Did Anne Heche drive drunk? The 53-year-old actress was spotted with a ‘bottle of vodka’ in the car before the HORRIBLE accident


Driving her blue Mini Cooper, Anne Heche was involved in a serious car accident when she crashed into a house. This resulted in a fire that badly burned her as a result of the incident. It has been stated that she was taken to a Los Angeles hospital following an intubation and is likely to survive, although the full extent of her burns is not yet known. Surprisingly, before the main disaster, she had slammed her vehicle into a garage and refused help from onlookers while she continued to reverse the Mini and drove away. This happened before the main disaster.

As we speak, the 53-year-old actress is currently being treated at a medical facility. TMZ obtained surveillance footage from a nearby security camera that showed Heche’s Mini Cooper speeding through the neighborhood. The exact reason for this suspicious collision is currently the subject of an investigation. It is possible that the accident was only caused by reckless behavior of the driver. However, a picture provided to the tabloid shows Ellen DeGeneres’ ex-girlfriend in her car with what appears to be a red bottle of vodka in the glove compartment. This brings the issue of drunk driving into focus. So far nothing has been proven and no formal statement has been made by the police department authorities. However, it was determined that no one was further injured in the incident.


Did Anne Heche drive drunk?

Because Heche’s injuries were so severe, doctors were unable to run her tests to determine the amount of alcohol in her system. For this reason, it is not known for certain whether she was driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Heche received help from a member of the community to live. David Manpearl, who helped Heche out, said in an interview with the Daily Mail: “I had no doubt that the driver had died. That she had been consumed by fire. It took at least thirty minutes for firefighters to extinguish the flames, extricate the vehicle from the wreckage and extricate the passenger from the vehicle. I was a bit taken aback when I found out it was Anne Heche. I think I was aware that she had difficulties in the past.”

Heche has previously opened up about her drinking problems, which she claimed were a direct result of her difficult upbringing. She claims that she was sexually abused by her father as a young child and that no one in her immediate vicinity, including her mother, did anything about it. In 2001, she gave an interview to ABC News in which she talked about how, out of a sense of isolation, she acted out my parents to adore me. My grandfather was a big fan of famous actors. I came to the conclusion that in order to win his love, I had to become famous. Jesus was very important to my mother. That was one of her specialties. Because I wanted to be like Jesus, I started drinking. I’ve smoked. I took drugs. I’ve slept with a few different people. I have eliminated as much humiliation as possible from my life by taking all possible measures.” Heche is believed to survive the collision and is currently recovering from her injuries.


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