Constable’s identity Jamaican Noel Maitland?

Donna Lee Donaldson’s Boyfriend: Constable’s Identity Jamaican Noel Maitland?

Constable Doona Lee Donaldson’s boyfriend, Noel Maitland, is currently missing. In the case of missing persons, he is the prime suspect.

Popular social media user Donna-Lee Donaldson has been missing since Wednesday July 13. Her mother wept, pleading for her daughter, who had been missing for five days at the time.

Donaldson, a cast member for 876 Roommates, was last spotted in Jamaica with her partner, a police officer. The police said that an extensive investigation into the disappearance of the missing woman was underway.

Led by CIB Headquarters and members of the Communications Forensics and Cybercrime Unit, senior investigators are reportedly leading the St Andrew Central Police Division (CFCD) missing persons investigation.

Who is Jamaican police officer Noel Maitland?

Police Officer Noel Maitland is quickly becoming a key figure in the search for missing Jamaican social media personality Donna-Lee Donaldson.

According to police records, Donaldson was picked up from her home by her boyfriend, Constable Noel Maitland, in a black BMW around 10:00 p.m. on July 11.

The investigation into the disappearance of a social media influencer is ongoing, and the Jamaica Constabulary Force has said a county police officer believed to be at the center of an alleged love triangle has declined to testify to detectives.

Ms (Cathy Ann) Smith, the county police officer, was approached but declined to comment; Bailey said we will look into this in due course.

During the press conference, Deputy Police Commissioner Fitz Bailey expressed his confidence in strict compliance with the missing persons policy.

On Sunday, friends and relatives of social media influencer Donaldson took to the streets of New Kingston to hold posters of her and ask police for information about her kidnapping.

Jamaican Noel Maitland misses relationship with Donna Lee Donaldson

Donna Lee Donaldson, who has disappeared, is dating Noel Maitland. As they headed off to spend the night together, she was last seen with him.

Donna was to spend the night with him at a flat in Chelsea Manor, Kingston. However, Donaldson’s mother, Sophia Lugg, told authorities on July 12 that she had neither seen nor heard from her.

On Friday, Maitland’s home was checked by forensic crime scene investigators and today a crime scene specialist identified and processed Maitland’s and Smith’s cars.

Constable Maitland, a county constable at Half Way Tree Police Station and father of the county constable’s child, said Donaldson most likely left his home on Tuesday, July 12, around 11:00 a.m., according to new information.

Investigators have spoken to Donaldson’s family members to convince them of the seriousness with which the police are handling the investigation.

Noel Maitland: Is he a suspect?

Given that Donna Lee Donaldson was with him shortly before his disappearance, Noel Maitland has emerged as the prime suspect in the case.

Since the missing report, crime scene forensic investigators have been investigating Maitland’s home, Bailey said, and a case assessment was being conducted at St Andrew’s headquarters.

Investigating the security position, options for viewing CCTV footage were discovered. Investigators not only checked hospitals, but also questioned potential witnesses.

He also noted that in response to the information received, an investigation was being conducted at Old Harbor and testimony from a potential witness was recorded.

They allegedly demonstrated near the apartment building where Donaldson was last seen. Bailey said police are anxious for the family to have information from the investigation in the meantime.