Benny Blanco X Snoop Dogg X BTS members Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook appear in the “Bad Decisions” teaser

The first teaser for the upcoming joint single “Bad Decisions” was released by Benny Blanco.

Benny Blanco teased the upcoming collaboration with Snoop Dogg and BTS’ vocal group ‘Bad Decisions’ on social media on August 2 in the style of an old movie trailer, naming the artists on the song in a baritone voice. This got us pumped up for the release of the song! On August 5 at 1 PM KST, both the single and the music video will be released.

Benny Blanco previously shared a couple of TikTok videos to tease the song in a lighthearted way, keeping the fans anticipating and fired up for the incredible collaboration! In other news, on August 16th, ‘Run BTS’ will be accessible on Weverse, V LIVE, and YouTube. There will be a picture of BTS jogging fervently across the stage in Seoul. BTS announced that “Run BTS” had returned after a 10-month hiatus in the teaser video for the song that had been released the day before.

The first genuine outdoor variety entertainment program from BTS, “Run BTS,” debuted on August 1, 2015. The diverse charms of the members are contained in the various themes and concepts. The team’s popularity was especially boosted by the members’ varied charms, which contrasted with their intense stage presence. Additionally, BIGHIT MUSIC revealed that on December 31st, the title song “On” from BTS’ fourth studio album, “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7,” had received the most views. In just 21 minutes, it surpassed the 500 million mark. With this, BTS will have their 14th music video in their career to reach 500 million views.

BTS’s ferocious energy and sincerity can be heard in every note of the hip-hop song “On.” Large-scale session sound and soulful, addictive vocals work well together. Additionally, it expresses BTS’s desire to accept the path that has been set before them as their destiny. In the ‘On’ Kinetic Manifesto film music video, BTS staged a massive performance with 30 dancers and a marching band. The members’ various compositions, such as drum performances and dance breaks, catch the eye in the music video, which revealed a unique presence. A total of 39 billion people have watched music videos by BTS, including the 500 million+ views “On” Kinetic Manifesto movie.