Craig discards his phone after Mr. Harrigan’s phone ends?

Craig discards his phone after Mr. Harrigan’s phone ends?

The Netflix Original Movie Mr. Harrigan’s Phone tells the story of a young boy who, after meeting an older man, becomes caught up in a dark chain of events. The film has elements of warmth and horror. It makes the audience think about what they would do if they were in the protagonist’s place, using grief as a tool to analyze the nature of its characters. Based on Stephen King’s short story of the same name, the film creates a tense atmosphere that leaves the viewer questioning whether the events are supernatural or not until the very end. Eventually, the truth comes out and the boy’s character is put to the test. What the ending means to him is as follows. spoilers to follow.

Mr. Harrigan’s phone

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Summary of Mr. Harrigan’s phone

Craig lives with his father in a small community where everyone knows everyone. Both the boy and his father had a hard time dealing with the death of their mother, who passed away a few years earlier. One day, Mr. Harrigan, a local tycoon, makes Craig an offer. He is getting quite old and his eyesight is getting worse. He asks Craig to read to him for an hour three times a week at his house. Mr. Harrigan makes Craig nervous at first, but over time the two grow to like each other.

Five years later, Craig still reads to Mr. Harrigan regularly, despite the hurdles he faced as a teenager when entering a new school. Since a phone is very important at his school and Craig wants to be around a girl he likes, he asks his father to buy him one. Later, Craig also buys a telephone for Mr. Harrigan, and despite the reclusive man’s initial reluctance to introduce modern technology into his home, he eventually comes to appreciate the many benefits. Mr. Harrigan dies a few months later and Craig puts the phone in his pocket. The older man’s phone is buried next to him. Trouble begins when Craig sends a message to Mr. Harrigan and receives a reply.

What did Mr. Harrigan’s texts mean before his phone ended?

Craig had already experienced trauma when he discovered Mr. Harrigan’s body, especially given that he had not yet come to terms with his mother’s death. He had a sentimental reason for leaving the phone in Mr. Harrigan’s pocket. Craig had only given him this one gift, so he wanted the man to have it. Besides, it was his only way of communicating with the man he had come to like. He had always kept his father at a distance when it came to talking about his feelings, but things were different with Mr. Harrigan. Even after his death, Craig wanted to hold on to the idea that he could share everything with him.

The letter Mr. Harrigan leaves for Craig is the first message he sends. Craig had texted him the night before to say he would miss spending their afternoons together. It served as his farewell. But the next day he receives a letter from Mr. Harrigan, written two months before his death. Mr. Harrigan had added that he too would miss their afternoons together at the end of the letter. Craig finds this unsettling but justifies it as a coincidence. As they had been friends for five years, it was expected that Harrigan would close the letter as Craig had written his last goodbye.

Things really start to go wrong when Craig receives messages from Mr. Harrigan. The phone is in Mr. Harrigan’s coffin and no one knows about it, so obviously this isn’t a coincidence. Second, why would anyone write something pointless even if they had it and wanted to play around with it? By the end of the film, Craig only receives three more texts from the deceased. He hears it for the first time when he says thank you for the money in the first voicemail and receives “CCC aa” as an answer. Mr. Harrigan could tell Craig to “ask anything” like he did when Craig questioned him about the hidden closet. After Kenny Yankovic dies, he receives a second text message that says “aa CCC x”. That sounds more ambiguous, but it could mean “Ask anything, Craig.” The final “x” could stand for kisses and hugs, as in “xo xo”. However, it feels strange for Mr. Harrigan, and he may be doing it to show Craig that he’s watching out for him.

After asking Mr. Harrigan to assassinate Deane Whitmore, he is given one final text. It says “CCC s T”. Like the other texts, this seems to happen randomly and there is no clear explanation for it. Craig eventually tries to make sense of it while considering the advice Mr. Harrigan might offer. He is absolutely saddened to have caused the deaths of two people that might have been avoided had he not called Mr Harrigan. He did not keep these texts secret from anyone. The only person he could have spoken to about this is Mr. Harrigan. The old man isn’t there, however, and the only information he gave Craig is contained in these mysterious writings. Craig finds justification for the final lyrics to convince himself that Mr. Harriagn would have wanted him to quit. He interprets “s T” as stop, and that’s all it takes for him to stop and toss the phone in the trash, just as Mr. Harriagn previously recommended when Craig first showed him an iPhone.

Given the circumstances, it is reasonable to say that what the Scriptures imply and what Mr. Harrigan’s spirit was trying to convey to Craig is irrelevant. It was up to him to figure out what it meant, so he could have done anything. Too many words thrown together to make sense. What matters is that Craig wanted to quit, and he wanted a warning. The message is taken by him as a signal from Mr. Harrigan to stop once and for all, because Mr. Harrigan was the one he most wanted to tell.

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Mr. Harrigan chose Craig for what reason?

Before he met Mr. Harrigan, Craig’s life had been extremely routine and very unremarkable. For five years he read books to the elderly man three days a week. After his death, he witnessed some extremely disturbing events that caused him to contemplate his true identity. Craig had one persistent thought throughout this ordeal. Why exactly did Mr. Harrigan choose him? The reclusive billionaire had a reputation for being cold to visitors. He was a reclusive man who lived alone. He could have chosen any child to read to if he needed someone to do it. Because Craig recognizes that there are better readers out there than he is, Mr. Harrigan’s decision to hire him was not primarily motivated by his ability to read. Craig finally realizes that he was right.

Craig and Mr. Harrigan would hold their meetings in a hidden closet in the hallway. Mr. Harrigan informed Craig that there were “secrets” in the closet as he tried to figure out what was inside. The closet is only opened by Craig after Mr. Harrigan dies. It turned out that Mr. Harrigan’s secrets were actually memories of his past. Craig discovers pictures of Mr. Harrigan’s parents and childhood. He learns that his mother died when he was very young.

Mr. Harrigan identified with Craig’s plight when he learned he was going through a similar period of grief. He was aware of what it was like and how lonely it can be to lose a parent at a young age. He was aware that Craig needed motivation to get out of the house and engage in activities that would distract him from his problems. Even though his father was so wonderful, Craig needed someone to support him through this difficult time. Mr. Harrigan chose Craig because he was lonely and needed a friend. The older man had also begun to experience feelings of loneliness at this time in his life. because he had always avoided eye contact. He avoided getting too close to people. At his funeral, it is revealed that he had no friends to take care of him. Mr. Harrigan therefore offered to visit him three times a week to read him books, not only to help Craig but also for himself.

Mr. Harrigan's phone
Mr. Harrigan’s phone

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Craig keeps his phone but throws it away?

Superficially, “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone appears to be the story of a youth being tormented by an older man. However, a closer look reveals that the story is essentially about one person’s choice. Power can be tough. It can be used to make the world a better place, but it can also wreak havoc. Additionally, it can be difficult to predict a particular person’s behavior once they possess unfathomable power. Mr. Harrigan has possessed the ability to change people’s lives throughout his existence. While he was kind and compassionate to those who showed him kindness, he was vicious and vengeful to those who would wrong him. That was how he exercised his authority, and that’s what made him what he was.

Craig discovers the ability to fulfill Mr. Harrigan’s promise after his death. He had promised to “kill his enemies.” Craig didn’t understand the concept of “sending” people at the moment. When Kenny hits him, he responds by fighting back and takes it that way. But as much as he despised Kenny, he didn’t want him to perish. He puts the phone down in fear after realizing he may be to blame for his classmate’s death. But then his beloved teacher, Ms. Hart, dies and her killer escapes punishment. Craig is so angry about this that he purposely puts Mr. Harrigan in Mr. Harrigan’s way. To this day, he’s not sure if it would work, but when he learns the exact circumstances behind Deane Whitmore’s death, he realizes it was entirely his fault.

Craig’s own ideas unsettle him. It doesn’t take him long to realize he’s turning to the dark side, because wanting justice and wanting someone killed are two very different things. He is also troubled by how he has tarnished Mr. Harrigan’s memory due to his own actions. He respected the older man, but by forcing his spirit to do his will, he turned him into an evil force. He does not wish this for Mr. Harrigan or for himself. He eventually decides to throw away the phone he had been using to speak to Mr. Harrigan. He’s considering getting rid of his new phone too, but since Mr. Harrigan can’t be reached on it, it’s not that risky.

He also discovers that the goal isn’t to get rid of everything that might end up being helpful or powerful. The idea is not to use them for horrible activities. Because of this, he keeps his new phone and puts Mr. Harrigan out of his mind, hoping that he will finally find peace and not be rolling in his grave due to Craig’s bond with him.