Chesapeake Shores Cast Laci J Mailey Pregnancy News and Update on Her Family Facts To Know

Laci J Mailey is an actress who was born in Fruitvale, British Columbia and is 31 years old today. She is best known for her role on the TV show Falling Skies.

Mailey has been in the entertainment industry for eleven years. She made her first appearance in 2011.

She has appeared in many films including Hunt for the I-5 Killer (2011), Captain Starship (2011), Motive (2014), Supernatural (2012-2015) and The Romeo Section (2016).

She also had a regular role on the CBS show The Romeo Section (Season 2). She currently plays Jess O’Brien on the Hallmark Channel family drama Chesapeake Shores.

There is a lot of news about Laci J. Mailey’s pregnancy. Will the Cast of Chesapeake Shores Be Pregnant in 2022?

The news that ‘Chesapeake Shores’ actress Laci J. Mailey is pregnant is big internet news.

But Mailey doesn’t currently have a third child on the way. When Mailey posted a picture of herself and her son Cassius with the word “2” late last year, rumors spread that she was pregnant.

When she said “2,” many people thought she was talking about Cassius’ second birthday. Others thought she was talking about another child.

In 2022 she gave birth to her second child, a daughter. So all the rumors about her pregnancy are untrue.

On March 23, the actress posted a video of herself, her husband, and their son watching a rocking nativity scene: “By God’s grace we were born free. It’s a little girl.”

Laci J Mailey She has two children with her husband Steve Bradley

Steve Bradley, who used to be Laci J. Mailey’s boyfriend, is now her husband. They got married on July 28, 2016 and their marriage is still going strong.

On October 22, 2019, Mailey and Bradley gave birth to their first child, a son. They called him Cassius Leo Bradley.

They also have a little girl whose name is being kept secret for now. However, Mailey’s Instagram account includes some pictures of her husband and children.

Who is Steve Bradley, husband of Laci J. Mailey?

Laci J. Mailey’s husband, Steve Bradley, loves her dearly. He is also known as a performer and photographer.

He has been working in the film business continuously for ten years. Lately he has focused on fast action films.

Bradley is now 37 years old. He was born on February 18, 1985. He is the son of Jacqueline Mary Hennessey who is in charge of operations and Gary Bradley who is an electrician.

After starring in films such as Charlotte’s Tune, Black Mountain Face and She Who Must Burn, he began working in Vancouver’s independent film industry in early 2010.

How much money does Chesapeake Shores star Laci J. Mailey have?

At the age of 31, Laci J. Mailey has a net worth of approximately $1.9 million, according to idolnetworth. She definitely made a lot of money during her time in Chesapeake Shores.

But the official websites have not said how much she earns. She is a good looking actress who is liked by many people.

Mailey says she will soon star in a short film called Mary Jane Remembers, in which she will play the lead role of Mary Jane.