Carmen Sánchez from Who Likes My Follower: Everything We Know

Who Likes My Follower on Netflix is ​​a funny dating reality show that follows three influencers as they help three of their followers find love.

Then Spanish influencer, singer and actress Carmen Jedet Izquierdo Sánchez, better known as Jedet, came onto the show to help her follower Sergio find the right partner. Although Sergio’s journey was exciting, fans were drawn to Jedert’s charm and personality, which made them even more interested in her life. So let’s dive right in and learn everything we can about each, shall we?


When and where each was born

Josep-Eduard Sánchez Izquierdo was born on July 7, 1992 in Girona, Spain. He is 30 years old today. Both parents come from Andalusia. Jedert felt close to Girona when she was young, but she spent most of her childhood in Policar, in the province of Granada, Spain. Since everyone likes to keep their personal life private, not much is known about it. But sources say the actress and singer said her father was the first person to leave her. Despite being raised by her mother, Jedert has struggled with bulimia since she was 14. She had to go to therapy for three years for her bulimia, but with strong will and determination, Jedert was able to overcome her problems. Readers may also be interested to know that in 2020, Jedert had both surgery to change her gender and surgery to make her face more feminine.

Everyone’s job

Everyone came to prominence in 2016 when she started speaking out about the issues LGBTQ+ people, especially trans people, face every day. In the same year, she also published an autobiography called Mi ltimo Regalo, which was well received by fans. Although Jedert felt small by praise and fame, she decided to put them to good use and tried her hand at music in 2017. She and wife Nina worked together on the song “Reinas” in the same year. Fans will be happy to know that Jedert has a successful album called “La Leona” under her belt.

Despite this, Jedert wanted to try other things, so she became an actress in the television industry. She started out with small roles on shows like Looser and Paquita Salas, but became a household name after playing La Veneno on the TV show Veneno. For this role, she won the 2020 Ondas Award for Best Female Actress in National Fiction. After that, she got a small role in the TV show “Cardo”. In 2022 she will play herself in Drag Race Espaa and Who Likes My Follower? on Netflix. She also wrote her second book, Butterfly Effect, which was released in 2020. Today she makes her living as a singer, actress and social media influencer.

Is everyone dating someone?

In 2020, it was reported that Jedert was in a happy relationship with singer Josh Ortiz, which is interesting. The two seemed to hit it off and even posted pictures of themselves together on social media. Fans thought they would be together for a long time because they have seen the couple together in public more than once. But since then, Jedert and Josh have removed their couple photos from social media and don’t seem to be talking to each other as much. Recent news has confirmed that Jedet and Josh have split, but there is no sign of a new relationship. This leads us to assume that Jedert is currently single and working on her career.

Everyone is a strong, courageous woman living life to the fullest and working hard to get where she wants to be. On her social media, everyone can see how her appearance has changed over the past few years. Part of her success as an influencer is that she has an honest inner voice that many of her followers can identify with on their journey to self-fulfillment. For example, she said in an interview last year that she plans to have surgery as part of her transition.

Facialteam conducted a personalized study with Jedert and asked her how she would like to look naturally. With Jedert’s goal of achieving the best possible results and her clear expectations for facial feminization surgery, the following facial treatments were chosen as the most important for her case:

Reconstruction and feminization of the forehead through a coronal approach (feminization frontoplasty). During this procedure, the frontal sinus plate is removed to avoid a hole, filed with an ultrasonic device and then placed back on the now more feminine forehead. The best thing about the crown cut is that it is mostly covered by hair and thus does not leave an unsightly scar on the forehead.

The jaw and chin have shrunk. Using a method developed by Facialteam that uses 3D osteotomy templates (which look like templates), the area to be treated can be planned in advance and the results accurately simulated. The ultrasonic procedure, which does not injure soft tissue like traditional scalpels, is performed through an intraoral incision, leaving no visible scars on the face.

Adam’s apple is cut back. Due to Facialteam’s focus on natural results, the procedure begins with a small incision in the crease between the neck and jaw. This is done so that the scar can be better hidden in a skin fold.


Everyone’s recovery after facial feminization

Just a few days after the surgery, everyone is doing well because she has a positive attitude and is working hard to do what the team tells her to do. She overcame the usual postoperative pain in the hospital and shared her progress with her 250,000 followers on social media.

Everyone is a trans woman who doesn’t try to hide who she is. She fights hard to ensure that the trans, gender non-conforming and non-binary communities are seen. That year she was the main character in the Spanish TV show “Veneno” which was shown on Atresmedia and also aired in Latin America on HBO MAX.

In this show on Antena 3, directed by the famous actor-director duo The Javiers (Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi), Jedert plays Cristina Ortiz, known as “La Veneno” (which means “the poison”. English) in the art world. La Veneno died in 2016 shortly after her biography was published. A plaque in the capital Madrid honors them as a symbol of bravery.

The show Veneno is based on the life of Ortiz, who was one of the first trans women to break taboos on TV talk shows in the late 1990s by showing how many trans, non-binary and gender-biased people are really alive.

Each had roles in other TV shows like “Looser” and “Paquita Salas” before playing Cristina Ortiz. She has also done well in other art movements:

In 2016 her first book “My Last Gift” was published.

She started making music in 2018 under the name King Jedet with the mixtape La Leona.

Finally, last month, in June 2020, she released Butterfly Effect, her personal diary as a controversial artist.

Each often works on social justice projects, like their proclamation for trans rights at Madrid Pride 2020.

Portada del libro Efecto Mariposa de Jedet, de Plan B

The real results of Jedert’s sex reassignment surgery have only become clear after several months of healing. Each has made a normal recovery and we are pleased to receive messages from her thanking our staff of more than 50 professionals working in transgender health care for the help they have given her.

JEDET is a successful actress, singer and internet personality. She has many talents. In 2016 JEDET shot her first film and in 2018 her first TV show Looser. She also played Paris on the Netflix show Paquita Salas, which was in Spanish.

However, she is best known for her role as Cristina “La Veneno” Ortiz Rodrguez, a Spanish transgender icon, on the HBO drama series Veneno, which was based on Valeria Vegas’ memoir Not a Whore, Not a Saint: The Memories of La Veneno “based.” The 2020 Ondas Award for Best Female Actress went to JEDET for her good performance on stage.

EVERYONE as Cristina “La Veneno” Ortiz Rodríguez in HBO’s Veneno SOURCE: IMDb

EVERYONE is also an author with books out there. My Last Gift: Diary of an Open Heart Channel, her autobiography, was published in 2016. Butterfly Effect was her second book and was published in 2020. She also wrote for the book And Then You Win : 5 Stories Against Bullying, which came out in 2016.

Due to her fine career, EACH is credited with a net worth of around $400,000.

Jedert was born on July 7, 1992 in Andalusia, Spain. Her full name is Jedert Carmen Izquierdo Sanchez. During his childhood he lived in both Andalusia and Girona, which is in Catalonia. He is fluent in Spanish and Catalan.

EVERYONE was born male, but she is transgender and self-identified as a trans woman. She underwent surgery to change her gender and in March 2020 she underwent facial surgery to make her look more like a woman.

How old is EVERYONE?

Jedert was born Jedet Carmen Izquierdo Sanchez on July 7, 1992 in Andalusia, Spain. She will be 28 years old in February 2021.

Is EVERYONE transgender?

Although born male, EVERYONE is transgender and self-identified as a trans woman.

What type of surgery did EVERYONE have?

In addition to her gender change surgery, EACH had “facial feminization surgery” in July 2020 to make her face look more like a woman’s.

What makes EVERY known?

JEDET is an actress, singer, internet figure and activist. She is best known for playing “La Veneno” Cristina Ortiz Rodrguez on the HBO drama series Veneno.

What will EVERYONE be worth in 2021?

Some online sources say EACH is likely to have a net worth of around $300,000.