Come dance, Molly Rainford parents

Molly Rainford is an actress, singer and television presenter. She was born to Dave and Sarah Rainford. She is currently one of the dancers on Strictly Come Dancing. She is known for being a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent in 2012.

Molly was only 11 when she joined Britain’s Got Talent and because she was so young she was able to grab everyone’s attention.

When the show returns in 2022, the dancers will be ready to give it their all in the ballroom. Last month the list of famous people who would participate was published. It included soap actors, news anchors, comedians, singers, and athletes.

Molly Rainford, who is 21, is the youngest person in the cast this year, and she’s also on the show. Molly, a CBBC presenter you may remember from Britain’s Got Talent, has joined the cast of Strictly Come Dancing 2022. Everyone was talking about Rainford’s amazing first show on Saturday night.

Molly and Carlos, new to professional dancing, played a hot samba to Anne-Marie and Little Mix’s “Kiss My”. Her routine was packed with content and star quality from start to finish. Their scores showed what the judges thought, with Molly and Carlos getting two 8s and two 7s.

Molly Rainford

Moly Rainford Dave Rainford is her father and Sarah is her mother

Molly Rainford was born to Dave Rainford and Sarah Rainford, both of whom were very motivated. Her father was an athlete but she doesn’t know what her mother does for a living but you can find out on Instagram where she describes herself as a proud mother in her bio.

Her father is an English footballer who used to play and now works for the Premier League. At the end of the 2007/08 season, Rainford left Dagenham & Redbridge to become a head teacher at a local school.

During the 2007–08 season, Rainford was known as the only semi-professional player in the Football League. In June 2008, Rainford became a member of Chelmsford City. After Ben Chenery left the team, he was named the new assistant manager on June 8, 2012.

Her father has worked in the Premier League for more than five years, according to his LinkedIn page. He is the academy’s Head of Education and Player Care.

Before joining PL, he was a full-time Education Director for less than a year. Prior to that, Dave worked as a Club Support Manager for more than two years.

After retiring from football he got a job as Director of the Sports Academies at Barking Abbey School. His specialty is sports coaching, but he is also good at management, running schools and many other things.

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Molly Rainford’s siblings have been cast in Strictly Come Dancing

Molly Rainford has a brother or sister named Billy Rainford, according to an Instagram post from Molly’s mom. The singer also posted pictures of herself and her brother to the site.

Molly and Billy are both very close to their mother. Almost every post she makes on Instagram is about her children. Also, Billy and Molly once hugged for a photo.

From the pictures, it looks like Molly and her brother Billy are getting along well. Billy appears to be older but there may not be more than 3-5 years between them.

Molly’s brother isn’t on social media so we don’t know what he does for a living.

Molly Rainford has no boyfriend at the moment

Molly Rainford has confirmed that she is single, has no boyfriend and is focused on her career.

Rainford has said she will avoid any relationship drama when she goes on the show in the fall. In an interview with The Sun, she spoke about the “Strictly Curse” and made it clear she wouldn’t fall for it.

She said she was too young to be in a relationship and wanted to focus on her career instead. Molly, who also appears on the CBBC show Nova Jones, said her parents told her not to be “distracted” by boys.

She said she doesn’t want to find love on Strictly Come Dancing because she’s only 21 years old. At the moment that won’t happen. Their parents don’t want boys to distract them or take up too much of their time.

So it’s clear that Molly is single at the moment and has no plans as of now.

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Molly’s life changed after Britain’s Got Talent

After BGT, Molly received a scholarship to the Sylvia Young Theater School. She then hosted CBBC’s Friday Download and starred on the CBBC show Nova Jones, about an interstellar music star.

After the series ended, it was said that Rainford had signed a deal with Sony and made an album.

She also appears on BBC One

Molly Rainford, an actress and singer, has been named the tenth person to enter the BBC One competition. At the age of 11 she sang Jennifer Hudson’s ‘One Night Only’ in her own way on Britain’s Got Talent, which made Simon Cowell and the other judges very happy.

She was the youngest finalist on the show, and after playing Ave Maria in the final, she finished sixth. Ashley and Pudsey come out on top in the series.

Molly Rainford
Molly Rainford

She was only 11 years old when she was with BGT

Rainford, now 21, rose to prominence when he was 11 and made it to the final of Britain’s Got Talent.

She sang Beyoncé’s “Ave Maria” and Roxette’s “It Must Have Been Love” so well that Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden were blown away. Sixth place was hers.

Simon Cowell and his company Syco paid Rainford to attend the Sylvia Young drama school after she did well in the play. This helped her get into the CBBC shows she was on.

Molly Rainford is one of the people who won Strictly Come Dancing.

Molly Rainford isn’t the first young person on a TV show, but if she wins she will be the youngest winner in Strictly history. No one under the age of 23 has ever won the competition.

She’s given us a sneak peek of what her first gig will be like.

You can find Molly Rainford on Instagram

Molly is a real person on Instagram and you can find her under the name @mollyrainford. Rainford’s profile has over 100,000 people following her.

Her bio states that Nova Jones is a pop star on CBBC who is from another planet. Molly has more than 300 posts where she shares pictures of herself with her family, friends and co-workers.

Molly’s babysitter is 82 years old

Doreen, Rainford’s grandmother, said the singer told her before anyone else that he would be on Strictly this year.

Three weeks later, it was confirmed that the 21-year-old former BGT contestant would be appearing on the BBC show, but her grandmother said it was difficult to keep the secret.

Doreen also said she watches Nova Jones, Molly’s CBBC show, every week, although she doesn’t know what’s going on.

She also had a successful career on television

In 2014, Rainford joined the hosting team on the CBBC children’s entertainment show Friday Download. In the eighth and ninth series, Akai Osei, Bars and Melody were the hosts. 2015 was the final year of the show.

In 2016, she played Chloe in an episode of Millie In Between. Nova Jones, a comedy-drama on CBBC, starred Rainford as the title character in 2021. The show was about the life and adventures of a galactic pop artist. After that, the show came back for a second and third season.

Who is Molly Rainford’s mother and father?

Molly Rainford was born into a caring family. Her parents were Dave and Sarah. Her father was an athlete but she doesn’t know what her mother does for a living but you can find out on Instagram where she describes herself as a proud mother in her bio.

Any siblings of Molly Rainford live with her?

Molly Rainford has a brother or sister named Billy Rainford, according to an Instagram post from Molly’s mom. The singer also posted pictures of herself and her brother to the site.

Is Molly Rainford dating anyone?

Molly Rainford has confirmed that she is single and is focusing her full attention on her career.

career and life

Rainford grew up in Essex, having been born on 22 November 2000 in the Havering area of ​​London. Dave Rainford, former Chelmsford City FC midfielder and assistant manager, is her father. She went to East London Arts & Music after Sylvia Young Theater School. She entered the sixth season of Britain’s Got Talent in 2012 at the age of 11 by performing her own rendition of Jennifer Hudson’s “One Night Only” from the Dreamgirls film. [6] She performed Roxette’s “It Must Have Been Love” during the semifinals, and Rainford advanced to the finals after placing second in the public vote. She performed Beyoncé’s rendition of “Ave Maria” in the finale and placed sixth overall. After the performance, she was signed to Sony Music.

Career in music and television

Along with Akai Osei and Bars and Melody, Rainford joined the Friday Download moderation team on CBBC in 2014. She presented the show’s eighth and ninth seasons until its conclusion in 2015.

She appeared as Chloe in an episode of Millie Inbetween on CBBC in 2016. The life and exploits of a galactic pop singer is the subject of CBBC comedy-drama Nova Jones, starring Rainford in the title role, which premiered in 2021. A second and third season of the show were subsequently ordered.

Commitment, her extended debut track, was released in 2019. It included the songs “I Like You”, “Long Run”, “Forever and a Day”, “How Many Times” and the hit “Commitment”, which had over two million online streams.

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), her second EP, was released in 2020 and featured renditions of popular Christmas songs such as “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”, “Who Would Imagine a King” and “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday”. ‘ and the album’s title track. In the 20th season of Strictly Come Dancing, Rainford will appear as a contestant.

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