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Bethanie Mattek-Sands is a tennis player from the United States who has won nine Grand Slam doubles championships. On January 9, 2017, Mattek-Sands triumphed over all other doubles players to secure first place in the world rankings, which she retained for a total of 32 weeks.

She also won the Olympic gold medal in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Along with Jack Sock, Bethanie contributed to the United States’ victory in the gold medal event. With 46 gold medals, United took first place in the medal table.


Although she ranks in the top 100 in singles, her greatest success has come in doubles. She has five Grand Slam doubles titles and four mixed trophies to her name in addition to the Olympic gold medal. Her personality can be described as free spirited but not rebellious. Her victories at the 2012 Australian Open and 2015 French Cup will always be prestigious because of their importance to her career.

In addition, the 37-year-old athlete is well known on social networks. Her Instagram account has 160,000 followers and she has uploaded over two thousand five hundred posts. Mattek has garnered a lot of media attention thanks to her unconventional sense of style when competing on the court.

Bethanie Mattek Sands

Some important facts about Bethanie Mattek-Sands

Full name Bethany Lynn Mattek
Age 37
Born March 23, 1985
Place of birth Rochester, Minnesota
Height 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)
profession tennis player
Husband justin sand
net worth 7 million dollars

Bethanie Mattek-Sands won the gold medal at the 2016 Olympics.

Apparel and accessories sponsor for Bethanie Mattek-Sands Outfits

Mattek-Sands has always been known for her unique sense of style, both in terms of her clothes and the outfits she wears. Her fashion sense may be considered “too distinctive” and “unmarketable” by some, but to the majority of others it seems unique and appealing.


The leopard print costume she previously wore at the 2004 US Open caused quite a stir in the media department and she was prominent in the press headlines for several days. During this time she had very few sponsorships, so she could wear whatever she wanted and had complete creative freedom. So it’s unlikely that she would go for a leopard print blouse or fringed skirt and it would seem like it wouldn’t be a big deal if she was sponsored by Nike for example and they didn’t have the stuff in stock.

Coming out of her bedroom, Bethanie didn’t set the world on fire with her offbeat sense of style. After all, she wore nothing more daring than a standard skirt and blouse combo. Whether she wears knee length socks or not doesn’t matter because she always does. In addition, trendy goods such as flag-patterned socks are highly appreciated by fans right now. At the 2011 pre-Wimbledon party in London, Mattek-Sands wore an Alex Noble dress that was neon green with tennis ball details. She paired the garment with a hat modeled on a Mohican.


A look inside a tennis star’s wardrobe

In 2019, the American tennis player signed an endorsement clothing deal with fashion brand Lucky in Love. The deal included a variety of clothing items. The two groups agreed to supply Mattek-Sands with all of their exclusive collections, both to wear and to sell.

Company CEO Brad Singer showed his gratitude to the actress by saying, “As personal fans of Bethanie, we are excited to be collaborating with her on this special series.” Lucky in Love has partnered with Mattek-Sands to create a clothing line that transcends the American’s well-known quirky taste and bold demeanor while merging it with the company’s modern take on tennis apparel. This clothing line is called Mattek-Sands by Lucky in Love.


Additionally, their brand equity can be found on the Tennis Wardrobe website in the form of a variety of apparel and homewares. For example, the “BMS + Lucky In Love Hi-Chop Pleated Skirt” can be purchased for the price of eighty dollars.

Sponsorship deal with Babolat for rackets

A sponsorship agreement for the production of rackets and backpacks has been concluded between Mattek-Sands and the sporting goods manufacturer Babolat. She uses a tennis racquet called the “Babolat Pure Aero” which retails for $239.00 and a Babolat Pure Aero 12 Pack Bag which is available in the tennis closet for a reduced price of $119.95.


Brand ambassador for CIVANA

The nine-time champion of the men’s singles title at the Grand Slam tournament is currently a brand ambassador for the Health Resort & Spa brand CIVANA. The brand’s Instagram account, called @civanaresort, claims it is one of the top 10 spa resorts, the fourth best spa in the United States, and the fifth best spa resort in the country.

Is Bethanie Mattek-Sands currently in a relationship? Information about the husband or partner

Originally from Minnesota and Wisconsin, she now resides in Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States with her husband Justin Sands. On November 29, 2008, in Naples, Florida, the two exchanged vows and became husband and wife. The fact that she was born in Minnesota, grew up in Wisconsin, married in Florida and eventually decided to make Arizona her home makes her life read like the plot of a ride at an amusement park.


Who exactly is this Justin Sands, Bethanie’s husband?

Justin Sands is a supervisor in the insurance industry. Bethanie Mattek changed her name professionally to Bethanie Mattek-Sands after adding her husband’s surname, Sands. The couple don’t have any children together yet, but they do have a Boerboel named Ruger who weighs 140 pounds.

Justin was born in the US state of Pennsylvania, more precisely in the city of Boyertown. He has more ink on his body including a tattoo that goes well with his beard. He also got his wife’s name tattooed on the front right arm of his dominant hand. The tennis pro regularly posts pictures to her Instagram account with boyfriend Justin, and the couple currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, where they maintain a strong and healthy relationship, despite having no children together.


On the other hand, her doubles partner for the 2021 French Open, Iga Swiatek, is single at this point and will not be married until the tournament. On the other hand, the 21-year-old is rumored to have some connection with Piotr Sierzputowski, who used to be a tennis player.

How rich is Bethanie Mattek-Sands? Tennis player Net Worth in 2022

The 37-year veteran reportedly has a net worth of $7 million, as reported by Pocket News Alert. The name Bethanie Mattek-Sands is often mentioned in the same breath as that of the most successful tennis players in the world.


Since the turn of the century, when she began her career as a professional tennis player, she has accumulated around 25 years of tennis experience. Her long career has allowed her to amass as much wealth as possible, and her earnings are as impressive as this wealth. In addition to the rich sponsorship agreements that Sands has with companies such as Lucky in Love, Babolat and CIVANA, Sands is well known to generate satisfactory income and earnings from her work.

The 35-year-old American tennis player is still very hungry and full of energy, as proven by the fact that she qualified for her third French Open doubles final just a year ago in 2021. She finished second with a tie place with Poland’s Iga Witek, and the two made it to the league match, where they were beaten by Czech pairing Barbora Krejková and Kateina Siniaková. According to Sands’ Wikipedia page, she has won a total of $8,136,019 in prize money from various tennis competitions over the course of her professional tennis career.


In addition, she loves the carefree and extravagant lifestyle that is made possible for her. Her Instagram account offers a diverse selection of posts and photos. Shots on her tennis court, in the back room while having fun with her husband Justin, as well as pictures of their crazy dresses and clothes, different gyms, fashion styles and travel destinations.

Bethanie Mattek-Sands takes us through her professional ups and downs on her journey to stardom

Bethanie Mattek-Sands is a well-known name in the world of professional tennis in the United States. Bethanie Lynn Mattek-Sands has found great success at this position, as evidenced by the fact that she won the 2012 Australian Open and the 2015 French Open, as well as winning a gold medal in mixed doubles at the Olympics.


During her time at the professional level, she was once considered the best doubles player in the entire world. Over the course of her career, Bethanie Lynn Mattek-Sands has won a total of twenty-seven trophies in women’s doubles. She has won a total of nine Grand Slam titles, including five in women’s doubles and four in mixed doubles.

Bethanie Mattek Sands
Bethanie Mattek Sands

Debut 1999

Mattek-Sands’ tennis career did not start well. She never advances past the preliminary rounds of the competition, although she qualifies for major events. Mattek competed in her first WTA Tour event in Philadelphia in 1999. She received a wildcard for the qualifying round for the competition.


Later, in 2000, she received a wild card to enter the International Players Championships in Key Biscayne; However, Anca Barna defeated her in the first round of the competition. Later in the year, Them Sands competed in the inaugural Grand Slam competition of the year, held at the United States Open. She received a wildcard entry into the qualifying round; Despite this, she failed to achieve any success at any stage of the competition.

Two doubles championships in 2015 and an Olympic gold medal in Rio

Mattek-Sands won both the women’s singles and women’s doubles titles at the 2015 Australian Open. Her partner in both wins was Lucie Afáová. At the 2015 French Open, she teamed with Mike Bryan and won the mixed doubles competition to take home the title.


A year later, Mattek-Sands and Jack Sock won the gold medal for the United States of America in mixed doubles competition at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro by defeating Venus Williams and Rajeev Ram in the championship match.

Bethanie Mattek-Sand’s career title

Doubles (five titles)

Year competition partner
2015 Australian Open Lucie Safarova
2015 French Open Lucie Safarova
2016 US Open Lucie Safarova
2017 Australian Open Lucie Safarova
2017 French Open Lucie Safarova