Do you know the cast of Season 2 of The Hype?

Do you know the cast of Season 2 of The Hype?

The fashion reality show known as “The Hype” can be found on HBO Max. It was conceived and developed by Rachelle Mendez, David Collins, Rob Eric and Michael Williams. In this series, several aspiring street fashion designers compete against each other in various competitions. One of the contestants is eliminated from the competition each week based on their performance. At the end of the current run, one of the designers will be crowned the winner. The winner will receive a cash prize of $150,000 as well as a co-signature from some of the biggest names in fashion. The second season of the riveting series was just released to viewers and featured a plethora of new cast members. No doubt fans have questions about the whereabouts and activities of the 12 contestants at the moment, and we’re here to provide answers to those questions.

The hype season 2

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What happened to Winston Bartholomew “Barth” Holder III?

Let’s start with the champion of the season, nicknamed “Barth”. His name is Winston Bartholomew Holder III. As of this writing, it seems that Barth is holding her own as a fashion designer. Under the reality TV star’s stewardship, both his streetwear brand B.Gold NYC and his label Hosue of Bartholomew appear to be doing well. In September 2022, Barth’s collection was presented during New York Fashion Week, an achievement of which he is very proud. It appears the designer is currently working on a number of projects, most of which he’s secured as a direct result of his appearance on the HBO Max show.

Where can Khanh Ngo be found now?

Khanh Ngo has his roots in Columbus, Ohio but currently resides in Los Angeles, California. The fashion designer’s label is called NGO, and through this label he was able to distribute his designs all over the world. As a direct result of his stellar performance on The Hype, Khanh received many priceless opportunities. In fact, he only recently dropped hints about his upcoming work with Marathon Clothing, which he earned as a result of his participation on the show.

What happened to Brittney “Knoxx” Brooks?

In Season 2 of The Hype, Brittney “Knoxx” Brooks was one of the cast members who provided the most consistent results. DVMN NYC is owned and operated by the designer, who also serves as the company’s creative director. In addition, customers have access to an e-commerce platform to purchase their clothing, including the recently launched fall collection. Despite the fact that Knoxx was one of the finalists but didn’t end up winning the season, she appears to have recovered from the disappointment and is very grateful for the attention her time on the show has brought her. It seems Knoxx enjoys going on trips and participating in other fun activities in her free time.

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Where is Bryan right now?

Let’s talk about Bryan Gonzalez, the owner of Second&7th, who was the last competitor to drop out of the show’s second season, which aired on HBO Max. The designer’s initials are integrated into the brand’s name, indicating where those initials fall within the alphabet. The designer has a wide range of clothing items available for purchase on his company’s website for fans of his previous work to browse.

Where is Alexander now?

Alexzander wowed everyone with his design skills, but he is also a passionate musician. He is originally from Detroit, in the state of Michigan. Lab 74 is the name of his own fashion label, where he also works as creative director. Alexzander undoubtedly wowed audiences with his talent and charisma, leading to a significant increase in his loyal following. The designer himself is very grateful for the opportunity that the show gave him.

Where can Cierra Boyd be found now?

Cierra Boyd is the founder of FRISKMEGOOD and sees herself as a “fashion engineer”. She runs her business from Cleveland, Ohio in the United States. Cierra aims to uphold the integrity of her beliefs about the importance of sustainability through her work, and she encourages those around her to do the same. Her work on the reality show was nothing short of amazing, and those interested in purchasing her designs can do so through the online website of the company she works for. She is also associated with The Her Group, a PR agency specializing in the fashion industry.

What happened to Dominique “Domo” Wilkins?

Dominique “Domo” Wilkins, who takes part in the second season of “The Hype”, is the owner of Faded NYC and a contestant on the show. The designer has been hooked ever since he was offered a spot on the reality show and was able to fulfill his childhood dream. Despite the many ups and downs he experienced during his appearance on the show, he looks back on the experience with nothing but pure, unadulterated joy. What is interesting is that the designer also works as a model and is not afraid to give his fans access to his personal wardrobe.

What happened to T Dionne?

T. Dionne made a huge impression on viewers of the HBO Max series by combining her passion for the cities of New York and Los Angeles, both located in the state of California. Her clothing line Futura by Dionne draws inspiration from both the past and the future to offer customers a modern look while maintaining a sense of warmth and familiarity. You can visit her company’s website if you’re interested in perusing some of the clothes the The Hype star has designed for others to wear. Dionne makes the most of her free time by spending it with her adorable dog and participating in various outdoor activities like skiing.

Where is Rupal at this moment?

Although Rupal Banerjee’s appearance on The Hype was relatively brief, he still managed to make an impression on viewers of the show. Her label, Ru by Rupal, is based in Los Angeles, California and just recently launched its SS23 collection, which can be viewed on the company’s website. The designer is very content with her Indian roots and emphasizes this heritage in her work whenever possible. It appears that she also holds a position as a designer for Apple.

Where is Vell Beck now?

Designer Vell Beck, who also happens to be the owner of VBNYC, rose to fame after his unexpected departure from the HBO Max series. Since then, viewers have wondered exactly why Vell was fired from the show; However, he and the show’s producers have not disclosed any information on the matter as of this writing. He seems quite content in his personal life as well, enjoying the time he spends with his partner whom he clearly adores. He is also associated with The House, a hybrid creative house headquartered in Miami, Florida.

The hype season
The hype season

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What happened to Chelsea?

In addition to being one of the people behind startup Takeon, Chelsea Ma was also a guest on an episode of The Hype. At the time of writing, Takeon appears to have a number of stores in various cities around the world, including New York City in New York, Shanghai in China, and Tokyo in Japan. In addition, the brand has successfully completed 15 pop-ups in New York’s Soho district. With her company, Chelsea specializes in unisex designers who create clothing that is not only stylish but also comfortable.

Where is Jason right now?

Jason, the owner of Verdict Still Out, comes last, but certainly not last. The designer’s company website showcases his work, which focuses on non-binary clothing and is open to the public. The 2022 BET Hip Hop Awards took place on October 4th, 2022 and Jason recently had the opportunity to create the look for Armani White and his designers for the event. It goes without saying that Jason is very satisfied with his professional performance.