Bruce McIntyre, Amber Rose’s partner, where are you now?

The documentary “Aftershock” on Hulu tells the life stories of people who have worked professionally to transform the way maternity health systems work. These people have found the courage and strength to speak out against the injustice that, despite personal losses, still negatively impacts the lives of many others. One such person, Bruce McIntyre, wants to unleash a tsunami of change.

It illustrates how Bruce lost his wife, Amber Rose Isaac, to the egregious incompetence of her doctors. It is believed the issue could have been found and resolved quickly but was ignored by those responsible for safe delivery. Bruce doesn’t want anyone else to suffer the same loss he did when he lost the woman he loved. If you’re wondering where he is right now and what he’s done to improve the situation, read on. What you need to know about him is as follows.

What happened to Bruce McIntyre?

Bruce McIntrye lives in the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx. Renita Isaac, Amber’s mother, helps him raise his child Elias. Bruce has increased his efforts to oppose the violent racial practices that have claimed lives since the loss of his wife. His initial criticism was directed at the $2,000 bill Montefiore had given him. He and Renita filed a lawsuit against the hospital in 2022, alleging that error and incompetence on the part of the medical staff led to Amber’s death.

Bruce has spoken out about his loss and the bigotry in the system that caused it. Since then he has organized numerous protests and rallies, spoken at conferences and campaigned for equal health opportunities for expectant mothers. He is working to open a birthing center in the Bronx to offer residents a safer choice of healthcare. Bruce has also worked with members of Congress and others in positions of authority to advance legislation that can bring about much-needed change. He advocated that the New York Health Act provide for funding for doula and midwife services.

Bruce established the Save A Rose Foundation in Amber’s memory to promote the right to fair treatment for people of color and to advance the causes Amber actively pursued. Additionally, he has worked with Nubia Martin’s Birth From the Earth Center to provide low-income families with access to funding for doula and midwifery services. Several families have already benefited from this approach.

Still, there are moments when it feels inadequate. “I still feel like I’m not contributing enough. But I fight for her every day when I get up,” added Bruce. “I have to believe that I’m helping her in some way. After all, I can’t let her and her name be forgotten. However, it seems that lawmakers and health professionals, whose actions can bring about the necessary changes, should consider the issues he is fighting for.

“While raising a son who will never see his mother, I had to become a doctor, midwife, maternal health activist, community leader and politician. Why do I have to do so much research? Bruce said during the hearing by the City Council’s Women and Gender Justice and Health and Hospitals Committees: “I don’t even have time to grieve.

Ultimately, Bruce McIntyre’s motivation stems from his love for his late wife and children. He thinks Amber would be happy with him because he’s trying to make things better for others. “When people ask where my power comes from for this job, I say it’s not my power. That’s Amber’s ability, he explained.