Did Adar kill Sauron in Rings of Power? theories

The mystery of Sauron is maintained in his sixth episode “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” on Prime Video.

No one could find the villain who is supposed to be there when the rings are made. Galadriel has been trying to find him since Episode 1. She had gone far and wide, and she had even given up leaving Middle-earth and its darkness to live with her people in the Undying Lands forever. Now that she is back in Middle-earth, she meets Adar, a corrupt elf known as the Father of Orcs.

By questioning him, she hopes to find out where and what her enemy is doing, but Adar tells her something she cannot believe. Adar says he killed Sauron, but we know Sauron won’t be fully defeated by The Return of the King, so we wonder what Adar is up to. Here’s what he might say.

Kill Sauron in Rings of Power

Sauron was killed by Adar right?

It’s clear that Adar didn’t kill Sauron, which means he could have said one of two things. The first and the simplest is that Adar tells a lie. He only upsets Galadriel and keeps her busy so that Waldreg can finish the job he was given. While Galadriel and Halbrand went after Adar, Waldreg used the handle to pry open the lock. As a result, the water flowed into the tunnels dug by the orcs and into the volcano, causing it to erupt. That’s what Adar always wanted.

The smoke from the volcano will cover the sky, meaning there will be no more sunlight. This gives the orcs the safe place he promised them in the last episode. He didn’t want anyone to know that the real handle was missing and that Galadriel had only taken an ax from Adar. He had to give Waldreg time to do what he had to do, so he lied to Galadriel to keep her busy.

The other possibility is that Adar really thinks he killed Sauron. In the final episode, Waldreg bows to him, thinking he is Sauron. This makes Adar unhappy. It almost seems like he doesn’t like being called Sauron. This shows that the two may not have liked each other very much. Adar tells Galadriel that Sauron wants something dark that he has been trying to get for a long time but cannot get.

He used the orcs and did terrible things to them to find it. That fits with Forodwaith, the place Galadriel and her friends found while looking for Sauron in the first episode. There she found the corpses of orcs that looked like they had been tortured. It is possible that Sauron was conducting experiments on orcs and Adar could not bear to see them being tortured because he considered them his children. So he really cut Sauron in half.

Does this mean the dark lord is really gone? Not really. From The Lord of the Rings we know that Sauron is a Maiar and cannot actually die. This means his spirit lives on even if his body is destroyed. Sauron’s body fell apart after Isildur cut the ring from his finger, but his power was still in the ring, which had to be destroyed to defeat him once and for all. Still, he’s not dead. He’s so weak that he won’t come back to cause trouble in the world for a long time. When Adar attacked him, he destroyed his body and, not knowing who his real enemy was, thought he had killed him. Sauron needs time to heal and regain his strength so he can fight again after losing his body. That’s why he hasn’t been seen for so long. He’s hiding somewhere, waiting for the right time to attack.

The story gets more complicated in the latest installment of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which has had some spooky combat.

When hordes of orcs led by the mysterious Adar (Joseph Mawle) attacked the lands of men, they attacked in the Southlands.

The Silvan Elf Arondir (Ismael Cruz Cordova) did his best to help the people of the Southlands defend their homeland by working with them.

At the same time, an army from Nmenor made its way to Middle-earth to help them. Halbrand (Charlie Vickers), who wanted to be king of the Southlands, was part of this army.

Halbrand prepared to fight for the Southlands with Galadriel (Morfydd Clark), Elendil (Lloyd Owen), Isildur (Maxim Baldry) and Mriel (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), the Queen Regent.

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But later in the episode there was a fight that got really bad

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Galadriel and Halbrand chased after Adar on horseback as he tried to escape the battle in the Southlands. Halbrand tripped Adar’s horse.

Adar was thrown to the ground, and as he grabbed what we assumed was the handle, Halbrand impaled his hand.

Uruk the Dark Elf does not remember Halbrand about to kill Adar until Galadriel stops him.

Galadriel does not know what Adar did, Halbrand says. The Uruk asks if he hurt anyone important to Halbrand, implying it was a woman or a child. After receiving further advice from Galadriel, Halbrand changes his mind and backs down.

Later, after a vigorous interrogation, Halbrand stops Galadriel from killing Adar himself. The two then leave, but on the way out of the barn they are keeping Adar in, an Uruk asks Halbrand who he is, but Halbrand doesn’t answer.

So Halbrand’s past is still a mystery, and it’s clear he has something against Adar for not recognizing him.

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Well, of course we’re going back to our old theory that Halbrand is Sauron. This theory is further supported in this episode when Adar talks about how he knew Sauron.

The corrupt Elf then tells Galadriel, who questions him, that he “split open” Sauron and killed him. Galadriel doesn’t think he could beat Sauron.

Adar had said that Morgoth had changed him, but after Morgoth was defeated Sauron worked hard to heal Middle-earth and restore order to the shattered lands. Adar says that Sauron tried to make not of flesh but of the world a power that cannot be seen.

    Kill Sauron in Rings of Power
Kill Sauron in Rings of Power

But he says Sauron failed because a shadow of dark knowledge remained hidden from him, although many lives were lost to Sauron, including the “children” of Adar, the orcs.

So Halbrand would be furious if Sauron took Halbrand’s form and Adar tried to kill Sauron or severely injure him, but now that Sauron has taken Halbrand’s form, Adar wouldn’t know who he is.

Halbrand may also be who he appears to be, the rightful King of the Southlands, but he may have lost family or other loved ones to Adar’s army.

Even though Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings series is set thousands of years before JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, some of the names are well known. Sauron is the most important. He is the main villain in The Lord of the Rings and a menace that looms over The Rings of Power.

But how and why does Sauron fit into the Amazon series story? Where was he? This page tells you everything you wanted to know about Sauron but were afraid to ask.

What did Sauron do before he went bad?

In the prologue to The Rings of Power, Sauron is shown to have been a lieutenant to Morgoth fighting a war in Middle-earth with the help of many men. But Sauron escaped when Morgoth was defeated.

Tolkien’s story, based on the Bible, states that Sauron was an angelic spirit named Ainur before he merged with Morgoth and started causing trouble in the world. This explains why Sauron is still around even though Isildur defeated him thousands of years ago.

At the beginning of The Rings of Power, Galadriel (Morfydd Clark) has been looking for Sauron for so long that most people think she’s looking for a ghost and that Sauron isn’t out there anymore. But she doesn’t give up and it seems like Sauron, or at least his presence, is up to something bad.

This shows his broken sword, which Theo, a human boy, finds and hides from his mother. As Theo’s blood touches the sword, we can see that some kind of power takes over and the sword begins to repair itself.

There are also the orcs that Sauron made who seem to be looking for his sword.

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Does Sauron play in The Lord of the Rings?

We still don’t know! The Stranger, played by Daniel Weyman, fell from the sky and is now being cared for by Nori the Harfoot. His name is a secret but he has powers so most likely he is either Sauron or Gandalf. Maybe we’ll find out in later episodes of this season…

How is Sauron in the books?

This is a spoiler alert, but in Tolkien’s books, after being defeated the first time, Sauron came back in disguise and convinced the elves to work for him. This will likely be covered in later seasons of The Rings of Power. Sauron taught the elves of Eregion how to use magic, including Celebrimbor, who Elrond works with in the second installment of Rings of Power. Sauron did this so he could eventually rule Middle-earth. This helped the elves create the Rings of Power.

But Sauron secretly made the One Ring at Mount Doom in Mordor. This ring would be responsible for all other rings. As he donned the Ring, his mask fell and he went to war, conquering Eregion and capturing seven of the Nine Rings of Power. The three he didn’t get were Gil-galad, Galadriel and Cirdan. A strong army from Numenor helped them defeat Sauron.

Sauron abandoned Numenor, made the city bad from within, and then was sent back to Mount Doom. In Isildur and Anarion’s final attack on Sauron, as shown in the famous prologue to The Fellowship of the Ring, Isildur cut the One Ring from Sauron’s finger, which was enough to defeat him.

Isildur didn’t destroy the ring, so Sauron could come back and cause trouble in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

So, yes, Sauron is a villain who keeps coming back after being “beaten”. Have we already met him in “The Rings of Power” and don’t know it? To find out, we have to stay tuned.

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