Chloe Stroll, Lance Stroll sister age and net worth, partner Scotty James

Lance Stroll, a Formula 1 driver who drives for her father’s team, is Chloe Stroll’s brother.

She’s a professional musician, but most people know her as the daughter of a Canadian billionaire businessman, the sister of Lance Stroll and the partner of an Australian snowboarder.

The artist is still trying to make it big in the music business, but she seems to have slowed down and just makes some music. But she seems to be the most helpful sister and partner because she tries to go to every event her family members attend.

Scotty James

Lance Stroll’s sister is singer Chloe Stroll

Racing driver Lance Stroll’s sister is Chloe. However, she is older than the racer and makes her living from the music. She got some media attention before her brother became a Formula 1 driver and brought her fame. She also writes songs and sings which is shown on her verified Instagram.

Nevertheless, her albums can be found on Apple Music and Spotify. The songs that will make her famous have not yet been released. Also, people say that the artist is working on new songs. Their first album came out in 2012 and was called Surrender. She also keeps her fans updated by posting stories and updates on social media sites.

Having yet to gain enough attention in the business world, she is also known to be the daughter of a Canadian businessman named Lawrence Sheldon Strulovitch, also known by his nickname Lawrence Stroll. He is CEO of Aston Martin, a well-known British company that manufactures high-end sports cars.

She also often uses social media and posts constantly for her followers. She seems to hang out with her friends and her partner who she loves. She also spends time with her parents and siblings, but she doesn’t talk about it. She also entertains her fans by posting videos of herself playing the piano and other instruments while singing.

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How old is Chloe Stroll? Is she older than her older brother Lance?

Lance, Chloe’s brother, turns 24 on October 29. People want to know how old the singer is, so they’re excited for Lance’s birthday.

She was born on April 10, 1995, so she is 27 years old now. Her brother is about three years younger than Chloe.

She posted a picture of Sean James, who will be her brother-in-law. Sean is the brother of her fiancé Scotty James.

The post’s caption said she was born in April because she wished Sean a happy birthday in April and said it was funny that their birthdays were only two days apart.

She also posts on social media to wish her brother, partner and other loved ones a happy birthday.

Stroll’s net worth as a musician

Daughter of a billionaire, singer Chloe, like her father, is said to have a fortune that will blow your mind. As chairman and partner of Aston Martin, he has a net worth of $3.2 billion. He also owns the company’s F1 team.

He also brought Ralph Lauren to Europe. From 2000 to August 2022, a Canadian businessman owned Circuit Mont-Tremblant, a Canadian race track in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains. Lance, Chloe’s brother, currently drives for Racing Point, her father’s Formula 1 team.

But she seems to be living well the way she’s living, and she probably has millions of dollars in her bank account. Also, her fiancé is a professional athlete who has competed in the Olympics and has won medals for his country many times.

Maybe he made a lot of money during this time. But because he likes to keep his life private, he hasn’t said much about how much money he has.

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Chloe is dating Scotty James

Scott James, an Australian snowboarder who is 28 and a four-time Olympicsman, was also linked to Stroll. They are often seen having fun together.

They are engaged and it seems like they have known each other for a long time. But if you check out the singer and her fiancé’s social media, you’ll see that she’s not afraid to post pictures and videos of them together. They both like being with each other and going to new places.

But if we look at James’ verified Instagram account, where he has more than 302,000 followers, we can see that he mainly posts roles and pictures about his work and tries to keep the media out of his personal life.

Fans of the famous couple can’t wait for their wedding, but they haven’t set a date yet. They’re all professionals in different fields, so it’s likely they have a large circle of friends.

Scotty’s career in sports

Scotty started his career a long time ago, but the 2010 Europa Cup was his first time playing on an international stage. He was only 16 at the time. Still, he showed promise as a player after his first two World Cups, which ended in 2012.

He was the halfpipe star because he always did well even when he changed things. At the 2018 Winter Olympics, he wore the Australian flag and placed third in the men’s halfpipe. PyeongChang.

In his more than 10-year career he has won many accolades. In addition to Half-Pipe, he has also competed in SuperPipe, Dual Slalom and Freestyle Overall. He has also won gold, silver and bronze medals during his career.

He ran for his country at the Beijing 2022 Olympics, where he also won silver. FIS says he is currently in fifth place and that Tim James and Abe Teter are his coaches.

Scotty James
Scotty James

Is Chloe Stroll older than Lance Stroll, her brother?

Lance Stroll, who drives in Formula 1, is younger than Chloe.

What does Chloe Stroll, sister of racer Lancer Stroll, do for a living?

Chloe is a professional musician. Her social media bio states that she is a songwriter and singer.

Who is Chloe Stroll’s partner?

Scooty James, who is from Australia, is Chloe Stroll’s partner. The two are already engaged and their wedding is likely to happen soon.


James made his debut on the international circuit at the Europa Cup in Saas Fee, Switzerland in 2010. He was 16 years old then. During his first two World Cup seasons, ending July 1, 2012, he showed himself to be a rising halfpipe star with progressively better results. 23rd place at the FIS Snowboard World Cup in Kreischberg, Austria, 2009–10.

Nate Johnstone couldn’t go to the Olympics because he injured his ankle, so James went to the World Cup in Stoneham, Canada to try to finish in the top 19 and replace Johnstone. His 15th place finish was his best yet and took him to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. James was 15 when he became the youngest male Olympian from Australia in 50 years. He was also the youngest male athlete at the Vancouver Games.

James’ first snowboard was a display board in a Vancouver shop. It wasn’t made for snowboarding. James and his father had trouble finding a plaque small enough for him, so they spent $10 on a plaque.

James won the bronze medal in the men’s halfpipe at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. The event was won by Shaun White of the United States and Ayumu Hirano of Japan.

He won silver in the men’s halfpipe at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.


James won the VIS Award of Excellence for snowboarding for the first time in 2018. The Victorian Institute of Sport’s Award of Excellence is awarded to the athlete who has performed best at major sporting events over the course of the year while helping to promote and develop their sport and/or make a huge difference in society in a way to do that has nothing to do with sport. James received the award because he is a good role model and mentor in his sport and a great representative for winter sports and the sports community at large. He has been a strong leader in the new National Park & ​​Pipe program designed for young athletes with a chance to win medals at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. James worked closely with the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia and Mt Buller to ensure Victoria, Australia had the best possible national halfpipe training facility. He put a lot of time and effort into the project.

Scotty James is the current FIS Crystal Globe winner and has won the World Snowboard Halfpipe Title three times. In March 2017, he was dubbed “probably the most popular Australian sports star in America”.

The Melbourne snowboarder has come a long way since the 2010 Winter Olympics when he was just 15 and the youngest male competitor of any country. At the same time, he was the youngest male Olympian from Australia in 50 years.

James’ father gave him a $10 billboard from Vancouver. It was the only board small enough to ride.

He started competing at the age of six and by the time he was ten he was beating the older kids. He then switched from racing to halfpipe and, at the age of 14, competed in his first international event at the Europa Cup in Saas Fee, Switzerland.

When Nate Johnstone was injured in 2010 and unable to travel to the Vancouver Olympics, Scotty James was added to the Australian team at the last minute.

James quickly went to the World Cup in Stoneham, Canada so he could finish in the top 19 and replace Johnstone. His 15th place got him a ticket to Vancouver, where he did very well for his age, finishing 21st.

After Vancouver, later in 2010 James competed in the Junior World Championships in Halfpipe and Slopestyle. He finished 15th in halfpipe and 16th in slopestyle.

From early 2011 through late 2012, all of his World Cup results in halfpipe, slopestyle, and big air climbed into the top ten, though he continued to grow.

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