Brigham Buhler’s Net Worth as Founder of Ways2Well

As of 2022, Way2Well inventor and CEO Brigham Buhler has a personal fortune of $1 million.

The name Brigham Buhler is known to people through his role as the founder of the Way2Well organization. His LinkedIn profile shows that he was also involved in founding Revive Rx, where he serves as a co-founder.

Way2well is a healthcare provider that operates online and relies on blood laboratory test results to obtain information about its patients’ health. As part of the virtual conversation, an analysis of the patient’s health problems can be helpful. It has provided verified licensed and board certified physicians to a United States based company. In addition, they provide a clinical pharmacy staff as well as a licensed pharmacy.

By starting a movement for better health, this company hopes to help fix the dysfunctional health care system that currently exists around the world. They believe that access to quality medical care should not be prohibitively expensive and should be made available to all people.

Brigham Buehler

A few brief remarks on Brigham Buhler

Surname Brigham Buehler
gender Masculine
Age 40’s to 50’s
profession CEO of Way2Well
eye color Black
qualification Closed
nationality American
net worth 1 million dollars

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What is Brigham Buhler’s total net worth today?

As of 2022, Way2Well founder and current CEO Brigham Buhler has a net worth of approximately $1 million.

Being Chief Executive Officer of Way2Well is a key contributor to Bühler’s financial success. They have opened their clinics and will provide patients with medicines at prices within their financial means.

Pharmacy performance managers control 82 percent of perceptions in the United States, and three major powerhouse pharmacy managers control this perception.

The substantial income that the CEO brings in allows him to live a lavish life. At Way2Well, he maintains a smaller profit margin so he can focus more on product and service quality.

Additionally, here at Way2Well, we receive many excellent comments from our patients. They provide quality service to the general public at a reasonable cost.

The winding road that is Brigham Buhler’s career path in healthcare

The past 15 years have been the beginning of Brigham Buhler’s professional journey in the medical field.

His previous experiences have shown him how dysfunctional the system is, failing to provide patients with the care they are entitled to or the information they need to effectively navigate their way through the healthcare system.

According to Bühler, the typical general practitioner must be an expert in a wide range of fields and has just eight minutes for each patient to make a diagnosis and review the patient’s medical history.

At Way2Well, we perform thorough blood analysis to identify hereditary and early disease markers so we can better treat and prevent disease.

The inspiration behind Brigham Buhler’s decision to found Way2Well

The primary goal Brigham Buhler had in mind when founding Way2Well was to raise the bar for patient care while making the experience of being a patient more accessible and enjoyable.

Patients using Bühler are empowered to take control of their healthcare before chronic diseases and disorders emerge. Those struggling with chronic conditions can turn to him for medical advice and general health care.

Before founding Way2Well, Brigham worked in the medical business for more than 15 years, primarily for Eli Lily and Stryker, assisting some of the country’s most renowned surgeons. He completed his education at the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business and received his diploma.

Additionally, he was one of the co-founders of his sister company, RevieRx Dispensary, a registered compounding dispensary headquartered in Houston, Texas.

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Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Ways2Well

Tay Bagley is Ways2Well’s Chief Operating Officer. In this role, he is responsible for managing the company’s day-to-day operations and expanding the business into new markets.

Tay was interested in pursuing a career as a doctor; However, when he learned that his focus was on providing solutions that helped people effectively, he decided to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from Baylor University instead.

Bagley began his career in sales and management for Stryker and MediSmart. He brought this knowledge to Ways2Well, where he works to build a creative and flexible team.

Before joining Way2Well, Tay worked for Enterprise, Stryker and MediSmart where he achieved senior positions and an outstanding sales record. He is a graduate of Baylor University and was born and raised in Houston.

Tay Bagley
Tay Bagley

The best ways to serve during the covivirus epidemic

Thanks to Way2Well’s provision of a free vaccine, people’s immune systems have been boosted.

They do not encourage the use of drugs sold by third parties unless they have been thoroughly tested in the laboratory. They will only recommend a drug that has been thoroughly tested in the laboratory and has no adverse effects on humans.

Keli is the glue that binds the clinical team to her provider and the pharmacy, and she is the one ultimately responsible for patient care. She watches over the patients at Ways2Well to ensure they receive the very best treatment.

Keli has spent her entire career in the medical field in a variety of roles, allowing her to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to her day-to-day duty of overseeing patients’ surgeries.

Kelli has also worked as a pharmacist for compounding company ReviveRx and for toxicology and testing company MediSmart Solution.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CEO of Way2Well?

Brigham Buehler is the CEO of Way2Well.

How old is Brigham Buehler?

Brigham Buhler is around 40 to 50 years old.

What is Brigham Buhler’s net worth?

Brigham Buhler’s net worth is $1 million.