Comedian Bigg Jah’s Wife Taunya Pickett Net Worth

Bigg Jah, whose first name is Jahdai Pickett, recently announced that he is engaged to longtime girlfriend and future wife Taunya Pickett. Quite often he will refer to her as Mrs. 2DAMAX.

He’s a comedian and performer who brings comic energy to commonly recognizable situations, and his audience loves them.

He began his career filming sketches for fellow comedians and has built a substantial following through his social media accounts.

The comedian is widely known for his efforts like The P Word, The Perfect Plan and Can You Spare Some Change. According to his IMDb bio, he has nine acting credits and eight camera jobs.

Most of his comedy content is based on everyday situations and he regularly shares it on his YouTube channel and Instagram handles with over 1.4 million subscribers and more than 600,000 followers.

Jah prides itself on being a fun filmmaker creating visual “hood comedy” sketches for a diverse audience.

Big Jah

Fast facts on Bigg Jah

Real name Jahdai Pickett
nickname Big Jah
profession Comedian, funny filmmaker
Marital status Married
Wife Taunya Pickett
gender Masculine
Height 6 feet 3 inches
weight about 100 kg
Instagram @biggjah
hair colour Black
eye color Black

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Who is comedian Bigg Jah’s wife?

YouTuber Bigg Jah announced his engagement to Taunya on November 24, 2021 through his Instagram and Twitter accounts. They later married.

Though he didn’t reveal her name at the time, he did refer to her as Mrs. 2DAMAX.

Bigg’s Instagram account has limited glimpses of her as most of his posts are short films from his YouTube sketches and other content-related stuff. Additionally, Taunya uses Instagram, where a handful of her wedding pictures can be found.

You can learn more about her lifestyle by following @mytime2flourish. She last posted about her husband Bigg’s birthday on December 2, 2021.

Since then, the newlyweds have refrained from posting anything mentioning each other.

Big Jah 2022 net worth and earnings

Big Jah has a net worth of $635,000 and makes more than $150,000 annually.

Bigg Jah is a renowned entertainment channel on YouTube. There are currently 1.43 million members of the organization. The station has existed since 2011 and is headquartered in the United States of America.

The videos uploaded to Bigg Jah’s YouTube channel are viewed more than 2.64 million times each month and more than 88.04 thousand times each day. Jah makes a solid living from marketing his YouTube channel.

He could also make money through sponsorships and advertising related to his YouTube channel. Bigg increased his income by selling goods over the internet.

Despite his wealth, the stand-up comedian and novelist tries to settle down.

A view of Bigg Jah Height

Bigg Jah is 6 feet 3 inches tall. It appears huge because of its enormous size and towering height; His figure is intimidating enough to be labeled a heavyweight wrestler on YouTube.

Due to its gigantic size, it could weigh over 100 kg.

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Where is Bigg Jah now?

Bigg Jah is currently working to establish his way into the entertainment industry with his large following by making short films.

In addition to the hugely popular social media franchises he has created, such as Inner Thoughts and his most well-known series, Tribade Homie, he has also developed a convergence map that includes merch, with almost a new item to be released comedy performances and other aspects of the entertainment industry every month.

On August 25, the second season of Tribade Homie debuted. In season two, Bruce (Bigg Jah), who finally broke up with his former relationship with Theresa in season one, finds himself in yet another sticky situation involving her (Persephanii).

How long has Bigg Jah been around?

It didn’t take long for people to start recognizing him as a comedic performer. Perhaps that’s why his date of birth isn’t publicly available at this time. Photos of him, on the other hand, give the impression that he is in his late 30s.

Jahdai Picket is the real name of Bigg Jah. In order to pursue a career in comedy, he decided to change his name. Because of this, people now refer to him by the name Bigg Jah.

Despite this, his massive stature makes him appear much older. At this time, Jah calls Los Angeles, California his home.

This American comedian is quite tall. He has a massive body and appears to be around 6 feet tall. In addition, its weight must be at least 90 kilograms.

Bigg Jah has quite a following on social media

Bigg Jah is also a social media influencer and posts most of his comedy videos on his official Instagram account.

The comedian uses the pseudonymous nickname @biggjah when posting photos and videos on Instagram. He has acquired 655,000 followers, 3992 followers and 2352 posts on his official Instagram account.

Jah’s official Instagram account has already been verified with a blue tick. He wrote: “The Homie 2 is out now! Click below and get involved in 2DAMAX” in his Instagram bio.

Bigg uploads most of his short videos to his social media account. In addition, he has started his own channel on YouTube where he posts all his comedic videos.

Jahdai Pickett professional life

Due to his digital identity, Pickett is known as Bigg Jah. His work as a cinematographer and actor brought him international recognition. Jahdai studied film at the University of California before enrolling at the New York Film Academy in 2014.

Jahdai is currently working on content for his Instagram and YouTube accounts. He regularly uploads comedic skits. People enjoy his witty personality and charisma. This man has over 400,000 Instagram followers.

Jahdai’s YouTube channel has over a million subscribers. On December 14, 2011, he launched the channel.

Jahdai Pickett
Jahdai Pickett

Jahdai Pickett Net Worth

Jahdai is an excellent filmmaker with a wonderful sense of humor. It is estimated that Jahdai has a net worth of around $5 million. He has a successful career and lives a lavish lifestyle. Jahdai dresses and walks in designer clothes and shoes. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bigg Jah Married?

Yes, Bigg Jah is married to his wife Taunya Pickett.

Where is Bigg Jah from?

Bigg Jah’s hails from Los Angeles, California.

Where did Bigg Jah go to college?

Bigg Jah received a film degree from UC Berkeley and also attended the University of California.