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Boxer Jovanni Straffon, who is from Mexico and competes in the lightweight division, is a man named Jovanni. For the past 11 years he has competed as an athlete at the professional level. Anyone who cares about him is curious to know more about his private life, which will be covered in more detail in the next part.

Jovanni Straffon knows the man named Impacto. His coach Miguel Vazquez is also ranked 1/1 and is following in his footsteps. Likewise, Miura is his promoter. The mixed martial arts fighter competes in the 135-pound weight class, which puts him 52nd out of 141 overall.

Jovanni Straffon

Few facts about him

Full name Jovanni Straffon
birthday September 12, 1993
Age 29 years old
nationality Mexico
Height 5′ 6″ (168cm)
Place of birth Minatitlan, Veracruz, Mexico
Birth Name Luis Jovan Velasco Strafon
sex Masculine
active state 2010-present
debut 2010-12-15

What is Jovanni Straffon’s identity? Wikipedia bio

Jovanni Straffon is a boxer who competes professionally and has been doing so for quite some time. Although he does not have a Wikipedia biography, information about him can be compiled from a number of other websites.

Known for his unique playstyle, the fighter has taken part in a wide variety of fights, winning some and losing some. He’s the first to show up, and he explains that he wants to fight from the inside out.


After that, he hurls a lot of objects. His hand speed is about average, but his walking pace is much slower than usual. Fighting will ensue if anyone dares to stand in his way.

In addition, he has considerable power. On one occasion, a left hand was used to catch Tennyson and he was eliminated almost immediately. He wasn’t able to put enough pressure on Hughes and as a result he was constantly being punched and singled out. After completing his dominance over him, Abdullaev didn’t move from his chair.


When it’s time for Straffon to perform, the audience’s anticipation builds. Only two of the matches he has played so far have ended in defeat for him.

Jovanni Straton age info: How old is he?

On September 9th, 1993 Jovanni Straffon saw the light of day. At this point he is 28 years old.


The participant spent his childhood in Minatitlan, which is located in the Mexican state of Veracruz. Since childhood, the footballer has always been energetic and very sporty. Never one to pass up an opportunity, he never did.

2019 was the year he faced Salcido and even won the fight. His victory in the match was quite advantageous for him. After that, he won a number of games in which he played.


According to his professional boxing records, he has won 25 fights, lost five, and drawn one. The first fight between the two competitors took place on December 15, 2010. The professional boxer has been competing for 11 years and during that time has had a string of wins and losses from which he has learned and developed his style.

Who is Jovanni Straffon’s wife? Is he married?

It seems that Jovanni Straffon currently has no spouse. Even if he did, the fighter has not revealed any information to the public about whether he is married or in a relationship with anyone.


Although it is possible that he has had some partnerships in the past, he has not made his sexual encounters publicly known.

Instead, he seems to be focused on his professional life and putting a lot of effort into improving his performance.


Due to his age, the boxer is most likely already married, but this speculation will not be confirmed until Straffon breaks the news.

He is five feet and six inches in height. He currently lives alone in Mexico City, which is in the Federal District of Mexico. Much is still unknown about his personal life due to the fact that the boxer keeps his private life very discreet.

Jovanni Straffon
Jovanni Straffon

Jovanni Straton Net Worth info

It’s possible that Jovanni Straffon’s total net worth is somewhere near $1 million, but it could also be more or less. Although he has not yet disclosed his actual earnings, it is believed that he receives significant amounts of money from various sources.

The sum of the games he participates in makes up most of his earnings.


He is a member of a club and may also be associated with a variety of other brands. Unfortunately, unlike other competitors, it doesn’t maintain social media handles; Because of this, his supporters can’t get to know him more personally.

He also does branding. The more often he is victorious in battle, the more advantageous it is for him.


The player operates its base of operations from Torreon, located in Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico. In addition, many of his competitions have not yet taken place.