much Ben Amarfio will make and how much money he will have in 2022 after he stops being CEO of the AFL

Ben Amarfio has been in the sport for more than 30 years and has made a lot of money during that time. Multiple sources say he’s worth millions of dollars.

The former business leader wears a well-fitting suit that looks like it cost a lot. But based on his social life and personality, we can be sure that he has at least a million dollars in net worth and money.

Fox Sports says the executive earns the most with an annual salary of nearly $1 million. So Ben may have made seven figures while serving as an executive for AFL.

Ben Amarfio partners revealed

Multiple sources online say that Ben Amarfio is married and has kept his wife’s identity a secret. The North Melbourne CEO, who has just quit his job, has said little or nothing about his wife.

Ben is an executive focused on business. He enjoys his private life and likes to keep his partner and family a secret. But based on his looks and personality, he appears to be a family man who enjoys spending time with his family.

After his partner left as chairman of North Melbourne Football Club, Ben Amarfio was willing to do anything to help his friend James Brayshaw find a new job.

Sonja Hood is the well-known President and CEO of North Melbourne Football Club. Notably, she was CEO of Community Hubs Australia from June 2015.

She joined the North Melbourne Football Club Board of Directors in December 2019 and was elected President in March 2022. She was responsible for a cross-sectoral national collaboration working with local centers to engage migrant mothers and young children.

She was also General Manager of Community Engagement for North Melbourne Football Club. She has also worked on social programs and policies in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia for many years. She wants immigrant and refugee women who live alone with their young children to do volunteer work, community service, learn English and improve their skills.

Wikipedia’s bio of Sonja Hood, Her Age

Based on how Sonja Hood looks now, we estimate that she is between 55 and 65 years old. Despite being the gift of North Melbourne Football Club, her biography has not yet been added to the official Wikipedia page.

She holds a master’s degree in Public Policy Analysis from Penn State University and a PhD in Public Health from the University of Melbourne. She has also completed a Business Leadership Course and How to Be a Leader program.

She began working for the NHS in 1995 as Research Implementation Manager, a position she held until 2002. In 2004 she was responsible for changes at Austin Health. Sonja Hood worked for the National Health and Medical Research Council for a little over two years.

Sonja has been responsible for general operations and public relations at North Melbourne Football Club for more than four years. She has served on the boards of Diving Victoria and the Mac Rob Foundation.

What is the name of Sonja Hood’s husband?

Fans still don’t know if Sonja Hood is married and rumors about her husband continue. She may have two adult children and has been divorced and remarried. Many people say that she and her ex-husband separated in 1975.

However, she hasn’t said anything publicly about her marriage or her ex-husband over the years. In the years that followed, there were no online stories about the people he dated.

We found out that by looking at what she was doing on social media, she posted pictures of her son and daughter having fun together on her blog in 2012.

She hasn’t posted anything on her social media accounts for a while, so it’s hard to tell if she’s in a relationship or not. Also, there is no trusted source for information about his children.

How much does Sonja Hood have in the bank in 2022?

Sonja Hood’s net worth is probably in the millions right now. Many people think that Sonja has made a lot of money over the course of her long and successful career.

His estimated net worth is currently between $2 million and $3 million. Since there are no trusted sources on the internet, the estimated figure has not yet been confirmed. In addition, Sonja has never spoken in public about her salary or her private assets.

Ben Amarfio
Ben Amarfio

as dr Sonja Hood became President, two new board members were announced

The North Melbourne Kangaroos are pleased to announce that Dr. Sonja Hood replaced Ben Buckley as the club’s official chair. Buckley held the position for two years.

She takes the job after Andrew Harris and Rodney Piltz were added to the Kangaroos board. Andrew Harris and Rodney Piltz are both in the Match Committee clique.

dr Hood is Managing Director of Community Hubs Australia (CHA). CHA is a national group working to bring people together and help migrant and refugee families connect, share and learn. dr Hood has served on the North Melbourne Board of Trustees since 2019.

Over the past five years, she has used her government relations, strategy, fundraising and organizational development skills to help CHA grow from 39 locations in four states to over 100 locations in all of those states.

She first met the club when she was young, watching games on the terraces of Arden Street. dr Hood is a true northerner. His family has long been loyal to North Melbourne.

dr Hood, like all of the club’s other members and supporters, has spent her entire life tracking his ups and downs, and now she will guide him into the next part of our future.

From 2011 to 2015, Dr. Hood general manager for club community involvement. He was instrumental in making The Huddle, the club’s community arm, what it is today. dr Hood has been in charge of the program since its inception and has seen it grow into one of the most successful community projects in the country.

Sport has power because it can bring people from different cultures together.

The Huddle aims to harness the power of sport to build communities where everyone feels welcome.

Learn, grow and find your place in the world with us

dr Hood is director of the Scanlon Foundation and was a former board chair of McAuley Community Services for Women. She has a Ph.D. in Public Health from the University of Melbourne and an MA in Politics from Penn State University.

dr Hood said: “Being able to manage the North Melbourne Kangaroos, a club that I have loved all my life, is a very humbling experience.”

“I look forward to working alongside our Board of Directors, CEO Ben Amarfio, our players and our team as we begin the next part of our journey as I think our future is bright.

Ben Buckley, I want to thank you for your professional management of our club. You will make a great impression on the world.

Buckley reflected on his time on the job as he prepared to take him to Dr. to hand over to Hood.

Buckley was pleased with the club’s development, saying: “After nine years on the board and six years as chairman, I leave with great pride where our club is now.”

“Sonja is the most northerly person in Melbourne I have ever met. I can’t think of anyone who would be a better choice to be the club’s leader for years to come.

“Sonja is smart and has a great understanding of how government works, especially in the community space. This helps her to connect with people both professionally and privately. Sonja has done well at work and in her personal relationships because of this ability.

“I’ve never felt more confident about the club’s future than now, with Sonja, Ben and the club’s board in charge.”

Ben Buckley gave a speech at a press conference

Harris and Piltz are two new board members. Prior to joining the board, Harris served on the club’s finance and audit committees and Piltz served on the club’s integrity committee.

Harris Carlson, Founder and Managing Partner of Harris Carlson Lawyers, has provided free legal advice to the club since 2006. Harris Carlson Lawyers is a commercial law firm.

He has always been a North Melbourne fan and he is the fourth generation in his family to do so. He was one of the first to join the club’s integrity committee and the Shinboners Foundation, the club’s public foundation.

Piltz has been part of the club for a long time. He has been on the Finance and Audit Committee since 2007 and on the Integrity Committee since 2021. Currently, Piltz is also an active member of the Shinboner Foundation.

Piltz is Managing Partner of Ernst & Young’s Melbourne office. He is also an insurance partner with extensive experience in external and internal audit, risk management and governance. More than 30 years have passed since he started at Ernst & Young, the world’s largest professional services company.