Did Edwina Currie break up in her marriage? The man who would become her second husband is John Jones.


Former MP Edwina Currie was previously married to the late police accountant Ray Currie.

The lawmaker is a frequent guest on primetime television, most recently on Good Morning Britain where she spoke about the impact of rising energy costs on homes. She and the host, Martin Lewis, got into an argument because he wouldn’t let her speak and kept pouring out his views throughout the conversation. She tried to reassure her citizens by giving them advice on how to deal with the looming disaster, and the impassioned exchange was followed by millions of people.

Ray Currie

The presenter had been open about the government’s failure to respond to the devastating effects of the price hike and she had urged the government to do something to help people who are struggling to prepare for the upcoming October energy cost cap.

The looming disaster was unstoppable, although she did everything she could to help by spreading some tips and raising some donations. Reviewing the bills can help organize priorities and determine which necessities must take precedence over others during the harsh winters. The agenda was supported by her Conservative peers, who all agreed with her assessment.


When she finally reached her breaking point, she explained that if he didn’t want to hear what she had to say, she would remain silent.

Meanwhile, citizens are taking to social media to express their outrage in hopes of persuading former Prime Minister Johnson to work with likely successors Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak to develop a draft plan.


A few quick facts

Surname Edwina Kohen
Age 75 years
profession Writer, broadcaster and former politician
Husband Ray Currie ​ ​(m. 1972; div. 2001)​ John Jones ​ ​(m. 2001; died 2020)
daughter Debbie and Susie

Raymond F. Currie was Edwina Currie’s husband, but who was he? Relationship timeline

Edwina Currie, a writer and presenter from the United Kingdom, married Raymond F. Currie, a British accountant, when she was just 25 years old.

In an interview with the Guardian, she explained that the only reason she made her choice in 1972 was because of faith. Coming from a traditional Jewish family, she could not fit into their patriarchal household. Although she was the eldest child, she had to fend for herself because the focus was on the male child, her brother. Her mother tried to say otherwise, but her actions spoke louder than words as she remained a homemaker until her death.


They were surprised by their decision to get married, so they decided not to attend their special day with their brother.

Behind closed doors, her father was an atheist who enjoyed eating bacon while dining at a friend’s house, although they enjoyed showing in public that they were united with their religion and stating how religious they were .


Meanwhile, Ray has remained a supportive husband throughout their 25-year marriage. In the 1990s, he was her rock of support whenever she showed up at a polling booth. Her first two daughters, Debbie and Susie, were born to her relatively soon after her first pregnancy.

Edwina Currie and her husband Ray were seen at a tavern in the city of Melbourne, Derbyshire, UK.


Unhappy with her family’s burdens, she decided to have an affair with John Major. It all began in 1984 when he became a member of Margaret Thatcher’s government, which she then led as a backbencher. He could not be considered a saint because he had already confessed his love to another woman.

Their whirlwind romance ended abruptly after he was promoted to head of secretariat and realized he couldn’t jeopardize his reputation while she was in imminent danger. But the damage was already done when she and her husband divorced in 2001.


When Major finally brought up his guilt over his relationship with Edwina, it took a full year for the rendezvous to come to light. The politician had sincerely given him her heart and called him the love of her life. But her admiration for him did not blind her to the inherent racism and sexism in his character, and she claimed that he was unqualified to be prime minister.

In fact, her immoral actions helped establish her as a villain in popular culture, and writer David Hare used her as inspiration for a villain character in his play Paris by Night. She did not remain silent, instead filing a case that resulted in her being awarded three grand against publication in response to an article published in 1997.


Did Edwina Currie break up in her marriage? Meet her second husband, John Jones

Conservative Party member Edwina Currie and her first husband began separating in 1997, but she did not file for divorce until the following year, 2001.

Many people believe that the reason for her divorce was her affair with her new husband, John Jones, a retired police officer, whom she married the same year as her previous marriage.


They first met when he was a guest on their radio show and they hit it off right away. Since he was not only charming, but also very knowledgeable about the neighborhood, she felt compelled to invite him to lunch because of his intellect.

Despite the fact that together they have nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, the power of love helped the couple find solace in each other’s company. As he swept her off her feet, he showed that he was a chivalrous gentleman with a wicked sense of humor.


Having known each other for barely two years while at the BBC, they finally tied the knot in Southwark, London.

By the time she was in her 50s, she had essentially retired so she could spend more time reading to her grandchildren. When she made a fool of herself on Twitter, he wouldn’t allow her to get away with it and he was her voice of reason.


Unfortunately, they weren’t intended to last and they split in 2020.

After they went their separate ways, his bad habits didn’t change and he started smoking heavily again. Despite having a long history of chronic illnesses that made him a critical patient, he returned to his addiction.


After decades of treatment, he died on September 1 when his former partner arrived to pay his last respects to the mystery guy. He was ill for a long time. When she mentioned how he managed notable teams during his time as a former member of the flying squad, she made sure he recognized his time serving his country before moving on to the next topic.

Edwina Currie
Edwina Currie

How much money does Edwina Currie have in 2022?

Edwina Currie, who served as junior health secretary and MP, has a net worth of more than $5 million as of 2022.


She became a member of Birmingham City Council in the 1970s, marking the beginning of her political career. Her success as a Conservative Party candidate earned her a prominent position in community rankings.

Indeed, during her tenure as junior health minister in 1986, her contemporaries described her as an outspoken political youth. Her reputation has been significantly affected. The single declaration resulted in a sixty percent drop in sales nationwide, resulting in billions of dollars in damage to the country’s farmers. The extinction of so many animal species was a tragedy comparable to the culling of four million chickens.


Edwina quit her job to make up for her mistake, but she was doomed to fail in her subsequent endeavors. Her efforts to win an election were unsuccessful, and after four decades of political involvement she failed even to win a seat on the local council.

With nothing to do, she turned to writing and eventually produced six novels about her experiences, including her scandalous affairs and troubled relationship with her family.


Her political experience and first-hand knowledge has made her a fixture in the media, on radio and as a business spokesperson on various prime-time shows.


What did Edwina Currie say about eggs?

  • In 1988, Edwina Currie, then Junior Secretary of State for Health, warned the British public that most egg production in the UK was affected by salmonella. The impact caused egg sales to plummet.

Who is Edwina Currie’s daughter?

  • Edwina married Ray Currie, an accountant, in Barnstaple, Devon. They had two children, Debbie and Susie.

When was Edwina Currie born?

  • Currie was born on October 13, 1946 in South Liverpool into an Orthodox Jewish family.