Cause of death and detail of the terrible accident

Gernot Reinstadler, a ski racer from Austria, was considered one of the most talented young skiers in the Austrian downhill squad in the early 1990s.

As a member of the Austrian Ski Association, he took part in the Junior World Championships in 1988 and 1989. He achieved his greatest result in 1989 in the downhill with 13th place.

Reinstadler also won three medals in 1989 after participating in the Austrian Youth Championships. In 1991 he began preparing for the downhill race on the Lauberhorn in Wengen, Switzerland, and also completed his first appearances in the World Cup.

After finishing 29th and 39th in the two training runs, he was eligible to start in the qualifying downhill on January 18th. This event was only open to the top 30 finishers in World Cup downhill.

Gernot Reinstadler

Video explanation of the death of Gernot Reinstadler

A video uploaded to YouTube shows Gernot Reinstadler losing his balance and being involved in a serious accident that eventually resulted in his death. Many people have called this film the “death video” of the Austrian skier.

The news that a young Austrian skier had died as a result of a qualifying race in 1991 sent the typically happy and exuberant World Cup ski circuit into a state of shock.

Gernot Reinstadler, 20, died as a result of serious internal injuries he sustained while trying to qualify for the World Cup downhill that was postponed on Saturday. The medics couldn’t save him.

The horrific accident that took the life of young Austrian skier Gernot Reinstadler in 1991

After the accident, Reinstadler was taken to a regional hospital in Interlaken, where he underwent intensive surgery to repair his injuries. The hospital issued a statement saying the racer’s right leg was almost completely severed.

After the event, an Austrian veteran named Peter Wirnsberger declared that Reinstadler was “our downhiller of the future”. The two World Cup races scheduled to take place this weekend were unexpectedly canceled by organizers and the Austrian team promptly fled the venue while still in shock and unable to comment on the incident.

Gernot Reinstadler accident and accident event

When Reinstadler was training for the Lauberhorn event, he lost control as he neared the finish line. As a result, at high speed, he crashed head-on into some safety nets, which caught one of his skis.

Reinstadler suffered significant internal bleeding, a fractured pelvis and other injuries as a result of the accident. Later that day, he was rushed to a hospital in Interlaken, where he underwent a series of blood transfusions before eventually tragically passing away.

Due to his death, the 1991 Lauberhorn race had to be postponed. As a direct result of this incident, safety measures have been improved and the openings in the safety net have been reduced to make it less likely for ski tips to get caught in an accident.

More and more people are turning to protective covers made of plastic sheeting, which are advertised as being cut-resistant. After some time, the terrain of the final jump was completely redesigned and clearly defused. Every year since 1992, a plaque with the name of Gernot Reinstadler has been placed in the finish area of ​​the Lauberhorn race.

Where are Gernot Reinstadler’s parents and other family members at this time?

Gernot Reinstadler was born in Austria to his parents, who both live there; his mother’s name is Traudl Eder and his father’s name is Adi Reinstadler.

The Austrian ski racer Traudl Eder has now retired from her career. From 1959 to 1966 she took part in races at national and international level and achieved numerous victories and podiums in her career, which was repeatedly interrupted by injuries.

The death of Gernot Reinstadler was a wake-up call for the importance of security.

Eder met her future husband, Adi Reinstadler, during her career. They continued to marry. At the federal sports center in St. Christoph, which was managed by Stefan Kruckenhauser, Adi Reinstadler trained to become a state-certified ski instructor. You are co-manager of a guest house for tourists in Jerzens in the state of Tyrol.

Gernot was motivated to become a ski racer by the fact that both of Gernot’s parents had opted for the same industry. Many young people regard him as an idol because his family of ski racers motivated him to pursue a career in this sport.

Gernot Reinstadler
Gernot Reinstadler


During training for the Lauberhorn race, Reinstadler lost control of his skis when entering the Ziel-S. He then crashed into the safety net at full speed, catching one of his skis in the nets. Reinstadler suffered serious injuries, including a significant fracture of the pelvis, as well as severe internal injuries and bleeding. He was taken to a hospital in Interlaken where he received many blood transfusions before dying later that same night.

Due to the death of Reinstadler in 1991, the Lauberhorn event was dropped from the schedule. As a direct result of this event, security precautions were tightened. The holes in the safety nets have been made narrower so that ski tips cannot get caught in them as easily in the event of an impact.

Story of his life and a timeline


The Lauberhorn competition was canceled after Reinstadler’s death in 1991, so it was removed from the calendar. Because of this incident, the openings in the nets were made smaller to ensure ski tips could no longer get caught in them, which would have resulted in a far more abrupt loss of speed if this had happened. This subsequently led to an increase in the level of protection for subsequent generations. As a result, Reinstadler suffered a fractured pelvis. [Cause and effect]


Gernot Reinstadler was an outstanding personality in alpine skiing in Austria. His date of birth was August 24, 1970, the day of his death was January 19, 1991. In the early 1990s, he was considered one of the most promising young talents in the Austrian downhill team. They considered him one of the most promising young prospects they had.

Fast facts on Gernot Reinstadler:

Below is a list of some of Gernot Reinstadler’s fascinating facts:

* His ancestry can be traced back to Austria.

* His zodiac sign is Capricorn and the element associated with his zodiac sign is earth.

* His passive nature makes him a good partner for the opposite sun sign Cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is Gernot Reinstadler famous?

He is famous for being a successful skier.

Where does he come from?

He comes from Austria.

how much does he earn

His estimated earnings are $1 million to $6 million.