Blue Lock Episode 2 Summary and Ending, Explained

In the second episode of “Blue Lock” titled “Monster”, Jinpachi explains why Kira was kicked out of the facility, saying that everything there is there to help the forwards become the best in the world.

Isagi soon finds out that most of the other players at Blue Lock are much faster and fitter than he is. The next day, Jinpachi talks to Isagi and his roommates about the first pick and explains to them how it works. Here’s what you need to know about the ending of Episode 2 of Blue Lock.

Blue lock episode 2

Blue Lock Episode 2 review

Every time Japan is eliminated from the World Cup, an important meeting is held at the Japan Football Union headquarters. Anri Teieri, a new staff member there, is very angry about how football is currently played in the country and says they need to make some big changes. She says the national soccer team needs to make big changes that can only be made when a man like Jinpachi Ego is in charge, despite the fact that other members of JFU are careless and don’t care. Her speech that day at the Japan Football Union led to the creation of Blue Lock in the future.

In the present, Kira has a hard time comprehending that he just got kicked out of the facility and missed his chance to represent Japan for good. He is very angry and says that the stupid game has nothing to do with football. Jinpachi says the space they played in was the same size as a regular penalty box and that the tag play tested the strikers’ accuracy and other skills. Kira still can’t believe he’s out, but Jinpachi uses an example from one of his games to show he doesn’t have the ego or determination of a world-class forward. Angry, he decides to leave because Isagi took away his dream of playing for his country.

Later that day, the Forwards go back to the facility and find that players are treated differently based on their ranking. Isagi lives in a dorm with the other 11 people who were playing tag. But he soon finds out that everyone is much more physically fit than him, which keeps him up at night. When he decides to train, he finds that Bachira is awake as well, so the two train together. Then Bachira tells Isagi that he has a monster in his head that tells him what to do when he’s playing soccer and all he has to do is listen to it. That’s exactly why he gave him the ball, which resulted in Kira being knocked out of the game.

The next day, Isagi and his roommates find out that the Blue Lock players live in five different buildings. All have different amenities, and Strikers go to a specific building based on their skills. It turns out that Isagi and the other players on his team are on the worst team. Itoshi Sae, one of Japan’s best players, is preparing to leave for Europe. He has no plans to play for his country again because he believes nobody in Japan deserves their passport. But he changes his mind when he stumbles upon a Japan Football Union press conference where Anri is speaking about what the Blue Lock project hopes to do for the country’s future.

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What are the rules for the first pick at the end of Blue Lock Episode 2?

As mentioned, the Blue Lock facility consists of five buildings and the forwards are divided into different teams based on their ranking. Isagi is on Team Z, the worst team. She lives in house 5 with four other teams. In the first round, the 55 players in each building play a five-team round-robin game of sorts. Eleven of Isagi’s roommates will play together. The top two players at the end of the round robin game pass the survival test and advance to the next round.

But the Team Z folks immediately start talking about the apparent flaw in the whole test. All of Blue Lock’s players are forwards, meaning they’ve never played in defence. So it makes sense that none of them know anything about how to be a goalie. In response to these concerns, Jinpachi says that when football was first made, everyone on the field was a forward. The modern defensive ideas and the many different tactics with different positions have only been around for a short time. He challenges players to think about the game differently than they do now.

Jinpachi says if Japan wants to be the best, the new generation of players should think about starting football from scratch. His mindset makes sense as Blue Lock is looking for that one legendary forward who will change the way Japanese football is played and take it to new heights. Jinpachi urges players to change the way they think about the game. This is how most world class players got where they are as traditional tactics are not enough.

Here are some details on Blue Lock Episode 2, entitled Monster, which is available now on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

Blue lock episode 2
Blue lock episode 2

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The soccer anime Blue Lock, which will air in Fall 2022, is only entering its second week but is already doing well in the overall rating for this season’s anime. Right now, MyAnimeList has it at number 6, which is higher than big names like Golden Kamuy, My Hero Academia, and Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Episode 1, “Dream”, received high marks from many websites. Episode 2, “Monster,” just came out.

“Monster” gives Blue Lock much more background and finally explains what’s going on in the Blue Lock show introduced in the first episode. It also shows why the program started in the first place and goes into more detail on some of the minor characters that are likely to become more important as the story progresses. This time the episode didn’t have actual football, but the information it gave about the sport was just as important.

While the first episode of Blue Lock was interesting, it also had a lot of shocking parts that made people want to watch more. It didn’t explain much, and it just put a bunch of high school boys in a dystopian prison and made them fight to stay alive, like in Lord of the Flies. While not all that much has changed, the Blue Lock system was finally explained in Episode 2.

The boys each receive a score of 300 and are divided into 25 groups of 11. Teams B, C, D, E, and F have the highest ranked players, and Team Z has the lowest ranked players. The better your training and diet, the higher your rank. Isagi is second to last in Group Z because the story wouldn’t be as interesting if the main characters were at the top. That makes him a good underdog so we can see him move up the rankings.

This kind of competition breeds anger and betrayal, as we saw when Kira’s soft and kind personality from Episode 1 changed a lot after his elimination. We thought he was going to be a main character, so that was a nice surprise. We can’t wait to see if the other characters are up to the challenge or if they give up and show their darker sides.

Episode 2 also goes into more detail as to why the Blue Lock program was created. There are a few scenes with the Japan Football Association where they discuss the current state of football in Japan, both in private meetings and at press conferences. Anri Teieri is the one pushing for the program, and when the media asks her if it’s ethical, she gives a strong defense.

Their belief that just being at the World Cup is not enough for Japan, they need to win it is something that any true Japanese football fan who sees Blue Lock will understand. The anime is fun and interesting because it could never happen in real life. However, that doesn’t mean football fans can’t dream that a miracle program could reverse their national team. Japan has never won a World Cup, so don’t forget that.

Some of Isagi’s new teammates got more screen time in Monster, which gave us a better idea of ​​who they are as people. It spent most of its time with Meguru Bachira, who was one of the weirdest. In the first episode, Bachira was seen sleeping on the floor, although it was uncomfortable. He woke up long enough to make a crazy pass with the football during the game of catch, which was like a game of death. Now we know a little more about who he is.

Bachira says he has a monster inside that talks to him and makes him want to play more. The monster tells him what to do, whether it’s good or bad. That’s probably why he seems insane. But Bachira also reveals a big secret: that Isagi also has a monster inside him and that all the best strikers in the world have one. Isagi didn’t think twice about dumping his new girlfriend Kira in the first episode, showing he could be a monster. We hope to see more of this soon.

“Monster” was even better than “Dream” as a blue lock episode. While there were no actual football scenes, it was still exciting and fast-paced and set the tone for the rest of the season. “Dream” did a good job of keeping us interested in what was about to happen and setting the intense tone of the story. Monster really shows us what we’re getting into and what we can look forward to for the rest of the season.

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