Chidi Njokuani grew up with an older brother, who has been competing professionally since 2001, according to the UFC

Chidi Njokuani, a dominant middleweight fighter, will face Gregory Rodrigues in the next Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event.

Njokuani may be a new name in the octagon, having only made his debut earlier this year, but he’s a veteran in the world of fighting. He gained most of his notoriety during his stints with Bellator MMA, RFA, Tachi Palace Fights and Legacy FC.

Chidi, now a mixed martial artist after starting his career as a muay thai kickboxer, has become a familiar face on camera. As a result, his followers have developed a whole new need for live performances.

One of the most anticipated fights of UFC Fight Night, Sandhagen and Song is scheduled to take place on September 17, 2022 at the UFC Apex facility in Enterprise, Nevada.

Chidi Njokuani

A few quick facts

Name Chidi godson Njokuani

Other names Chidi Bang Bang

age 33

Date of birth December 31, 1988

Birthplace Dallas, Texas

Nationality American

Height 1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)

Weight84 kg (185 lbs)

Profession Professional mixed martial artist

Middleweight division

Active years 2012-present

Debut date November 20, 2015

Best known for Former Muay Thai kickboxer

Twitter @ChidiBangNjoku

UFC: Chidi Njokuani’s brother Anthony Njokuani is a former mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter

Chidi Njokuani owes an enormous debt of gratitude to his older brother, Anthony Njokuani, for giving him the motivation to pursue a career in fighting.

Njokuani’s older brother competes in mixed martial arts and kickboxing at a professional level. He has been competing at the professional level since 2001 and has been a member of some of the most prestigious fighting brands including UFC, WEC and ONE Championship.

Chidi was inspired to start his career the same way he did when he first started, as a kickboxer. Anthony is the reigning champion of Muay Thai competition in the state of Kansas. He achieved great success in mixed martial arts (MMA) in 2003 after first completing the Art of War promotion in 2007.

He competed in twenty-seven fights over the course of his kickboxing career and won 25 of them. After that, the senior Njokuani competed in World Extreme Cagefighting from 2009 to 2010 and Ultimate Fighting Championship from 2010 to 2014.

On March 19, 2011, he made his MMA debut at UFC 128 when he was defeated by Edson Barboza but received the Fight of the Night bonus. His last fight was on October 4, 2014 at UFC Fight Night: MacDonald vs. Saffiedine, and it was against Daron Cruickshank.

Anthony was disqualified from the promotion after suffering defeat in the fight by unanimous decision. Since then he has competed in a variety of mixed martial arts (MMA) promotions including Legacy Fighting Championship, ONE Championship, Gamebred Fighting Championship and Eagle Fighting Championship among others.

The last fight he competed in was on January 28, 2022 at Eagle FC 44 where he was defeated by technical knockout in the first round. Njokuani has an Instagram account and most of the photos he posts there are of him and Chidi.

Chidi and Anthony Njokuani are brothers and the age difference between them is about ten years

Despite many similarities, the brothers are around ten years old.

Anthony, the eldest, was born on March 1st, 1980 and was 42 years old at the time of this writing. Chidi, on the other hand, was born on December 31, 1988, nine years behind his older brother.

Chidi began training Muay Thai under Anthony’s tutelage when he was just 10 years old, at a time when Anthony was just beginning his career in the martial arts world.

Being the eldest, he was responsible for taking care of Chidi, which brought him and his younger brother closer together. As a result, the current UFC fighter continued to train in kickboxing and MMA like his brother did when he was younger, despite being physically distant from his siblings as a teenager.

He was active in skateboarding at the time, but found his way into mixed martial arts at the age of 18 and began a professional career in the sport.

The brothers continue to spend time together in the cold, which helps them maintain their brotherhood. The brotherly closeness between them was tested when Simon Marcus made comments about Chidi in 2013 unrelated to their Push Kick Promotions: Muay Thai World Stand Off 5 event.

According to the Muay Thai Authority, younger brother Anthony got into a fight with older sibling Marcus over the backstage incident. Consequently, despite their age difference, the Njokuani brothers are an excellent example of brotherhood.

Mixed martial arts brothers Chidi and Anthony Njokuani net worth comparison in 2022

With extensive careers in kickboxing, muay thai and mixed martial arts (MMA), brothers Anthony and Chidi Njokuani have established themselves as legends in the martial arts world.

Hence, Nigerian-American Njokuani has earned some stellar numbers over the course of his decades of tenure in all combat promotion companies throughout his career.

Chidi has just started his career in the UFC, unlike his older brother who has been out of competition since January this year.

In February of this year, Chidi Njokuani made his debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship alongside his brother Anthony (second from left) and trainer Sérgio Penha.

After making his debut on February 5, he fought Duko Todorovic on May 21, 2022 at UFC Fight Night 206. On the other hand, he is currently headed to UFC Fight Night 210 on September 17 where he will compete in his third game in a single year.

Chidi has a solid reputation in the UFC for winning the performance of the night award both times ahead of his next fight.

As a result, his accomplishments have not only added to his profits but also increased his overall net worth. Due to his long career in the Octagon, the popular fighter has a net worth of more than one million dollars and has the potential to become a multi-millionaire.

Ditto for his older brother, who got into the industry much, much earlier than he did. However, none of the rich brothers have shared the details of their income or net worth with the public.

Chidi Njokuani was born into a small family of four to Nigerian parents

The Njokuani family, now settled in Texas, left Nigeria in 1983 to start a new life in the United States. Hailing from Africa, Anthony and his parents struggled to adjust to the lifestyle that is common in the United States.

In 1988, five years after establishing their home in Texas, the three were joined by a new family member, Chidi. Chidi’s name comes from the Igbo language and means “God exists”. The Njokuani parents chose this name for their son to honor their Nigerian heritage.

Anthony reveals in an old MMA Junkie post that he had trouble fitting in with American students and was a constant target of bullying during that time. As a result, he began fighting, adding to an already strained relationship between his parents.

This continued even after the eldest son established a career in the martial arts industry. Charity, his mother and he worked out their differences, but he couldn’t come to terms with his father.

Since the death of their father in 2003, Anthony and Chidi have been supported solely by their mother. The family is now just three members, but Anthony and Chidi will continue to pass on their mixed martial arts (MMA) history to their descendants.

Chidi Njokuani
Chidi Njokuani


Muay Thai and Kickboxing

After about fifteen amateur Muay Thai fights, Chidi Njokuani turned pro in 2007. In the 2007–2008 season, he represented the Oklahoma Destroyers in the World Combat League’s team-based kickboxing competition. He lost to well-known opponents such as Raymond Daniels and Lyman Good. He lost his first professional muay thai bout to Joe Schilling on April 25, 2009 (at Dominant Knockout 1 in Irving, Texas), but he bounced back to defeat Edwin Aguilar and Ken Tran in back-to-back bouts on July 30, 2011 , at Kickboxing Empire I in Las Vegas, Nevada by unanimous decision (a round of 16 knockout at Lion Fight: Battle in the Desert 4 in Las Vegas on November 19, 2011).

At the Push Kick Promotions: Muay Thai World Stand Off 5 Card in Las Vegas on September 29, 2013, Njokuani returned to the Muay Thai ring and fought Simon Marcus to a controversial tie.

Marcus quickly got in and began landing knees and elbows from the clinch after Njokuani, who had started the fight brilliantly, controlled the ring with footwork. Njokuani was given extra time to recover after two unlawful attacks in round two, including an elbow to the back of the head and a low blow. Marcus started working the clinch again when Njokuani kept turning over, so the referee made the decision to stop the fight repeatedly. When Marcus scored a second low hit in the third round, referee Tony Weeks deducted a point from Marcus, and the fight eventually turned into a brawl. As for the judges, one judge scored the fight for Njokuani and two judges ruled the fight was a majority draw. In response, Chidi Njokuani was labeled a “bitch” by Simon Marcus, who also questioned the judges’ understanding of Muay Thai’s judging methodology. These post-fight remarks sparked an argument between Marcus and Anthony, Chidi’s brother, as they argued backstage.

frequently asked Questions

How many years is Anthony older than Chidi Njokuani?

Anthony Njokuani is nine years older than his younger brother Chidi Njokuani.

Who are Chidi Njokuani’s parents?

Chidi Njokuani was born in Dallas, Texas in 1988 to Nigerian parents, his mother Charity and his late father.