Charlie Mullin’s girlfriend Rara Age and Net worth

On May 13, 2022, Charlie Mullins, a British businessman, became engaged to Rara, the woman he was dating. Rara is a British singer-songwriter who also performs and teaches people to sing.

Charlie founded Pimlico Plumbers and then sold it in 2021. After selling his plumbing business, he went into the music business and now helps musicians like Rara with their finances.

Mullins is a well-known businessman in Great Britain. His first company was Pimlico Plumbers, which he built from the ground up into a multi-million dollar business.

At the age of 15 he went as an apprentice to a local plumber. In 1979 he started his own business, Pimlico Plumbers. Charlie is known for his collection of license plates related to plumbing. These license plates are found on all of the company’s cars.

Charlie Mullins

Who is Rara the girl from Charlie Mullins?

Rara is the name of the singer who is dating Charlie Mullins. Her real name is Rachel Leavesley. They have been planning to get married since May 2022.

The two people first met at Charlie’s holiday home in Marbella. They were spotted together at Sloane Square tube station where the Royal British Legion was selling poppies.

Rara is from Cheltenham but has traveled the world and lived in Dubai for seven years. She splits her time between the UK and the Costa del Sol in Spain.

Charlie and his friend Rara will try the Unbreakable challenge. Rachel Leavesley took a break from practicing for her upcoming single “Biker Boy” to cuddle up with her new promoter for a good cause.

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Rachel Leftley How Old Is She, aka Rara?

Rachel Leavesley, also known as Rara, is 31 years old, was born in 1991 and hails from Cheltenham. Her partner, Charlie Mullins, was born on October 28, 1952, making her 69 years old.

Both appear on the new BBC One show Unbreakable, which tests the marriages of famous couples.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, the two said the mental challenges were the hardest. They also said that it was difficult to motivate us to bungee jump together.

Singer’s Earnings in 2022

Rara is the singer who is dating Charlie Mullins. She has a net worth of around $1 million. But Rara planned for her New Year’s single “Biker Boy” to introduce her to her new promoter.

Her partner Charlie, whose business fixed the drainage problems of some of London’s richest people, is now in the music business and has already seen just how talented she is.

On the other hand, Charlie Mullins has a net worth of £70million. He was the first plumber in Britain to earn a million dollars.

In September 2021 he sold a 90 per cent stake in Pimlico Plumbers to a US company called Neighborly for between £125m and £145m.

The company had more than 400 employees at the point of sale and had a turnover of 70 million US dollars. He was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the 2015 New Year’s Honors for his work in Sanitation (OBE).

Pimlico is the largest independent plumbing and services company in all of London. They do all kinds of work and serve the whole city. Charlie often goes on television to talk about current events and discuss them on shows such as Daily Politics, Panorama and various news channels.

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Charlie Mullins, who ran a business, married twice

Charlie Mullins had two marriages. He was first married to Lynda and they have four children.

After 41 years of marriage, Charlie divorced his wife Lynda. He then married Julie Anne Morris, who worked at Pimlico Plumbers. Julie and Charlie got married in 2016, but in 2020 they were no longer together.

Now the businessman is in a relationship with singer Rachel Leavesley. They are both in the brand new BBC One show Unbreakable, which sees famous couples put their relationships to the ultimate test.

Charlie Mullins
Charlie Mullins

His first marriage gave him four children

Scott Mullins, Alice Mullins, Lucy Vyse and Samm Mullins are the children of Charlie Mullins. Scott Mullins, Charlie’s eldest son, is Managing Director of Pimlico Plumbers and responsible for the company’s growth plans.

As one of the control room supervisors, Ashley Mullins, one of Charlie’s grandsons, is responsible for ensuring that the engineers’ work gets done in the correct order. Another grandchild, Daisy Mullins, helps schedule appointments with clients and generally runs the control room.

Scott began working for his father when he was seven. Until he was old enough to take care of the company’s logistics, he took calls and washed company cars.

He said joining the company at a young age gave him a much-needed edge and allowed him to learn the ins and outs of the plumbing business while immersing himself in it.

Ashley, Scott’s son, started working for Pimlico at the age of 16 and did an apprenticeship. He wanted to become a traveling apprentice plumber and heating engineer because of his grandfather Charlie’s encouragement.

Always inspired by his grandfather, he knew right away that he wanted to be a part of Pimlico’s future.

Charlie Mullin’s time in politics

Charlie Mullins advised George Osborne and David Cameron on business matters and was a staunch opponent of Brexit.

In the two years leading up to July 2017, Mullins donated more than £48,000 to the Conservative Party. In 2015, Pimlico Plumbers donated $22,735 to the party.

In January 2018, Mullins said he would stop giving money to the Conservative Party and would stand alone for Mayor of London in 2021.

But his name did not appear on the ballot. In March 2018, Mullins pledged to help the Liberal Democrats financially as they work to stop Brexit.

Who is Rara, the girl Charlie Mullins is dating?

Rara, who is dating Charlie Mullins, is a singer. Rachel Leavesley is her real name and they met in Marbella.

Does Charlie Mullins have a wife?

Charlie Mullins is married to two women. His first wife was Lynda and he had been married to her for 41 years. He later married Julie Anne Morris.

How old is Charlie Mullins?

Charlie Mullins is 69 years old. He was born on October 28, 1952 in St. Pancras, part of London, England.

How much does Charlie Mullins have in the bank?

Charlie Mullins is worth £70million in total. He founded the largest independent plumbing company in London, Pimlico Plumbers, which he sold in 2021.

early years

Mullins’ father worked in a factory and his mother cleaned houses. When he was born they were “living in a couple of rooms in Camden”. They then moved to the Rockingham Estate in London’s Elephant and Castle, where he grew up and left school at 15 with no qualifications.


Mullins was an apprentice plumber by age 15.

He founded Pimlico Plumbers in 1979. The business was run from a basement in Pimlico.

He is best known for his collection of plumbing themed number plates used on the company’s vehicles which are valued at around £1.5million.

Mullins sold 90% of Pimlico Plumbers to US home services company Neighborly in September 2021. The deal was valued at between £125m and £145m.

At the time of sale, the company had sales of $70 million and employed more than 400 people.

Scott Mullins, Mullins’ son, is still CEO and owns 10% of the company.


Pimlico Plumbers donated £22,735 to the Conservative Party and Mullins gave more than £48,000 to the party in the two years to July 2017. He advised David Cameron and George Osborne on business matters and was a strong opponent of Brexit.

In January 2018, Mullins said he would stop giving money to the Conservative Party. He also said he would stand as an independent candidate for Mayor of London in 2021, despite the postponement of the 2020 election. However, Mullins did not appear on the ballot. In March 2018, Mullins said he would give the Liberal Democrats money to help them stop Brexit.

life at home

After 41 years of marriage, he divorced his first wife, Lynda. She is the mother of two of his four children who work for the company. He later married Julie Anne Morris, who also worked for Pimlico Plumbers. The couple later separated.

At the New Year’s Honors 2015, Mullins was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his work in the plumbing industry.

Charlie Mullins OBE is a well-known entrepreneur in the United Kingdom. He started his business, Pimlico Plumbers, from scratch and grew it into a multimillion pound business which he sold for more than £140million in 2021.

Charlie is often outspoken and causes problems with what he says. You can see him on TV, hear him on the radio, and read about his unique common sense.

Charlie’s work ethic has made him one of the most successful businessmen in Britain. He has a weekly column in the Daily Star, a portfolio of real estate investments and works as a management consultant for music artists such as RaRa.

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